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Hi everyone


My faithful minion and I – lol, only kidding David, get away from me with that dirty great blood-stained axe – have recently been presented with an annoying problem covering the publishing of publishable works; specifically, the legal rights and responsibilities of CTT in such matters.

(And if you’re confused already, I’m sorry; it’s only going to get worse.)

When I founded CTT, back in 2000, it was blindingly obvious that most of the submitted material wasn’t publishable, at least not in its current form. I did not expect that there would be anything that might conflict with its future publication for money, as there was little that could be published. Long-term members may remember that I did flirt with the idea of trying to compose a small book, on the lines of Dale Cozort’s book, of AH from the site – but the project floundered for lack of time to edit it properly.

These days, we have some AH that might, one day, become a publishable work…and that might well cause legal problems for some of our members who have ambitions towards publishing their works. Interpretations of the law differ, but any prior public publishing, for money or kudos or free or whatever, has to be declared. Jim Baen, may he rest in peace, had an open attitude to such publishing; other publishers may not be so accepting. You can probably imagine some of the problems that could arise.

Fortunately, hiding some of the work behind a password provides some legal protection, as it is not exactly publishing for everyone to see, but only for a select number – i.e. the people who can be bothered to ask David for a password. That said, CTT is not a writing forum, but comments can be posted on the discussion board or via email.

(People who want comments can post in the ‘slush’ section on the Baen Web board  or the Alternate History Dot Com message board)

Now…if you want your work to go into the password section – and it is actually something that can be published – ask David. Something that shouldn’t be publishable – although God knows Harry Turtledove’s editor is REALLY lazy these days – can just go into the normal section.

For the record, CTT basically waives all rights to anything published on the site; your work is your own. (Yes, I know; state the bleeding obvious.) It’s not as if we pay anyone for write for us. If you should manage to get anything on the site published professionally, please inform us and we’ll be…willing to take it down.

Hope all that made something remotely reassembling sense.

Have a nice day…




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