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Alison Brooks




Alison Brooks was someone I never met in person; I honestly don’t think I ever corresponded with her or her partner, apart from requesting a copy of one of their timelines. She was someone who was very involved in the online world of Alternate History from the very first day, writing several of the most original and interesting timelines, as well as coining the expression ‘alien space bats,’ which has become predominate within almost the entire world of Alternate History. An ASB event involves magic, time travel, or simply something that is profoundly outside the normal order of things. The term even gained some legitimacy when SM Stirling included it in his writings, blaming both Nantucket’s journey back in time (Island in the Sea of Time) and ‘The Change’ (Dies The Fire) on ASBs.

Some time ago, I heard that she had left us, and her website vanished from the web. It was something of a blow to me; I had never saved copies of her works. I remembered them, particularly when reading various inferior versions of the Trent Affair, but I was unable to find them. One day, I was pointed towards a cached version of her site, from which I have taken the liberty of copying some of the best and brightest of her works.

I am not a lawyer and I have no way of getting in touch with her heirs. If someone who has a right to her estate would like me to take them down, please feel free to get in touch with me and we can work something out. Until then, please enjoy these articles and remember the person who had a long and beneficial impact upon the development of Internet alternate history.

God bless her.

Christopher Nuttall





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