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New Editor Found!

The editorial team was forced to offer the long vacant Editor's position to Roy Batty who after passing the Voight-Kampff test has quickly proved his worth by hacking the site such that stories are now posted each day.

New Editor Needed




Alas, due to the death of my father recently, I no longer have the time to edit Changing The Times any more. There's a lot of things I need to do, over the next 12 months, and this means I need to leave the editorialship of this eZine. I will hang around as caretaker for a while, to ensure the transition goes smoothly, but as time goes by even this will become close to impossible to continue. As a consequence the position of Editor is now open for willing applicants.

So, if you are interested, please email your application for position of Editor to the proprietor of Changing The Times Chris Nuttall here:   christopher_g_nuttall@[spamproof] (please remove "[spamproof]" before sending).

I don't know what conditions etc Chris is looking for other than the successful applicant will need access to a computer with Frontpage, although I gather similar HTML creation /editing programs maybe acceptable to use in place of Frontpage.

Good luck!




New Publication

And Submission Dates!



There will be a new publication time for all future monthly editions of the eZine. From now on, in order to get around the continuous delays in publication, the eZine will now be published on the first Sunday (Australian Eastern Time) of every month, instead of the previous policy of publication on the fourth Sunday of the month. In other words, for readers in America, publication will now will take place on the first Saturday of the month in the evening - whilst for readers in Europe, this will mean the first Sunday of the month in the early morning.

Furthermore, the deadline for all submissions will thus reflect the new publication date. As a result, the deadline will now be Midday (Australian Eastern Time) on the first Sunday of every month or the particular subsequent time in your particular time zone (take note below of these particular details and in future monthly Call For Papers announcement).

Although these changes may seem drastic to some, it has become obviously necessary. Hopefully there will be no disruptions to anyone’s reading pleasure nor, for that matter, to any of our contributors efforts with their submissions. Needless to say future newsletters, calling for submissions, will inform and remind everyone of such changes in times and dates.



Call For Papers!

We Want YOU to

Submit a Paper

for our upcoming December 2008 edition.

Closing times for The Original Edition are:

Australia Eastern Standard Time: Sunday 7 December Noon

US Eastern Time: Saturday 6 December 8PM

US Western Time: Saturday 6 December 5PM

London Time: Sunday 7 December 1AM

You can send your submission,
as a WORD, WORKS, TXT (etc) file,
attached to your email to:

And Don't forget our

International Edition!

Articles for the International Edition can be submitted at anytime.

Terms and conditions/submission guidelines 



New Email Addresses!



Please note that there are two new

email address for communications with CTT.

The following addresses are no longer valid:


Instead please use the following:


Please note that you'll have to remove the word 'spamproof' from the

respective address for them to work.


Furthermore, the old is STILL active. Consequentially send all submissions for publication in the monthly eZine to this address.



A Non-English 

Language Section!


Call For Papers!


Changing The Times has opened a Non-English language section as part of its efforts to support Alternative History regardless of country, language, sex, colour, or creed.

At the moment the Non-English language section will be limited to the following languages:





Portuguese/ Em português 

Russian / Русский


As a result Submissions are now open for this new section of Changing The Times.

We hereby announce a Call For Papers from those of you who are of a non-English speaking background in order to ensure that other countries are also part of the global realm of Alternative History. This endeavour will only succeed, however, if you contribute.


At the moment, this Non-English Edition of Changing The Times will be a six monthly issue. However, if we get a large number of submissions, we will gladly ensure more editions are forthcoming every year. 

The closing date for submissions for this Non-English Speaking Edition will be 30th June 2006. (Note: this may change depending upon the number of early submissions).

When submitting a article, please ensure that it is proof read: That is please ensure that the grammar and spelling is correct. We will not have the ability to do so ourselves. We will, however, check the overall article to ensure that it is not of an offensive manner in regards to racist, sexist, or religious issues. 

Please attach the article as a file (either as Word, Works, Text, etc) to your e-mail. Lastly, could you please write a basic summary of the paper in English, as well as letting us know what language the paper is in.

So spread the word and help make this happen!

Normal submission rules apply regardless of language. The editor retains the right to reject submissions if they do not met these rules. Terms and conditions/submission guidelines 

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