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Submission Guidelines.

Click here for terms and conditions.

1) All submissions to be sent to submit@changingthetimes.net.  In the event of this address bouncing, drop me a note at my standard address.

2) All submissions, unless cleared previously, to be in RTF or DOC format.

2.1) DO NOT - please! - send submissions in emails.  If necessary, write them in notepad and change the file extension to HTML.  It adds formatting that it takes too long to get rid of.

3) All submissions to be named something unique, not 'submission' or anything similar.

4) ALL submissions to be run through a basic spelling check before submission.

5) the editor - me - reserves the right to reject any submission that does not comply with 1-4.  I'm currently working and with writing and other projects I have less time for proofreading.


Terms and Conditions

Please read though these carefully before signing up!

  1. I agree to submit at least one piece of AH writing, of the types mentioned in the FAQ, per every three months.
  2. I agree not to distribute full or partial copies of the Ezine to anyone without the full permission of the writer and the editor.  The one exception to this is any writing I may have written myself.
  3. I agree not to knowingly plagiarize from any published work in my submissions.  
  4. I agree to write comments on the work of other people to be included in future issues
  5. I agree, when doing the above, not to be rude or abusive to other writers.  Even Harry Turtledove was young once!
  6. I agree to run my work though a spelling and grammar checker before sending it to the editor
  7. All submissions to be in Microsoft Word 2000, directly in an email or in Notepad.
  8. The editors decision, when choosing which pieces of work to include, is final.  Work not included in the Magazine can be, upon request be displayed at the Website. 
  9. I understand that I am directly responsible for any objections, on any grounds, made against my work.  In all cases, the Editor and the rest of the CTT crew, are to be held personally and collectively innocent of all problems.
  10. All submitted articles, regardless if they be published by CTT or not, remains the sole property of the original author. CTT in no way demands &/or places any copyright over such articles.
  11. There are no submission, management, or any other fees.
  12. Authors, alas, are not paid for their submissions.


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