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Jim Baen In Memoriam


October 22, 1943 - June 28, 2006

It is customary to begin an obituary, at least in some places, with a personal recollection of the subject. Unfortunately, Jim Baen and I never met in person and now never will, so I am forced to cast my mind back to the time when a young schoolchild like myself first heard of Jim and Baen Books...

International Announcements About Jim Baen 

SF Publisher Baen Dies (Sci Fi Wire)

Science Fiction Publishing Maverick Departs Earthly Plane (Yahoo News)

The Publisher Who "Got" The Web: Jim Baen RIP (TechSearch)

David Drake's Obituary 

Baen Books


A "International" one? 

So where are the "international" story ? 


I can't wait until the non-English version is finally online!


You peoples are war loving scum! Let peace be among our brothers.



I would like to see stories other than just some war stuff.



I've got to say you guys have really improved the website. The extra info supplied with the "Headlines" links is a great help when looking for something I'm interested in. Thanks




A friend


Good to see you back.



I can not believe it. There is a magazine website which has alternate history articles.


This is a great AH site.



This website simply premotes war.

Him. Hom


This site came as a surprise!




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