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Author Biography: Chris Oakley
Born April 1st, 1967
Woburn(Mass.) High School Class of 1986
UMass-Boston Class of 1991-92
AH sites besides CTT to which I've contributed:
Alternatehistory.com message board
Althistory.com message board
Alternia message board
todayinah.co.uk(For the full list of my TIAH submissions, visit this
Completed CTT articles:
A House Divided: The Southern Rebellion, 1850-54(19th century/US
All Along The Watchtower: A Memoir Of The 1970 El Salvadoran
Revolution(1960s and '70s/Latin America/Civil wars)
And The Lion Shall Lie Down With The Lamb: The Taiwan Straits War
Averted(Future-blind what if/Nuclear war)
Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You: The Third Russian Revolution
(Future history/Political crisis/Russian history)
Aux Etoiles!(1970s/Europe/Space exploration)
Bear's Teeth, Dragon's Claws(Cold War/Sino-Soviet relations/
"Venceremos!" series)
Black Widow(French Revolution/Napoleon/Marie Antoinette)
Chosen Few: The Deutsche-Amerikaner Freikorps(World War I/US history)
Do Unto Others: The 1982 South Atlantic Crisis(Cold War/Falkland
Drinking Problem: The Stasi Conspiracy To Poison West Berlin's Water
Supply(Cold War/Germany/Espionage/Eastern bloc defectors)
Electric Nightmares: The 1965 West Coast Blackout And The Crisis
Following It(US history/1960s /Civil emergencies)
Family Business: The Story Of Frank and Jesse James(Prohibition/U.S.
history/Organized crime)
Fight Night: Alfredo Evangelista And The Punch That Changed Boxing
(Heavyweight boxers/1970s and '80s)
Fire And Rain: The Eruption Of Mount Rainier(Future history/Natural
Four Feet High & Rising(Future history/Natural disasters/Future-blind
what if)
Gasping For Air: The 1995 Haiphong Respiratory Virus Global Pandemic
(Post-Cold War era/Medical emergencies)
Hail To The Chiefs(US sports/1960s/Super Bowl)
Hell On Earth: The 1893 Mexico City Earthquake(19th century/Natural
disasters/Latin America)
If They Mean To Have A War: The SS Commando Raids on North America,
1940-41(World War II/US history)
It (Almost)Happened Here(World War II/Ireland)
Kill Or Be Killed: The 1969 Greco-Turkish War(Cold War/Southern
Europe/Border conflicts)
O Untimely Death: The Fourth Indo-Pakistani War, 1996-98(Asian
history/Border conflicts/Nuclear proliferation)
Quiet Desperation: The New Zealand Floods of 2053(Future history/
Natural disaster)
Sic Semper Tyrannis Germaniae(World War II/Hitler assassination plot)
Target Damascus(Cold War/Israel)
The Second Black Plague(1960s/Global disasters/Medical emergencies)
Venceremos!The Florida Keys War(Cold War/War On Terrorism)
Stop 'Em At The 38th Parallel: The Soviet Intervention In Korea(Cold
War/Korean Peninsula/Nuclear weapons)
Slipping The Surly Bonds of Earth(Aviation history/Space travel)
Sudden Death: The Murder of O.J. Simpson(1990s/US celebrities/Crime)
Sweet Home Chicago: The 2003 World Series(US sports/Major League
The Times That Try Men's Souls: The 1903 Russo-Japanese War(Early 20th
'Tis The East: The Assassination of Genghis Khan(13th century/Asian
Too Close To The Sun: The Court-Martial of General George B. McClellan
(American Civil War)
We The Jury: The Trial Of Gough Whitlam(Australia/DBWIs/Political
crises/David Atwell's "Australian War Of Independence" timeline)
We Will Fight Them On The Beaches(War of 1812/Unconventional warfare)
Year Of The Cat: The Jacksonville Jaguars' Road To The 1979 Stanley
Cup Playoffs(US sports/NHL)
You May Fire When Ready(1973 Arab-Israeli war/Nuclear weapons)
Zero Tolerance: The 1956 Montgomery Riots(US history/Civil rights
From Allegheny To Flatbush To Hollywood: How the Pittsburgh
Imperials Became The Los Angeles Dodgers(US sports/Baseball/"Batter
Up" spinoffs)
An American Life(US politics/US presidency/World War II)
An Appreciation: James Dean(Pop culture/Movies)
The Argus Mark VI Holographic Projection Unit Owner's Manual(Future
history/Pop culture/Home entertainment technology)
Australia 2048(Fiction/Double-blind what if/"Red Dusk" spinoffs)
Batter Up(19th Century/US sports/Baseball)
Bear-Hunting(US sports/Super Bowl 20)
Blood On The Ice(Future history/Olympic Games)
Book Reviews: "How Few Remain: The Anatomy Of A Plague"(Mock reviews/
Los Angeles/Epidemics/1960s/Harry Turtledove)
Book Reviews: Smoke On The Potomac-- The Untold Story Behind
The Watergate Hotel Fire(1970s/Double-blind what if)
The Cienfuegos Meteor Crater: A Hard Earth Travelers' Guide
(Prehistoric times/Natural landmarks/Cuba)
Cold Discomfort(1990s/Natural disaster)
Deep In The Heart Of Texas(1980s/US sports)
Der Kessel: The 1870 French Invasion of Germany And Its Aftermath
(19th century)
Editorial: An Office In Tatters(1970s/Watergate/DBWI/Mock reviews)
Enemies at the Gate: The 1947-48 Berlin Crisis(Cold War/"Sic Semper
Tyrannis Germaniae" series)
Epitaph For A Planet(Double-blind what if)
Full Fathom Five: The Career of the USS Thresher(Naval history)
Game Reviews: Battlefield Cuba(Cold War/Computer games/Mock reviews)
Ghosts of Fremantle(Cold War/Australia/"Red Dusk" trilogy)
I Am Become Death(World War II/Sic Semper Tyrannis Germaniae series)
I Shot The Sheriff: The Manhunt For Lee Harvey Oswald(1960s/JFK
In Memoriam: George Herman "Babe" Ruth, 1935-1988(US sports/Baseball)
Jambo Olympus!(Future history/Olympic Games/Africa)
Joy To The Worlds: Holiday Celebrations On Mars(Future history/Space
colonization/Holiday customs)
Just A Few More Questions, Mr. Menzies(Double-blind what if/Australia/
"Red Dusk" spinoffs)
Live From Tel Aviv: The Birth of Israeli Television, 1954-67(Mid-
20th century/Israel/Mass media)
Mint Condition(Fiction/US sports/"Batter Up" spinoffs)
Movie Reviews: Gagarin(1960s/Russian space program)
Not One Step Back: The Jacobite Last Stand At Derby, 1745(18th century/
British history)
Obituaries: Sergei Kirov, 77(1930s/Russian history)
Obituary: Erwin Rommel, 1891-1977(World War II/"Sic Semper Tyrannis
Germaniae" series)
The Oliver Cromwell House: A Visitors' Guide(17th century/British
history/Colonial America)
Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends: Anne Frank From Auschwitz
To Camp David(World War II/Arab-Israeli wars/"Sic Semper Tyrannis
Germaniae" series)
Poet Laureate Of The Blitz: The Life And Literature Of Charles Dickens
(British literature/20th century history/Alternate biographies)
Point of Impact(Future history/Natural disasters/Boston/Asteroids)
Red Dusk(Cold War/Australia/"Red Dusk" trilogy)
Scarface: The Rough & Tumble Life Of A Boxing Superstar(1920s/US
sports/Al Capone)
Sgt. Jacks & the Beanstalk(Fiction/Humor/Vietnam)
The Tasmania Volcano: A Tourist's Guide(Prehistoric times/Australia)
Untold Origins(19th century/Jules Verne/Pop culture)
Vanishing Act: The Strange Case of HMS Bounty(18th century/Missing
ships/Royal Navy)
We Will Rock You: The Beatles 1985 Reunion Tour(1980s/Pop culture)
What Hath God Wrought: The Great Montreal Fire of 1789(18th century/
Canadian history)
You Stand Accused(Cold War/Australia/"Red Dusk" trilogy)
All Stop: Harry Turtledove's "Must And Shall"(Reviews)
Behind The Curtain: The Making of Sic Semper Tyrannis Germaniae
The Best Plays Never Made: What Inspires Me To Do Sports-Themed AH
Erin Go Boom: The Making Of It (Almost)Happened Here(Documentary)
Havana Or Bust: The Making Of "Venceremos!"(Documentary)
Sidewise, Side Foolish: The Best and Worst AH Books I've Ever Read
Sidewise, Side Foolish II: The Best and Worst AH Short Stories I've
Ever Read(Reviews)
Sidewise, Side Foolish III: The 5 Best and 5 Worst AH Premises I've
Ever Read(Reviews/Commentary)
Sidewise, Side Foolish IV: The Best and Worst AH Authors I've Ever
Sidewise, Side Foolish V: The 10 Best and 10 Worst Characters In
AH Literature(Commentary)
Sidewise, Side Foolish VI: The Best and Worst Book Covers In AH
To The Barricades: Eric Flint's 1824(Reviews)
When In The Course Of Human Events...:Robert Cowley's "What Ifs?
Of American History"(Reviews)
Articles in progress:
A Chacun Son Boche(World War I/World War II)
Aptitude Test(Fiction/Post-nuclear war)
As You Like It: The Life And Times Of William Shakespeare, America's
Bard(19th and early 20th centuries/Theatrical arts/Broadway)
Away All Boats: The Magellan Voyage To Cape Cod, 1530(16th century)
Bases Loaded: The History of the Los Angeles Kings(US sports/Baseball)
Biography: Oscar Benjamin Liddell(US history/Domestic terrorism/World
Trade Center/Neo-Nazi movements)
Black Hawk Up: The US Campaign in Somalia, 1993-1997(Post-Cold War
era/Clinton administration/Africa)
Bugged: The Legend Of Marvin Drenk(Fiction/ASB/Humor/1960s)
Call To Arms: The Ulster Rebellion, 1966-72(Irish history/"It
(Almost) Happened Here" series)
Comrade Hitler(Early 20th century/World War II/Communism)
Evil To Him Who Evil Thinks: The 1974 London Uprising(British
Et Tu, Brute?: The Assassination of Benito Mussolini(1930s/Italy/
Civil unrest)
Full-Court Press: The Story of the Houston Oilers(US sports/NBA)
Imshallah: The Capture of Tehran, 1983(Iran-Iraq War)
Gilded Cage: The Trial of John Dillinger(1930s/US history/Crime/FBI)
If They Don't Win It's A Shame: The Atlantics' Final Season In
Philadelphia(1960s/US sports/"Batter Up" spinoffs)
Is Moscow Burning?(World War II/V-weapons/Operation Barbarossa)
Madding Crowd: The Egyptian Civil War(Hosni Mubarak/Middle East/
Mao's Sealion: The Abortive Chinese Communist Plan To Invade Taiwan
During World War III(Cold War/Asia/Communist China/"Stop 'Em At The
38th Parallel" spinoffs)
Murder Was The Case: The Plot To Kill King Henry VIII(14th century)
No Pasaran! The Second Spanish-American War, 1940-1943(World War II/
US-Spanish relations/Invasion)
On The Air: Orson Welles, William Randolph Hearst, And The Showdown
Over A Mercury Theatre Radio Play(1930s/Pop culture)
O Tempora, O Mores: The September Revolt 60 Years Later(Australia/
"Red Dusk" spinoffs)
Pitiless Fate: The Dresden Mutiny, 1917(World War I/"A Chacun Son
Boche" series)
The Right Honourable Arnold Hiller, M.P.(Early 20th century/World War
Seizing The Telegraph Office: Japan's 1916 April Revolution And Its
Consequences(Early 20th century/"Times That Try Men's Souls" series/
Japan/Political uprisings)
Shaken, Not Stirred: How A British Secret Agent Became An American TV
Icon(1960s/Pop culture/007)
Something's Happened In The Motorcade: The Assassination Of Gamal
Abdel Nasser(Egypt/Political assassinations/1967 Arab-Israeli war)
Washington, Banzai!(Colonial America/American Revolution)
We Didn't Start The Fire: The Quebec Rebellion(1970s/Canada)
Water Under The Bridge: New Yorkers Remember The Jamaica Bay Hurricane
(1960s/New York City/Natural disasters/TIAH adaptations)
After Hours: The 1977 Los Angeles Blackout(US history/1970s/"Electric
Nightmares" series)
Born Under A Bad Sign(Future history/Genetic experiments)
Every Man A King: The Suarez Presidency Remembered(Future history/US
And The Oscar Could Have Gone To...: Alternate Best Picture Winners
At The Academy Awards(Commentary)
Sidewise, Side Foolish VII: The Best and Worst AH Websites(Commentary)
Story concepts in development:
All-Points Bulletin(Late 1970s/British history/Crime)
And A Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven: A Look Back At The Missions
of the Space Shuttle Nautilus(1980s/US space program)
An Ax To Grind: How Paul Bunyan Saved Los Angeles From Godzilla
(Fiction/American folk heroes/Movie monsters)
Apples & Oranges: The Great Lunar Hydroponics Fruit Fiasco(Future
history/Humor/Lunar colonization)
Ashes To Ashes: The Berkshires Forest Fire(Future history/New England/
Environmental disasters)
Basket Case: The Last Days Of The IBL(US pro sports/Basketball/1960s/
"Full Court Press" series)
Bones of Contention: The Shakespeare's Tomb Robbery(Crime)
Brotherly Love: The Ramblers' Legacy(Pro football/Philadelphia/AFL)
Cleveland Rocks: The 1994 World Series(1990s/US sports/Baseball)
Cold Case: Foul Ball(Fan fiction/Sports/"Batter Up")
Day Rate(Future history/Hotels/Space tourism/Humor)
Dead In The Water: The Mary Celeste Mutiny(19th century/Maritime
history/Atlantic Ocean)
Death Blow: The Mysterious Killing of Napoleon Bonaparte(19th century/
French history/"Black Widow" series)
Desert Bloom: The Mars Water Synthesis Project(Future history)
Detroit Rock City: The 2005 Stanley Cup Finals(US sports/NHL)
Extreme Prejudice: The Assassination Of Ion Antonescu(Romania/1930s/
Fair is Foul: The 1893 World's Fair Robbery(US history/19th century/
Crime/1893 Chicago World's Fair)
Fire In The Hole: The Chinese Occupation of Vietnam, 2047(Future
First Base(US sports/1990s/Baseball/Pittsburgh Pirates)
For King And Country: The Battle For Dover(19th century/Napoleonic
wars/Great Britain)
Frozen Liabilities: The Jacksonville Jaguars' First Tumultuous Decade
(U.S. sports/NHL/"Year Of The Cat" series spinoffs)
Gaping Wounds: The US-Soviet Faceoff Over Afghanistan, 1978-79(Cold
Great Balls Of Fire(ASB/1950s/Rock & roll/Dragons)
Gross Anatomy: Roger Corman's "Re-Animator"(Pop culture/Horror films)
Half Life: The Seabrook Explosion(Future history/Nuclear disasters)
Heavy Metal: The Cybersuit Revolution(Future history/Technology)
Hidden Agendas: Nikita Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, And The Coup Plot
That Started A Civil War(Cold War/USSR/Nuclear Weapons/Civil wars)
Indian Summer: The 2052 World Cup(Future history/Soccer/India)
Istanbul, Not Constantinople(Russian-Turkish relations/Cold War)
It's A Dirty Job, But Somebody's Got To Do It: A Day In The Life Of
An Asteroid Miner(Future history/Space colonization/Mining operations/
Just Cause: The 1993 Bernie Madoff Trial(US history/Wall Street/High-
profile crimes)
King's X: The Pornography Scandal That Nearly Toppled The Windsors Off
The British Throne(Great Britain/Tabloids/Monarchy/Personal scandals)
Open Sights: Napoleon's Siege Of St. Petersburg(19th century/Napoleonic
Over & Out(Future history/Television networks/Great Britain)
Off To The Races: The Day California Chrome Made History(Triple Crown/
Sports/Horse racing/Recent events)
Our Sergeant Major(19th century/British history/Napoleonic wars)
Pride Goeth Before A Fall: How Richard M. Nixon Lost the 1968
Presidential Race(1960s/US politics)
Quick & Dirty: The CIA's Secret Plan To Assassinate Vo Nguyen Giap
(Vietnam War/US government/"Black ops" missions)
Rage For The Machine: The Rise And Fall Of Prospero Cyber-Implants
Incorporated(Future history/Nanotechnology/Corporate scandals)
Reprisal: The Assassination Of Muammar Khadafy(Middle East/Libya/
Civil unrest)
Takedown: How Tommy Rich Changed The Face Of Wrestling(1980s/Sports/
Pop culture)
Up Tempo: Jim Morrison's Second Act(1970s/Psychiatry/Rock & roll icons/
Pop culture)
Above The Fold: A Day In The Life Of The New York World-Tribune(U.S.
media/Newspaper mergers/New York City)
The Auburn Hills Riots(US history/NBA/Civil unrest/Detroit Pistons)
Burn Unit: The Secret Nazi Arson Squad Who Tried To Burn Down Brooklyn
(World War II/New York City/Terrorism)
Chilly Reception: The Whitford Cryogenics Scandal(Future history)
Collector's Item(Korean War)
Dateline Pyongyang: The Collapse Of North Korea(Future history/Korea)
Don't Believe The Hype: The 2016 Rio Olympics(Future history/Humor)
Each According To His Needs: An American Pilot Remembers The Berlin
Airlift(Cold War/"Sic Semper Tyrannis Germaniae" series/"Enemies at
the Gate" spinoffs/Berlin)
For Those In Peril: The Sinking of the USS Nimitz(Maritime disasters/
Persian Gulf War)
Fourth Down: The Overtime That Made Super Bowl History(U.S. sports/
Super Bowl 36)
Growing Trouble: The U.S.-Mexican Border War Of 2030(Future history/
U.S.-Mexican relations/Marijuana/Drug-related crimes)
I Have Here In My Hand...:The Plot To Assassinate Joseph McCarthy
(U.S. politicians/Cold War/Anti-Communists)
Is It Cold In Here Or Is It Just Me?(Future history/Ice ages/Climate
Kaiser Napoleon: The Battle Of Aspern-Essling(Napoleonic Wars)
The Last Will Be First: The Detroit Lions' Road To Super Bowl 49(U.S.
sports/NFL/Detroit/Future history)
Let Us Go Forward Together: The 1721 Halliwell Polar Expedition(18th
century/Arctic exploration/British navy)
Mad Dogs and Englishmen(Fiction/Journalists/"House Divided" series)
A Man's Reach: The Apollo 18 Lunar Mission(US history/Apollo program/
Space exploration)
Milestones: Retired, Geoff Hurst, Cricketer(British sports)
My Generation: The Syrian Spring Of 2000 And Its Results("Imshallah"
series/Political uprisings)
No Joy There: The Voshkod Tragedy(Russian history/Space exploration)
On The Bubble(Fiction/Future history/Undersea colonies)
Public Domain: The Yankee Stadium Sit-in(1960s/New York City/Sports
Something Is Rotten In Denmark: The Copenhagen Suicide Bombing And
Its Consequences(War On Terrorism/Scandanavia/Mohammed cartoons)
Specs, Lies, And Videotape: The XF-37 Tactical Fighter Project And
The Aftereffects Of Its Failure(Future History/Weapons development)
Thy Will Be Done: The Legacy of Pope Paul VII(Future history/Religion)
Victory Or Death: The 47th New Hampshire Infantry(19th century/Military
history/African-American history/"House Divided" series)
What A Wonderful World: The Mars Polar Expedition Twenty Years Later
(Future history/Space exploration/Mars)
Barbarians At The (Golden)Gate: Robert Conroy's Rising Sun(Reviews)
Love Amid The (Radioactive)Ruins: Brendan DuBois' Resurrection Day
Not Another Operation Sealion Article!(Commentary/Operation Sealion)
Sidewise, Side Foolish VIII: The Best and Worst Recent AH Literature
Tried And True: Courtroom Scenes In AH Literature(Review/Commentary/
Crime fiction)(Scrapped)
Why Didn't I Think Of That?: 20 Great AH Stories I Wish Had Been Mine
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