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Currency and Prices


The Domination's currency is gold-backed. The basic unit is the Auric (A), 1/10 of an ounce of fine gold, divided into 10 denarii (d) and 100 pennies. In 1942, an auric is rated at $3.72 U.S. (Geneva exchange rate).


Comparative prices:

Entry-level Citizen wage: A2,500 per annum.

Purchase price, Archona/Central Police Zone:

Standard unskilled serf: A200
Machine tender serf (assembly-line): A350
Skilled domestic servant: A250 (up to 1,000 for fancy items)
Three-bedroom house in Archona: A30,000, depending on neighborhood.
Dinner for two with house wine: A1.5 (two-star restaurant)
Kellerman mini four-seat autosteamer: A800 (will last 30 years if maintained)
Airship ticket from Archona to Tashkent: A90.35
Walking shoes: A6
Litre of fresh milk: 3p.
Kilo of sirloin: 25p.
Developed plantation in Police Zone: Al,250,000 (includes labor force, manor)
10,000 hectare grant in New Territories: Free, if settled and developed by claimant
Prime interest rate: 3.5% (Landholders League Bank)


Maintaining a serf in a large city, at accepted standards, would cost about A25 per year, not counting housing.

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