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America successfully took Canada during the War of 1812?

By Rodlox.

While taking and keeping are two different matters, I’ll ignore the difference, and touch on some of the more prickly matters that are certain to arise, once the President and Congress realize that – now that they have the Canadas – they have to figure out what to do with the Canadas.

Problem 1: them Tories

Tories were the some of the stauncher supporters of Britain in the 13 Colonies, prior to Independence.  After the Colonies achieved Independence, pretty much all of the Tories moved en masse to the Canadas and to the British Caribean.  A smaller percentage of Tories simply hid the fact that they’d been Tories, or switched their politics in a bid to save themselves from angry townsfolk.

Now that the Canadas are a US possession, the US has to figure out how to handle the Tories who used to be their neighbors…and the Tories who’d always lived in the Canadas.

Its possible that the Tories might be denied the vote for even longer than women and slaves are.  Its possible that Tories might be kicked out of yet another land – perhaps shipped back to England.

Problem 2: them Papists

Part of the Canadas includes Quebec and Acadia – in other words lands formerly owned by France, and populated by Catholics…aka Papists.  A fair percentage of America’s settlers, both distant and recent, had come to the US, seeking shelter from Catholic nations.

Its possible that the anti-Catholics might seize on this opportunity, and begin a persecution of Catholics.  And-or, the Catholics are left no option but to a) convert, or b) become slaves/permanently indentured servants.  Or, just run the Catholics either deeper inland, or out to the sea, letting them sail far away.

Now, in OTL, the fear of eventually being run by a Catholic President was so strong that it wasn’t until John F. Kennedy, that the US had one.

In this ATL, it might be never.

Thoughts?  Opinions?  Other options?

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