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A teaser to It Had Been Done By Accident


By G. Bone

In ancient lore, the Sailor King was on a migration to his Kingdom, which was some three years distance away to the horizon.

The Sailor King hit a rock on some island. There was this witch named Circe. The Sailor King lost his crew but not his life. Circe brought him to her island and feted him as his title showed.

It ended up that Circe had changed all the Sailor King's crew into dolphins. She didn't really like men that much. The one saving grace that the Sailor King had lay in his build, looks, and reputation she had heard over the seas.

The Sailor King really didn't know how to deal with Circe. On one hand he could bust out of there as he did in the Black Kingdom of Yore. On the other hand, Circe was pretty attractive, and a good companion.

The problem was that the Sailor King was married.

The Sailor King was crossed by this. After some months of failed escapes, torrid arguments, and sneaking about, Circe brought him to her hold. Her hold was a manse really, large and massive, elegant and decorated with her arcane skills with the Forbidden arts. The Sailor King had a trick up his sleeve. He was going to spring himself loose.

There was some talking. It was idle talking and the Sailor King threw down his challenge. He had managed to persuade one of Circe's handmaidens on giving him a spell in which all her sorceries could be undone. Circe just looked at him.

It was then that the Sailor King noticed that she was dressed in her most fetching dress, probably to seduce the living daylights out of the Sailor King, and very distracting.

"You'll never seduce me again" said the Sailor King in the bravest voice he could summon.

Circe laughed. She threw her hair back. The Sailor King was resolute in his thinking.

"I was asking you to marry me" she said "To be my consort forever and I'll help you"

The Sailor King was stymied.

It is said at that moment the Fates connived to bring two roads; one that the Sailor King said yes and left Circe staring off on a peak with his crew. The other, more treasured, was him saying yes, and Circe of Joy.

Circe eventually let him go of that. She no longer changed men. She would always treasure the Sailor King in her heart. From that day on she was known as Circe Wind, forever staring off, and knowing the problems of royalty.

Other works by G. Bone came be found here: Histories of Our World Part 2

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