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New England July 26 2006 to July 26 1979, Part 3.

By Bob C.

Copyright 2007




Channel 4 News. June 12th, 1980.

Our new series is called Visits from New England. First up, a 44 year-old Rhode Island resident visited his home in Brooklyn in 1979, shortly after the Event. Actually it was a little scary. People were eying my car, and I remember there were car thefts where I was growing up. Some kids from my High School came over and asked if I had any advanced technology. I said no, and I made sure when I showed my family my camera phone that the window shades were down.

In other news, Reagan campaign staffers have been making it clear to the press that former President Gerald Ford is not being considered as running mate. They want to avoid the press speculation that might overshadow Reagan's eventual choice.

Channel 4 News. June 19th, 1980.

Visits from New England. A family from Augusta Maine visits New York City. We went for the tall buildings. The Empire State Building, the RCA building, and of course the World Trade Center. The views were incredible.

BBC. June 24th. 1980.

There are tensions again on the border between the People's Republic of China and Vietnam. There have been reports of shelling and skirmishes by both sides in the most serious escalation since the brief conflict of February 1979. Vietnam is believed to have 2.6 million soldiers, most of them deployed on the border with China. Vietnamese official Hoang Tung said "We have a colossal army that has received ultra-modern arms from the USSR. We are strong and stubborn. The Chinese ought to think a million times before they attack us again, because we have never been so powerful and determined as we are now." There are 6,000 Soviet advisors in Vietnam and there is concern that any conflict between Vietnam and China could spiral into a confrontation between China and the USSR.

Wall Street Week. July 11th, 1980.

Southwest Airlines. Where are they headed?

With deregulation they are expanding rapidly. They have a proven business model, new investors, and new routes. They have even experimented with computer based ticket ordering. They are going to give every airline in the market a run for their money, and the consumer a lower price for air travel.

Republican Convention. July 16th, 1980.

Reagan and Mitt Romney emerge from the elevator at the Detroit Plaza Hotel, and Reagan announces that he is his running mate. Governor Romney brings a wealth of experiences, able administration, and will give my administration a bridge to the future.

1980 Summer Olympics Moscow. July 19th, 1980.

All nations are participating in the Olympics. The opening ceremony is being watched around the world.

Wall Street Week. July 25th, 1980.

Reindustrialization. That is the watchword of the week. Both Carter and Reagan are for it, but how is it to be achieved? Should steelmakers receive federal aid? Should US automakers

safety and pollution rules eased? Should they have tax credits to help them build more competitive fuel efficient models?

The New England future shows a long slow decline of US manufacturing is certainly one possible outcome. I think this reindustrialization is a nice term for the campaign, but will have to come after beating inflation. We all know that there has to be a recession. These levels of inflation are just not sustainable. After that, maybe 1982, I think fair trade will be the watch word.

Fair trade?

Free trade with fairness. We open our market to those who give us fair trade terms. That does not describe Japan today, and not China 10 or 20 years from now in the New England Future. Any future free trade agreement with Mexico will have to take that into account also, that we need to be an industrial nation.

The McLaughlin Group. July 26th, 1980.

This show was started in 1980 instead of 1982 due to its long term popularity in the New England Future.

How do you see the Presidential Election going compared to the other history?.

Carter has the advantage of not being sunk by Ted Kennedy, who was still weighing him down until August 12th

The views expressed on this program do not necessarily reflect the views of this station or network. That was uncalled for.

Reagan has the chance to not make those mistakes he made in August 1980. People in New England vaguely remember Reagan effortlessly winning, but forget that he was actually behind Carter in the polls at times.

So both of them will do better. Who wins?

Let's see how it plays out.

Channel 4 News. August 2nd, 1980.

Tragic news from Bologna, Italy. A bomb went off in a crowded train, killing 31 people and injuring dozens more. This is a blow to Italy's anti-terrorism effort. Every known terrorist has been detained or closely watched, and the Bologna train station in particular was closely guarded. This is the same day that a bomb went off in the waiting room of the station in the New England Future, killing 75.


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