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An Empire Reborn

Part 15


Vincent Longobardi




May 3rd 1972

Fruit of Islam soldiers conduct a firebombing against a known YFM club in New York killing 3 in the ensuing fire.

May 5th 1972

Sir Oswald Mosley is officially granted Italian citizenship with all its rights and privileges.

May 15th 1972

Okinawa is returned to Japan after 27 years of military occupation by the United States.

May 17th 1972

A YFM gunman murders a couple walking out of a Nation of Islam mosque in response to the May 3 fire bombing.

May 20th 1972

American Fascist Party leader and Presidential candidate George Lincoln Rockwell speaks out against the escalating violence in New York saying that it is not the Fascist way and he condemns the actions of both the Nation of Islam and the Fascist organizations involved.

May 21st 1972

Laszlo Toth, an Australian by ways of Hungary attacks Michelangeloís Pieta statue with a hammer while yelling "I am Jesus Christ risen from the dead!" He is arrested and detained by the Papal Swiss Guard. The Guard turns him over to the Italian police who proceed to beat him on the steps of the Vatican calling him "communist scum!" The Swiss Guard move to intervene on Tothís behalf sparks a standoff between the sides which nearly escalates into violence.

Toth is transported to a hospital where he is listed as being in severe but stable condition.

May 28th 1972

Members of President Nixonís staff break into the Democratic headquarters at the Watergate Hotel. Five men are arrested inside the office.

June 2nd 1972

Frederick Forsyth defends his recently released book "The ODESSA File" as being largely factual. The story itself is fiction but that an organization known as ODESSA does indeed exist and operates not only in the Lira Block but throughout the West. He claims to have interviewed former members of the organization and high ranking Israeli and German Intelligence agents during the writing process.

June 5th 1972

The death toll in New York rises by 2 more with the murder of two more Blackshirts. This is in addition to dozens of street fights and acts of vandalism.

June 12th 1972

Mosley begins a tour of Italian Universities speaking on the failures of democracy.

July 2nd 1972

The popularity of "The ODESSA File" has sparked interested within the United States over Italian cooperation with the NAZIís during World War II and Italian participation on the Eastern Front. Publishing companies start gobbling up rights to print English language versions of books previously only published in the NRE on the Italian Expeditionary Force.

July 10th 1972

Field Marshall Guillet returns to Italy to organize a lecture series for Imperial Army Cadets.

July 20th 1972

Minor race riots breakout in New York.

July 25th 1972

Adriano Abrazzi, the father of Romanimation begins purchasing large tracts of Balkan Forests to be preserved as hunting and hiking grounds.

August 6th 1972

The Lira Block conducts a series of naval war games between the islands of Cyprus and Crete. Nearly all Lira Block nations contribute ships except for the landlocked ones and Burma. The war games will last for 2 weeks.

August 26th 1972

The Summer Olympic Games begin in Munich.


September 5th 1972

Black September terrorists storm the apartments of the Israeli Olympic athletes taking 9 hostage. They then issue a long set of demands which includes the release of all Palestinians currently held in prison and refugee camps in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. They also demand that the Jewish government of Jerusalem step down and that the government be handed completely over to Palestinians including the complete removal of all Italian soldiers and administrators from the city.

Upon hearing the demands Consul Medici phones the heads of the three nations listed that the Lira Block will not negotiate with terrorists. He then calls Adolf Eichmann inquiring whether or not ODESSA is involved in this event. The ODESSA Chief swears that he has no knowledge of what is going on and that the organization is not sponsoring the attack.

Negotiations between Black September and the German government drags on for hours. An offer by the NRE to deploy a special forces unit to Munich to rescue the hostages is declined. A similar offer my Israel is also rejected. Egypt refuses a German request to allow the terrorists and hostages to land in Cairo, Sadat instead recommends that the aircraft land in an Italian airport where an Italian special forces unit more suited for the mission can be used, Germany dismisses this suggestion as impossible because of Italian actions during the Second World War.

Viceroy Borghese, founder and former leader of X MAS speaks as a commentator on Italian television on how his unit would handle the Munich situation and what the German government should do lacking specialized units for the mission.

By 10 PM the government moves the terrorists and hostages to a nearby airbase in preparation to transport them to a country of their choosing, though the Germans have no intention of allowing the terrorists to leave and are setting up for an assault and rescue attempt. German snipers open fire against the terrorists, largely missing their targets and receive return fire. After several minutes of constant fire most of the terrorists are dead or injured. But, all the hostages were executed before the terrorists could be brought down.

September 7th 1972

Yasser Arafatís presence is requested in Rome by the Consul. Phrased as a request it is obvious that Arafat is being summoned to explain himself.

September 12th 1972

Delegates from the free European nations meet in Paris to discuss European Unity.

*Note: Thanks to my fans Herr Montag and Katan for coming up with the Paris Conference*

September 14th 1972

Arafat arrives in Rome to a rather cold reception. He is quickly whisked away to meet with Medici. Arafat is forced to leave his bodyguards behind and taken to a closed door meeting with the Consul. Medici who is normally calm even in the most dire circumstances unleashes his rage on the PLO leader screaming and ranting at him for what is either lack of control of his men or his stupidity in ordering the attack. Listening through the closed door Mediciís aides fear that the Consul will either give himself a heart attack or he will personally execute Arafat. Arafat is informed that neither he nor the PLO is welcome anywhere within the Lira Block or Jerusalem and it is highly advisable that they relocate immediately. Leaving the meeting and returning to the airport Arafat is visibly shaken and frightened by his encounter. It is very clear that he was lucky to be allowed to leave alive.

September 16th 1972

Arafat and the other major plays in the PLO relocate to Morocco.

September 20th 1972

Three Fruit of Islam soldiers are killed in New York when their car explodes moments after being started up.

September 24th 1972

The Paris Conference ends in failure when no agreement can be reached on the matter of European Unity. There is some promise in the creation of regional organizations between nations.

October 1st 1972

Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir authorizes Operation Wrath of God. The operationís mission is to assassinate all those who are responsible for the Munich Massacre. They only have one restriction, "Do not conduct operations within the territories of the Italian Empire."

October 10th 1972

Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam in New York and his driver are gunned down while waiting at a red light. There is some debate on who is responsible for the assassination, American Fascists seem the likely choice, but it may have been a disgruntled or ambitious member of the NoI instead. No matter who is responsible the backlash will prove to be disastrous.

October 11th 1972

New York City explodes in race violence in response to the assassination of Minister Farrakhan. Over a dozen blocks in Harlem are set ablaze and rioting is reported throughout all five boroughs.

October 13th 1972

Riots continue to rage throughout New York. The YFM and NoI launch bloody reprisals against each other in the street as the death count reaches 16 in just 2 days.

October 14th 1972

At the request of John Lindsay, the mayor of New York, Governor Rockefeller declares a state of emergency and authorizes the National Guard to restore law and order.

October 15th 1972

Rioting slowly grinds to a halt as National Guard units roll into New York.

October 18th 1972

The riots are officially considered over in New York. The National Guard units will remain in place over the next few weeks to keep the peace throughout October and for the upcoming Presidential election.

October 24th 1972

Hundreds of thousands flock to Rome for the upcoming celebration of 50 years of Fascism.


End of Part 15.


Please visit my forum for discussion and access to new parts as they become available.



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