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An Empire Reborn

Part 16




Vincent Longobardi


October 26th 1972

Grimm Studios, Abrazzis own animation studio announces that for the past six months they have been working on a secret project which will be a three part movie following the life of Mussolini. The first part shall be released next year on Mussolini Day.

October 28th 1972

Hundreds of thousands turn out in Rome to march and millions more come to watch them in the largest celebration of the March on Rome ever conducted. The celebrations showcase the might and unity of the Empire with men and women from every corner of the Empire and from every organization taking place. Sometimes it appears that the soldiers march in an irregular formation, until viewed from above it is discovered they march in the shape of a giant fasces.

At the forefront of the march are hundreds of elderly men who participated in the first march. The youngest among them was in his late sixties. Those who could still stood tall and firm, others aided along by canes and others pushed in wheelchairs by younger relatives and friends. Assembling in the Piazza Venezia they are given the rare honor of having Consul Medici salute them first rather than returning their salute. He greets everyman in attendance thanking them for their service and presents each with a special medal for their service to the Empire for the past 50 years.

Across the Empire every town and city holds their own celebrations attempting to emulate the majesty of the one in Rome.

In faraway Rhodesia, Rhodesians celebrate their own independence from the British and the birth of their nation. They do not forget their Italian allies as many Rhodesians bring gifts of cookies and cake to their local Italian garrisons in a sign of thanks and respect for those who are now so far away from home helping them keep the rebellion in check.

November 7th 1972

President Nixon sweeps the election in the United States carrying 49 states and securing 60% of the vote. The American Fascist Party secures only 500,000 votes. Speculation is that they lost a significant number of votes due to the violence in New York and also that many fascist sympathizers view Nixon as a “friend to fascism.”

November 20th 1972

Laszlo Toth is sentenced to 10 years of hard labor by an Italian court. The judge notes that leniency was only granted on the matter by special request of the Pope and that he should have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

December 5th 1972

The new Labour government in Australia officially protests the sentencing of Toth as unjust. Saying that Toth is mentally ill and should be released to a mental health facility within the Empire or returned to Australia to receive the help he desperately needs.

December 7th 1972

Claude Aubert, publishes “The Black Horde,” the unofficial sequel to “Last Bastille Day.” Unlike Cartier
s book Auberts has a direct focus on the war with the book assembled as a series of connected short stories from different characters on the front. The Black Horde has the United States joining the war with Britain and the remaining French forces and focuses on the invasions to take back France and the invasions of Spain and North Africa. The Italians are portrayed much more sinisterly, even using nuclear weapons in tactical roles to shield the retreat of their troops through Lira Block land.

Antoine Cartier vows to bring a lawsuit against Aubert for his unauthorized and seeks to have the book banned from publication.

December 8th 1972

Rome rejects the claim of the Australian government calling Toth a dangerous communist agitator. They can have him back for whatever they wish to do with him after he has served his time in prison.

December 10th 1972

American Fascist Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell in gunned down in front of his house. Police are investigating this assassination.

December 27th 1972

Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta and Viceroy of Greece passes away. His son Emanuele Filiberto is the new Duke of Aosta.

*Note: Since Prince Amedeo didn
t die young in this timeline he was able to father a son to continue his line.*

December 29th 1972

A month
s mourning is called in Greece by the Consul to honor the memory of the Viceroy.

A new Viceroy will be announced following this mourning period.
January 10th 1973

John Ley is arrested for the murder of George Lincoln Rockwell. A disgruntled member of the American Fascist Party he confesses to the killing, justifying it in his mind by Rockwell
s refusal to offer support for YFM groups fighting in New York.

January 20th 1973

Captain Antonio Medici is deployed to Mozambique to command an anti-partisan Company. Many believe this will be his last assignment before either transferring to a more political command position or to a Blackshirt “M” Division.

February 1st 1973

General Gritti of the OVRA is appointed Viceroy of Greece by the Consul.

February 7th 1973

Consul Medici and Sir Oswald Mosley embark on a visit to Rhodesia. Mosley is set to give numerous talks to youth groups on the collapse of the British Empire and the betrayal of the British government to its people.

February 10th 1973

The “Midnight Cross” episode “Creole Siren” is aired for the first time. The episode features a very voluptuous and scantily clad woman.

February 11th 1973

Ricco Baggio, the creator of the comic hero Centurion denounces Abrazzi work as pornography and Midnight Cross as a disgrace.

February 13th 1973

Confronting Baggio outside of his home Abrazzi challenges the man to a duel. Baggio refuses and Abrazzi punches the man. Police are called and with some resistance Abrazzi is arrested.

Minister Evola secures the release and dropping of the charges against Abrazzi later in the day.

February 14th 1973

Not realizing that the altercation and subsequent arrest were political matters Party Censors with Italian newspapers allow the Abrazzi story to be published.
February 16th 1973

Medici returns to Rome. Mosley stays on his Rhodesia to continue an extended speaking tour.

February 17th 1973

Medici speaks with Abrazzi informing him that he will need to be less confrontational and more open to public criticism if he wishes to continue receiving patronage.

February 25th 1973

The Grand Council approves a measure to sell a limited number of P.60 tanks to Egypt after numerous requests. The Comando Supremo confirmed that there would be no threat of the tanks being equal to the soon to be released next generation tanks and that if Egypt does go to war with Israel it will help the Comando Supremo determine the current state of Western technology compared to Italian.

March 20th 1973

Fifty P.60 tanks are delivered to Egypt. The Egyptian crews will be operational with them within 4 months.

March 29th 1973

The last United States Soldier leaves Vietnam with the tentative peace that has been made between North and South.

April 5th 1973

Prince Emanuele Filiberto is named Viceroy of Mozambique.

April 12th 1973

The NRE sells poison gas to Portugal to help them finally put an end to their colonial uprisings.

April 28th 1973

NASA and the ISA announce that a joint spaceflight will take place within the next 6 months.

May 5th 1973

Emperor Umberto II moves his court to the newly renovated Imperial Palace of Constantinople for the summer.

May 10th 1973
Prince Vittorio Emanuele is given the title of “Prince of Constantinople.”

May 14th 1973

Skylab, the United State
s first space station is launched.

June 11th 1973

Field Marshall Guillet turns down an offer by Egypt to serve as a consultant for the Egyptian army.

June 16th 1973

A Mossad report minimizes the risk of an Egyptian war of aggression against Israel. The agents responsible for the report believe that without the strategic planning of Guillet Egypt will not risk a war with Israel following their poor performance in the Easter War.

June 24th 1973

Portugese troops use poison gas against rebel positions in Angola for the first time.

End of Part 16.

Please visit my forum for discussion and access to new parts as they become available.



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