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An Empire Reborn


Part 17




Vincent Longobardi




June 26th 1973


The United Nations votes to condemn the nation of Portugal for their use of poison gas in Angola. A commission is formed to investigate on whether sanctions should be put in place.


July 5th 1973


The second Caesar Cup begins in Rome with the Spanish team returning the Cup to the Emperor.


July 10th 1973


Idi Amin, President for Life of Uganda signs a treaty of friendship with the Soviet Union.


July 14th 1973


The Spanish soccer team is defeated in the final round before the championship by Argentina. Many Italian fans grumble about not being able to defeat the Spanish making up for the loss in the first Caesar’s Cup.


July 15th 1973


The Italian team wins the Caesar Cup after defeating the Argentinians 2-1.


July 17th 1973


King Zahir of Afghanistan is deposed while in Italy receiving eye surgery. His cousin Mohammad Daoud Khan declares Afghanistan to be a Republic and assumes control of the government.


The King is offered asylum by the Consul.


July 25th 1973


The Vatican issues a statement that the Pope is considering conducting a tour of the Holy Land. Amidst escalating violence security is a prime concern of the Vatican on any future trips.


Medici comments to the press that the Pope has no need to fear for his safety as no one would dare to do him harm within the Lira Block.


July 29th 1973


“Il Duce: Part I” opens to sold out crowds throughout the NRE.


August 3rd 1973


Captain Medici makes the acquittance of an up and coming businessman Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi who has established a media company in Mozambique and is attempting to corner the market in the new cable television market.


August 10th 1973


Egypt mobilizes their army along the Israeli border forcing the IDF to call for its own mobilization.


August 14th 1973


Egypt demobilizes their army.


August 25th 1973


Using his political connections Captain Medici arranges for Berlusconi to meet with Prince Emanuele Filiberto to discuss securing a government media contract within the colony. He also encourages the non politically aligned businessman to join the Fascist party, which he does.


August 30th 1973


Egypt once again mobilizes its forces along the Israeli border forcing Israel to once again mobilize the IDF.


Syria also mobilizes their army.


September 2nd 1973


The Egyptian and Syrian armies demobilize.


September 11th 1973


The Chilean government is overthrown by General Augusto Pinochet in an American backed coup.


September 15th 1973


Portugese officers refuse to issue orders calling for the continued use of poison gas in Angola.


September 20th 1973


President Sadat meets with Consul Medici in Rome. The Egyptian President inquires on what would the Italian response be to a new Arab-Israeli war. The answer is that Rome will not interfere in any Arab based offensive, but neither will it lend support. If the Israeli’s strike first then Rome will honor the Lira Block’s Mutual Defense Pact. Aside from this general inquiry Sadat does not reveal his plans, he is afraid that Medici would refuse to cooperate.


October 4th 1973


For the third time Egypt mobilizes along the Israeli border. The Israeli’s ignore this latest show of force.


October 6th 1973


Yom Kippur.


Shortly after 2 PM Local Time Egyptian and Syrian forces invade Israel from both North and South. Catching most of the Israeli Army off guard and demobilized for the Jewish holiday both forces drive towards Tel Aviv seeking a quick end to the conflict.


Italian made P. 60 tanks lead the way for the Egyptians and advance several miles in the first few hours of the invasion. The Syrian offensive meets with less success with the Israelis able to fight a delaying action along the Golan Heights.


Israel calls for a full mobilization of all men and women to report immediately for duty. Unlike their enemies, many of these reservists are veterans of the Easter War.


October 7th 1973


Egyptian and Syrian forces continue making steady gains against ever stiffening Israeli defenses. Israel scores their first victories against the Arab forces in a series of naval battles off the coast of Israel.


The Lira Block as a whole releases a statement that this is an action taken independently by Syria and Egypt and is not a Lira Block action.


An Imperial Battle Fleet is dispatched to monitor the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean.


Medici fires off a message to Sadat complaining that a warning would have been nice and if one was given the appropriate supplies and intelligence could have been provided to Egyptian forces.


Israel begins preparing their nuclear arsenal for deployment.

October 8th 1973


Egyptian forces get within 20 miles of Tel Aviv.


Palestinians take to the streets of Jerusalem in support of the Arab offensive. The Italian garrison is put on alert.


October 9th 1973


The first shipments of supplies from the United States, Japan, France, England and several other European countries arrive in Israel.


For the first time since the war began the Israeli’s take the offensive and push the invaders back ever so slowly.


October 10th 1973


Spiro Agnew, Nixon’s Vice President is forced to resign following his plead of “no contest” for tax fraud. This comes as a serious blow to the Nixon regime which is currently embattled in the Watergate scandal.


The Egyptian and Syrian supply situation is critical requiring them to request immediate assistance from the Lira Block.


October 11th 1973


The last Egyptian P. 60 is left a smoldering hulk in the face of the state of the art American weaponry supplied to the Israelis.


President Nixon communicates with Consul Medici informing the Consul that the United States had no choice but to supply the Israelis with weapons or they would have used their nuclear option.


The New Roman Empire, Spain, South Africa and the Arab nations of the Lira Block start suppling the Egyptian and Syrian lines.


October 14th 1973


NASA and the ISA announce that a joint mission will be launched in late November.


October 17th 1973


Arab oil produces place embargos on any nation that provides material aid to the Israelis.


October 18th 1973

The Israelis push the Syrians back to the prewar borders and keep the momentum going making inroads into the Arab nation.


October 20th 1973


Israeli forces shatter the Egyptian line and drive deep into the Gaza strip towards the Sinai.


The small Imperial Union Party holds a protest in Stockholm, Sweden. They are protesting Swedish support of the Israelis in the ongoing war and the negative effect the oil embargo will have on the Swedish economy. They are demanding the government cuts relations with Israel and open up talks with the Lira Block for membership. They are largely ignored.


October 22nd 1973


Israeli soldiers make deep gains both in Syria and the Sinai. Quite a dramatic turn around compared to the early days of the war.


October 23rd 1973


The United Nations Security Council votes to encourage Israel and its enemies to come to a cease fire. The proposal is ignored by both sides.


October 25th 1973


Realizing that if the war is allowed to continue it may mean serious loses for the Lira Block, Medici informs that the Israeli government that if they do not honor the U.N. suggested cease-fire the NRE will intervene militarily.


October 26th 1973


Israel, Egypt and Syria all agree to the cease-fire and to begin peace talks.


November 3rd 1973


While on leave in Rome, Captain Medici is seen out and about with Antonietta Mazzei, a lingerie/underwear model. The Italian press does not report on it as the relationship is deemed below the Captain’s station and unbecoming of an officer as the career of Mazzei is both salacious and lewd. Minister Evola and the Consul have managed thus far to keep this information away from the rest of the Council and the general public.


End of Part 17.


Please visit my forum for discussion and access to new parts as they become available.




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