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An Empire Reborn


Part 20




Vincent Longobardi




August 12th 1974


The United States once again vetoes France’s attempts to impose sanctions on the NRE.


August 15th 1974


France announces that they are leaving the military defense portion of NATO because as a nation and a people they can no longer trust the United States in its dealings with Europe because of fascist sympathies.


August 16th 1974


Former Portugese government officials form a government-in-exile in Rome. The move is largely forced by Medici and the rest of the Lira Block as the remainder of the old Portugese government was content to let the issue drop.


August 20th 1974


France, Britain and the United States all promise money to Portugal in the wake of what is now being called the “Carnation Revolution”(because of the early bloodless hours when the participants carried carnations.) Lisbon is heavily damaged and most government and utility institutions are heavily damaged.


August 21st 1974


The right-wing government of Brazil offers their support for the Portugese government-in-exile.


August 22nd 1974


The OVRA is ordered to formulate cases for the occupation of the capitals of all senior Lira Block nations in case similar uprisings occur in the future. A time table of 24 hours is deemed the goal from uprising to suppression. They will not wait for a request of assistance to be issued.


September 1st 1974


The government of Cyprus passes laws restricting the rights of Turkish Cypriots in response to rioting by the Turkish community for more representation in government.

September 3rd 1974


Major Medici marries Antonietta Mazzei in a lavish ceremony in Rome. Their honeymoon is delayed as the Major is to be deployed in two days time to South Vietnam


September 5th 1974


Major Medici ships out for Southeast Asia.


September 6th 1974


Turkey submits a request to Britain to encourage that the government of Cyprus ensures equal rights for all ethnic Turks residing on the island.


September 8th 1974


The British government refuses to intervene in the affairs of the Cypriot government.


The Comando Supremo begins planning for major operations in South & North Vietnamn.


September 10th 1974


The Turkish government pledges to intervene unilaterally in Cyprus if something is not done to protect ethnic Turks on the island.


September 16th 1974


Turkey launches an invasion of northern Cyprus. The military of Cyprus unprepared is forced to withdraw from the landing sites.


The government of Cyprus requests intervention from Britain and by the UN.


September 17th 1974


The UN Security Council enters into an emergency session to reach a cease-fire regarding the ongoing crisis in Cyprus. Britain says that they will intervene militarily if Turkey does not agree to stand down.


Medici’s statements on the matter “The Empire supports any action that will lead to the dismantling of the so-called ‘Greek state’ of Cyprus.”


Quietly, the OVRA is ordered to monitor the reactions of Thracian Turks and of the Greeks to this situation.


September 18th 1974

Turkey and Cyprus agree to a cease-fire as negotiations continue on the fate of the Turkish population of the island. Turkey now controls less than 5% of the island.


September 20th 1974


Franco Freda is appointed Ambassador to South Vietnam.


September 25th 1974


Abrazzi’s “Il Duce” experiences a small release in the United States. Protestors scuffle with movie goers at most theaters. In San Francisco the protestors manage to storm the theater and destroy its print of the movie. Barricading themselves inside police intervention is required to extract the protestors.


September 28th 1974


Medici calls for a meeting between the NRE and Turkey to promote friendship and understanding.


October 2nd 1974


Talks mediated by the UN between Cyprus and Greece break down as Cypriot government refuses to accept all of the Turkish demands.


October 4th 1974


Turkey resumes the offensive in Cyprus.


October 5th 1974


Britain declares that it will intervene militarily on behalf of the Cyprus government.


October 6th 1974


Henry Kissinger informs the British government that the United States will not tolerate a war within NATO.


October 8th 1974


The Royal Navy continues its deployment off the coast of Cyprus but rescinds the order to engage the Turkish military instead hoping that the military build up will prompt Turkey to withdraw.


October 12th 1974


Ankara orders the offensive to come to a halt with over a third of the island under Turkish control. The Turkish government agrees to reopen UN sponsored talks.



October 20th 1974


The United Kingdom and the Netherlands come together in a currency union known as the Channel Treaty. Belgium was also invited to join but division between Flemish and French communities lead to a controversy on whether to join the CU or the Channel Treaty.


November 15th 1974


South Africa announces that they have successfully constructed their first nuclear weapon and that a test will be conducted within a month.


This makes South Africa the second Lira Block nation to develop nuclear weapons. Spain was expected to be the second nuclear capable nation of the Lira Block has seen its program flounder and stagnant without Roman assistance.


November 17th 1974


The British government pushes for heavier sanctions against the South African government in light of their development of nuclear weapons.


November 25th 1974


The UN votes for condemn the nation of South Africa for adding additional destabilizing influences to the already imperilled continent.


December 1st 1974


Consul Medici and Prime Minister of Turkey Sadi Irmak meet in Athens to discuss the restoration of friendly relations between the two nations.


End of Part 20.


Please visit my forum for discussion and access to new parts as they become available.



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