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An Empire Reborn

Part 23


Vincent Longobardi




November 20th 1975

Francisco Franco dies in Madrid at the age of 82.

November 21st 1975

Consul Medici arrives in Madrid for the dictatorís funeral and to meet with the Spanish government to aid them in the transition of power.

November 22nd 1975

Juan Carlos is crowned King of Spain.

November 24th 1975

Medici meets with now king Juan Carlos to discuss future relations between Rome and Madrid. The meeting is cold but cordial.

December 1st 1975

Spain announces that they are abandoning their nuclear arms program in favor of just utilizing the power of the atom for peaceful purposes.

December 28th 1975

An assassin strikes at Major Medici at a Venetian Casino. Pavlos Mikakos, a Greek national on vacation in the city spots the officer at a crowded roulette table in the casino and draws a gun firing two shots. Both shots fail to hit anything and he is quickly brought to the ground by nearby security.

The young Medici would later remark that he wasnít even aware he was under attack until well after Mikakos was subdued.

January 15th 1976

Silvio Berlusconi is awarded several government contracts to install and manage cable lines in the Balkans.

February 10th 1976

Pavlos Mikakos is found guilty of attempted murder and is sentenced to 20 years of hard labor.

March 24th 1975

In Argentina the military conducts a coup against President Isabel Peron and assumes control of the government.

April 2nd 1976

Production of the movie Star Wars in the Tunisian desert faces numerous delays. Director George Lucas is troubled with numerous issues ranging from an unmotivated Italian crew who view the idea of a live action sci-fi fantasy movie as odd when it would obviously more easily fit into an animated format to government censors shutting down production deeming the script to be anti-fascist.

In desperation Lucas writes personally to Minister Evola for his approval on the project and the removal of government censors.

April 9th 1976

Evola who has become rarely seen in the past few months instructs his censors not to interfere with Lucasís production citing that the script is not anti-fascist and that it is in sync with ancient heroic legends

April 25th 1976

Portugal enacts its new democratic constitution.

May 6th 1976

A massive earthquake hits the Friuli region of Italy leading to over a thousand deaths and over a hundred thousand homeless.

Consul Medici orders the army to be deployed to the region and for rebuilding efforts to begin immediately.

June 16th 1976

Riots break out in South Africa as Black youth clash with police.

June 25th 1976

Strikes take place in Poland over the rising costs of food.

July 12th 1976

Major Medici petitions the Comando Supremo to be granted another combat assignment.

July 23rd 1976

The Imperial Space Agency announces that they will land a man on the moon by the end of the year.

August 1st 1976

The Comando Supremo refuses Major Mediciís request for a combat assignment saying that his skills are more needed at the military academy.

August 8th 1976

The new government of Argentina begins a military modernization campaign with the aid of the NRE.

September 9th 1976

Chairman Mao dies at the age of 82.

October 20th 1976

After insisting he take part in a pagan ritual in the middle of a violent storm Julius Evola comes down with a serious case of pneumonia.

November 1st 1976

A car bomb explodes in Jerusalem killing 7 civilian workers and injuring another 34 of the Italian oversight authority.

November 2nd 1976

Democratic presidential candidate Jimmy Carter defeats President Ford in the American presidential election.

November 5th 1976

The ISA confirms that the launch of the space shuttle Averrunci will occur on December 3rd of this year. Count Lucchini has humbly declined the honor of being the first Italian to step foot on the moon and instead will provide advice and guidance to the crew from the Galileo Space Center.

November 12th 1976

President-elect Carter states that under his administration he will not exhibit the same complacency as his predecessors to the crimes of the fascist states.

November 13th 1976

"Presidents come and go, Consuls remain the same. Under my reign I have seen 4 Presidents and I expect to see 4 more before I no longer hold this office." Consul Medici to American reporters on Carterís statements.

November 15th 1976

A bedridden Evola vows that he will live to see the Winter Solstice before he succumbs to the disease.

November 17th 1976

A series of organized bombings occur in Jerusalem leaving 37 dead and over 200 injured. Including the wives and children of several Italian soldiers.

November 19th 1976

Two more are left dead in Jerusalem after a PLO gunman opens fire into a crowded market.

November 20th 1976

The Consul meets with the Comando Supremo on how to handle the Jerusalem situation. Major Medici shows up uninvited to the meeting and once again requests that he be given a combat assignment, this time requesting to be deployed to Jerusalem. He brings with him a letter of recommendation from Viceroy Gritti. His father refuses to make a decision on the matter and instead leaves the decision to the Generals who say they will consider his request.

November 15th 1976

Captain Raphael Scordato the man chosen to be the first Italian to step foot on the moon gives a speech with Count Lucchini. Scordato thanks the count for allowing him the honor of being the first to land on the moon.

Scordato is a distinguished navy pilot who served aboard the Aquila during the evacuation of Saigon.

End of Part 23.

Please visit my forum for discussion and access to new parts as they become available.



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