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An Empire Reborn

Part 29


Vincent Longobardi





December 20th 1978

President Carter orders that a detachment of Secret Service be assigned to protect Edda Ciano against Fascist retaliation.

January 2nd 1979

The United States sees the largest pro-fascist demonstration it has in the past decade with over 5,000 YFM members marching on Washington D.C. protesting Carterís presidency.

January 16th 1979

The Shah of Iran flees to Egypt in response to continued riots throughout Iran.

January 20th 1979

Five training camps for Afghani nationalists are established within Iraq to begin training Afghanis and Arab volunteers in guerilla warfare as well as fascist ideaology.

The long term goals of the NRE is to establish a Fascist Republic in Afghanistan.

January 28th 1979

Consul Medici pays an official state visit to Egypt. Political pundits consider this to be a marked shift in Lira Block relations with Egypt now become the Empireís most favored ally. They are quick to remark that in the Third World the heads of government visit Rome, and that the Consul generally only visits other nations when giving them his full support. And, with Spain breaking away from Romeís lead Egypt will now be taking the second seat within the Lira Block.

February 5th 1979

Taking the advice of the Consul Egypt proposes peace talks take place between themselves and Israel.

February 11th 1979

Ayatollah Khomeini seizes power in Iran.

February 12th 1979

The NRE pulls its ambassador from Iran.

February 14th 1979

Most of the Lira Block quickly follows suit and pull their own Ambassadors from Iran. Spain once again refuses to march in lockstep with Rome.

February 20th 1979

Italian and Egyptian diplomats open up talks with Israel.

February 22nd 1979

Count Giovanni Battista is arrested by the OVRA on charges that he had years previously defamed the image of the Duce.

February 25th 1979

Count Battista is released on the condition that he revoke his complaint leveled against Colonel Medici in the attack on his son thus making the court martial null and dismissed.

February 27th 1979

A furious Consul Medici summons Minister Gritti to his office and verbally berates the Police Chief for going over his head and interfering in what was his sonís problem. This marks one of the few times that Medici and Gritti have ever had a disagreement.

March 1st 1979

Minister Freda secretly visits Pakistan to convince the government there to allow for Italian weapons to be moved through the country to Afghanistan.

March 5th 1979

Minister Rizzo publically launches an expedition to the Mideast to search for evidence of ancient forms of Fascism within the regions ancient civilizations.

April 1st 1979

Iran officially becomes an Islamic Republic.

April 5th 1979

The Argentine government secretly approaches the Consul on whether or not he would support an Argentinean occupation of the British controlled Falkland Islands. Medici tells them that the NRE will not directly support any occupation or interfere with it. However, he does pledge additional military advisors to Argentina.

April 15th 1979

Extensive damage is done in Yugoslavia and Albania after the region is hit by a large earthquake. The Imperial Army is deployed to the area to aid in the relief effort.

May 4th 1979

The Conservatives win the elections in Great Britain. Margaret Thatcher becomes the countryís first female Prime Minister.

May 10th 1979

The first Italian trained fighters enter into Afghanistan and begin operations against the Soviet Occupation.

May 20th 1979

Israeli, Italian and Egyptian officials come together in Lake Garda, Italy to sign a peace treaty between the nations. In a symbolic sign of mutual forgiveness for the Easter War, Israeli officials return captured Blackshirt daggers in exchange for looted Israeli medals.

Field Marshal Guillet serves as the head of the Italian committee even though he served as the Commander-in-Chief of Lira Block forces during the war he is largely praised by the Israelis as a good man who upheld the tenets of chivalry and one who insisted that even captured soldiers be treated fairly and give the same rations as men in his service.

May 28th 1979

The Lake Garda Treaty is officially signed. While not solving all the grievances between the involved nations it serves to seriously reduce tensions. Both sides officially absolve the other of blame for the Easter War and agree to significantly demilitarize their respective borders as well as allowing passage of travel between territories. While the NRE and Israel officially refuse to fully recognize each other consular offices will be established in both nations.

June 1st 1979

Applause comes in from across the world for the NREís role in helping to secure peace in the Mideast. The Doomsday Clock is moved back one minute to show that the threat of World War 3 has been significantly diminished.

June 12th 1979

Minister Freda and Gritti are sent on a diplomatic mission to Spain in order to try to convince the Spanish Crown to repair relations with Rome.

End of Part 29.

Please visit my forum for discussion and access to new parts as they become available.



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