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An Empire Reborn

Part 3


Vincent Longobardi




October 29th 1965

The British government demands that Portugal and South Africa close their borders with Rhodesia. The British representative to the UN requests that all member nations immediately cut relations with the rogue nation of Rhodesia.

Rhodesia requests that Lira Block nationals voluntarily deploy troops to the nation to assist them in quelling native uprisings.

Ian Smith addresses the Rhodesian people on the governmentís reasoning for siding the New Roman Empire and the Lira Block. He hits key issues such as British and UN demands for more control over Rhodesian internal policy as well as reluctance to provide assistance for military operations in putting down violent revolutionaries for fear of upsetting Africans, the Italians and the members of the Lira Block are not concerned with such issues and possess the spirit of the Europeans who first came to the dark continent and bring light.

October 30th 1965

The Portugese government informs London that they will need time to evaluate the situation before making a decision.

No response is given from South Africa as of this time.

Medici is furious over the current situation. Ciano has stolen his spotlight amongst the Grand Council and the leaders of the Lira Block. Medici knew he would now have to upstage this Ciano victory, and he knew just the way to do it.

November 1st 1965

The UN votes to impose sanctions on Rhodesia and declares it a rogue nation with a racist minority government.

November 2nd 1965

The Conservative opposition in the British Parliament calls for an immediate investigation evaluating the handling of NIWIN by the Labour Party.

November 3rd 1965

Nearly all UN member states comply with the vote and impose sanctions on Rhodesia. The hold outs are obviously Lira Block nations. South Africa, Portugal and the Republic of China(Taiwan) also refuse to impose sanctions, these nations are generally regarded as "Fascist sympathizers."

November 5th 1965

Medici meets with the Portugese Ambassador. Portugal wants to keep positive relations with the Lira Block but the situation in Africa is not at all good. The uprisings in Africa are a constant drain for Portugal and they rely on support from other nations to keep their colonies. That is support they would lose if they do not cut off relations with Rhodesia...however there is a way to neutralize the issue.

November 10th 1965

The first Italian troops arrive in Rhodesia. With them is Colonel Marco Gritti of the OVRA, Gritti served as security with Medici since Greece and was responsible for foiling the Ethiopian assassination attempt.

November 12th 1965

Britain demands answers from both South Africa and Portugal regarding the Rhodesian situation. Both countries respond that they need more time.

November 15th 1965

South African officials meet with the Grand Council to see what the NRE is willing to offer them in exchange for keeping the supply lines open to Rhodesia.

November 17th 1965

A deal between the NRE and Portugal is ironed out over the African issue, an announcement will be made the 25th.

November 25th 1965

Portugal announces that it will be selling its Mozambique colony to the New Roman Empire for an undisclosed amount of money. Also part of the deal is rights to a percentage of any and all profits made by the NRE from resources for the next 10 years and additional military aid to Portugal in suppressing the rebellion in Angola. All white Portugese citizens will be given the option to either be given fair market share value for their property and emigrate to Portugal or pledge to eventually "Italianize" but they will be granted colonial citizenship immediately.

Transfer of control will occur throughout December.

November 26th 1965

Britain and France vehemently oppose the deal between Portugal and Italy calling it a betrayal by the Portugese government against NATO and the UN. They announce they are filing an immediate request to revoke Portugese membership in NATO.

November 28th 1965

The South African government announces its intentions to accept the British demand to cut relations with Rhodesia on the conditions that South Africa be allowed to annex Swaziland and Lesotho.

The United Kingdom refuses this request outright as outlandish and exploitive.

December 1st 1965

The British Parliament votes to place a full embargo on South Africa for their improper handling of the Rhodesian situation.

December 2nd 1965

Writing a huge red "NO!" across the paper Consul Medici refuses to authorize the mass production of nuclear weapons. Medici sees no use in producing hundreds of weapons a year despite the ability to do so. There was no economic gain from trying to compete with the United States and the Soviets in this field and would just waste millions of Lira building the devices and the delivery systems. That money could be better spent elsewhere.

December 5th 1965

In response to the newly imposed sanctions by the United Kingdom, the South African government announces they will seek membership in the Lira Block.

Though the United States has signed on to both embargos against Rhodesia and South Africa most economists agree that the embargo is merely symbolic and with continued trade with the Lira Block almost any effect the embargos may have had will be cancelled out.

December 7th 1965

Vote of No Confidence! The British Parliament votes that they have no confidence in Prime Minister Harold Wilson of the Labour Party over his handling of the Rhodesian situation and the loss of two allies to the Lira Block in a matter of months.

Wilson resigns later that day but the damage is already done as emboldened Conservatives call for new elections.

December 8th 1965

The vote to remove Portugal from NATO fails after a majority of nations refuse to go along with the British and French motion. Calling that removing Portugal from NATO would force them to join the Lira Block and grant that body complete dominance over southern Europe.

The second Vatican Council comes to a close and announces their changes to the structure of the Church. The Italian government protests many of the changes as violation of over a thousand years of tradition.

December 11th 1965

South Africa is officially welcomed into the Lira Block as a junior member. Once again the only dissenting vote is Cuba.

December 13th 1965

Italian propaganda proclaims the fall of western democracy and that the admission of Rhodesia and South Africa into the Lira Block is just the beginning of a "Western Fascist World" that will topple the Communists to the east and create an all encompassing fascist world.

December 15th 1965

YFM groups from the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) hold a toy and charity drive in Manhattan. Trying to shake off the image of violent thugs and criminals hundreds of American Fascists gather together to hold this large, non-political charity event for the needy. Attendees are greeted at the door by a smiling Blackshirt who has been instructed not to discuss politics and if asked about political issues is told to only give the petitioner a pamphlet and ask them to call at a later date as the only purpose of the nightís event is to give those in need hope.

Managing to raise thousands of dollars the event is probably the first time any YFM group has received positive press in many northeastern papers. One reporter would remark "If it wasnít for the sea of Blackshirts and fascist flags hanging from the walls one would never be able to tell the drive apart from that run by the Salvation Army."

December 17th 1965

The Italians are dealt a bloody nose in their first engagement with the Rhodesian rebels. Overconfidence is largely to blame with the Italians expecting the Rhodesians not to put up any sort of resistance. The commanders vow that it will not happen again.

December 27th 1965

Imperial forces in Rhodesia strike back against the rebels and claim vengeance for their previous defeat. This time the bloody nose is dealt to the rebels with the destruction of one of their armed camps.

January 1st 1966

Mozambique is officially transferred to Italian control.

January 16th 1966

The book "Crossing the Rubicon," an autobiography of Benito Mussolini is released. While touted as an autobiography there was heavy assistant from other writers calling into question just how much it is an autobiography.

Divided into two parts, the first part deals with the life of Mussolini as an epic struggle comparing the Duce to Julius Caesar and Emperor Augustus. The book claims that Mussolini gradually relinquished power on his own accord. It also claims that Il Duce felt that Medici was one of the brightest men of the "Fascist Generation."

The second part is a collection of 18 essays on philosophy and governance. It is claimed that Mussolini personally wrote 9 of those essays. The final section is the "The Final Address" which calls for the need of constant vigilance. Experts also believe this is the only section of the book to have been written by Mussolini.

Itís first printing is released in Italian, Spanish and Arabic and it quickly becomes a bestseller throughout the New Roman Empire.

*Note: Once again, special thanks to Herr Montag for his contribution of "Crossing the Rubicon."

End of Part 3.


Please visit my forum for discussion and access to new parts as they become available.


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