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An Empire Reborn

Part 30



Vincent Longobardi





June 16th 1979

The meeting with the Spanish Crown does little to mend the failing relations between the NRE and Spain.

July 2nd 1979

The NRE bases nuclear bombers in Argentina to judge the American reaction to the turn of events.

July 4th 1979

President Carter protests the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the South America but does little else.

July 16th 1979

Saddam Hussein becomes President of Iraq.

July 18th 1979

Hussein pledges Iraqís full commitment to the Lira Block and states his intentions to visit Rome as soon as possible.

August 10th 1979

Rome announces the formation of the Carribean Squadron to be based in Cuba to help augment the Cuban Navy. While the squadron is tiny being based around a cruiser and a few destroyers this is a direct violation of long standing Imperial-USA relationships and largely seen as a direct attack against President Carter.

August 12th 1979

President Carter orders that additional Naval forces be dispatched to the Carribean to offset the Imperial increase of presence within the region.

August 15th 1979

Cuban refugees in Miami protest both the Italian military presence and Carterís weak response calling for immediate action as an Italian presence within Cuba will only serve to strengthen Castroís Fascist regime.

September 2nd 1979

President Hussein visits Rome and meets with the Consul. He expresses his desire to invade Iran to secure their oil reserves and to possibly overthrow the regime their and establish a Fascist Republic. Medici agrees to aid Hussein in exchange for control of a percentage of the oil fields in Iran.

September 15th 1979

Col. Medici is reassigned to Constantinople as the Commandant of forces there. While a prestigious post, the young Medici has been consistently requesting an assignment with the Rhodesian Expeditionary Force.

October 4th 1979

Continuing to push the envelope Consul Medici announces that the NRE will begin construction of the Empireís first army and air base on the island of Cuba built for the express purpose of preventing the expansion of Communism in the Americas.

October 5th 1979

President Carter threatens diplomatic and economic sanctions against the NRE if they refuse to back down with their militarization of Cuba.

October 30th 1979

Heavy equipment begins being moved into Iraq. Additional military advisors from Italy are also brought in. The official explanation from the Iraqi government is that Iraq is in the process of modernizing their military.

November 4th 1979

Iranian students invade the U.S. Embassy in Tehran taking the staff hostage. They demand that the former Shah be extradited to stand trial.

November 12th 1979

The United States bans importing all Iranian goods in response to the hostage crisis.

November 20th 1979

200 terrorists seize control of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. They are led by Juhayman al-Otaibi who claims his brother-in-law to be the Mahdi of Islam.

November 24th 1979

The NRE secretly offers aid to Saudi Arabia in the retaking of the Mosque. At this time the request is denied.

November 28th 1979

After repeated failed assaults against the Grand Mosque the Saudi government requests Italian aid in the matter and a special exception is given to the Catholic soldiers to enter the city of Mecca.

A X Mas team in Italian East Africa is in Saudi Arabia within hours and additional advisors from other Italian Special Forces units are dispatched from Italy.

*Note: Historically, it is said that French military advisors were granted special rights to enter the city by the Saudi government in order to advise Saudi forces in the retaking of the mosque.*

December 2nd 1979

Italian planners formulate an assault plan for the Saudi and Pakistani troops who will be assaulting the Grand Mosque. Italian soldiers will not participate directly in the attack as they are still not allowed to enter the mosque itself. Italian snipers will however provide covering fire for the assault.

December 4th 1979

After hundreds of casualties on both sides the Grand Mosque is finally retaken following a dramatic assault on the compound.

The Italian advisors are quickly whisked out of the country so that their role in the operation would not become public.

December 10th 1979

Throughout the United States reports have repeatedly stated in the past weeks their have been a dramatic rise in anti-Iranian hate crimes committed by YFM groups.

December 15th 1979

Hundreds of American Fascists gather to protest outside the Iranian embassy and thousands of others join them. Fascist organizers are quick to capitalize on this signing up hundreds to newsletters and mailing lists.

One protestor who claimed not to be a fascist stated to reporters "We should invade and get our countrymen back. If this happened to the Italians they would have already kicked in the Iranians teeth."

December 30th 1979

Playing on the anti-Iranian furor marches are held throughout the NRE showing solidarity with the United States.

January 5th 1980

Following heavy prompting from Consul Medici the Lira Block votes to cut all relations and trade with Iran.

While this is done officially in response to the Iranís blatant disregard for the rules of diplomacy and international law. Mediciís true purpose to slowly begin isolating Iran in preparation for an Iraqi invasion.

January 31st 1980

The Spanish embassy in Guatemala is invaded and burned to the ground by rebels.

February 5th 1980

Fighters and heavy bombers are deployed to Cuba in response to Communist aggression in the Americas.

February 8th 1980

Carter once again threatens diplomatic and economic sanctions against the NRE due to the military building up in Cuba. Both sides know this is an empty threat though as being cut off from both Iranian and Lira Block oil would prove disastrous for the American economy.

March 2nd 1980

The NRE deploys short range nuclear missiles to Cuba.

March 8th 1980

The US officially announces reports of Italian nuclear missiles being stationed in Cuba and demand the immediate removal of the weapons.

Rome refuses stating the missiles are there for tactical reasons to deter the spread of communism within the region.

March 10th 1980

The Cuban-American community is in an uproar as many see this as the final nail in the coffin for the future liberation of Cuba.

End of Part 30.

Please visit my forum for discussion and access to new parts as they become available.




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