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An Empire Reborn

Part 4


Vincent Longobardi




January 20th 1966

Conservatives sweep the elections in Britain as voters reject the Labour party for their mishandling of the situation in Africa. Edward Heath, the new Prime Minister calls for a "Reformed Imperialism" to keep Africa safe from continued Fascist expansion.

January 22nd 1966

Portugese soldiers are sent to Italy to train with the Italian Special Forces as part of the agreement for the transferring of Mozambique.

February 1st 1966

The Roman government begins talks with the Vatican on how to settle the grievances that have come about over Vatican II.

February 3rd 1966

The Soviet Luna 9 is the first unmanned spacecraft to make a landing on the moon.

February 6th 19666

Julius Evola is officially made a member of the Fascist Party. His membership papers are backdated to 1938 when he originally applied.

February 10th 1966

Alessandro Pavolini resigns as Minister of Popular Culture, moments after his resignation Medici appoints him to the previously vacant post of Minister of Industry. In a backroom deal, Medici promised that in exchange for Pavolini giving up his position as Minister of Culture he would immediately be reinstated as the Minister of Industry until a more prominent position opened up.

Ciano calls the resignation a betrayal of decades of friendship. Pavolini got his start in the government on the recommendation of Ciano following their service together during the Second Italo-Abyssinian War.

February 12th 1966

Julius Evola is appointed the new Minister of Popular Culture despite the objections of many old line Fascists.


Medici reminds the more vocal opponents of the appointment that "Evola is under my protection."

February 23rd 1966

The Ba’athist party in Syria stages a coup against the government. Following the success of the action the new government announces that it will continue to honor its Lira Block obligations.

March 8th 1966

Himmler’s memoirs are smuggled into Switzerland and presented to a publishing house.

March 10th 1966

South Africa announces that it will resign its membership in the UN if it continued to be treated as a second class nation and the worldwide embargo is not lifted.

March 15th 1966

South Africa officially renounces membership in the UN becoming the first nation in the body to do so.

March 21st 1966

The first of the Fascist shrines are opened to the public. The rest will open throughout the year.

The government encourages all citizens to complete the "Grand Tour of Fascism" which involves visiting every single shrine throughout the Empire(and Mussolini’s tomb,) if they can not accomplish this they should at the very least complete the "Tour of Fascism" which consists of visiting all the shrines in Italy.

March 30th 1966

Swaziland and Lesotho are blockaded by the South African military.

April 12th 1966

Representatives from the Taiwanese government meet with Consul Medici to discuss future relations between the two nations.

April 20th 1966

Minister Evola proposes the abolishment of the Fascist Party. The basis of his argument is that the very term party denotes that there must be some sort of opposition, within the Empire there is no opposition and thus the term party is misleading and wrong. The proposal is flatly rejected but Medici agrees that the term "Fascist Order" should be used more frequently.

May 5th 1966

The Italian land in Tientsin which has been regarded as "Roman land under occupation" since the establishment of Mao’s regime is symbolically handed over to the Republic of China. The NRE does reserve the right to regain the land and the other European concessions when the rightful government of China is restored to the mainland.

May 12th 1966

Italian nuclear missile submarines begin prowling the Atlantic, for the first time Rome truly has the ability to launch a nuclear strike against the United States. The British isles also lose any warning they once possessed against an Italian nuclear attack which has lead the most hawkish of Italian admirals to claim that they could easily decapitate the chain of command of Britain and France before any reactionary strike can be launched.

May 25th 1966

The new British government working with the Royal Navy brings forth proposals which would serve to restore the number of ships operated by the Navy that last seen in the closing decades of the 50's to combat the Italian threat in the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

June 3rd 1966

After months of isolation Britain is forced to supply by air Lesotho and Swaziland following South Africa’s blockade. Opponents to the move say that the move will lead to war between the United Kingdom and the Lira Block as the aircraft must violate South African airspace.

June 5th 1966

The first flights through South African airspace goes unmolested by the South African military.

June 20th 1966

Taiwan announces the formation of the "World Anti-Communist League" with the New Roman Empire as a founding member. The aim of the organization is to oppose Communism around the world through "unconventional" measures.

June 21st 1966

Washington informs the Republic of China that they are setting down a dangerous path with their expanding relations with the Fascist World.

Both China and the Soviet Union condemn the formation of the league and vow to fight its anti-worker agenda wherever they may surface.

June 23rd 1966

Following what appears to be the continued failures of Nikita Khrushchev to spread Communism across the globe and believing he is an embarrassment to the Union, a conspiracy of party bosses force him to resign his positions within the government.

Leonid Brezhnev is set to replace Khrushchev as General Secretary of the Party.

July 10th 1966

For the first time since the war in the Balkans ended the birthrate in Italy proper has begin to decline. This has become cause for alarm as it has always been the policy of the Empire to maintain as close to a 1:1 parity between Italians and non-Italians as possible. Outside of Italy, Italian communities still have relatively high birthrates but they are also on the decline, only settlements in Italian East Africa continue to have record high birthrates. If these trends continue the gap in numbers between Italians and non-Italians will continue to widen and could potentially endanger Italian dominance.

July 12th 1966

Pro-integration marches occur in Greece as the small but prominent(and well funded) groups take to the streets demanding that the Hellenic Council seeks to immediately seek unification with the New Roman Empire.

July 15th 1966

Further incentives to encourage Italians to move to Italian East Africa are put in place in a bid to encourage the birthrate of Italian nationals. Soldiers being discharged from the military will be given the option of receiving 40 acres of land in East Africa as well as the necessary start up funds to establish a farm or other small business suitable on the plot.

End of Part 4.


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