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Italy 1936 - An alternate Italian history of World War II


Part 30




Vincent Longobardi




May 17th 1957

Argentina seeks admission to the Lira Block.

May 19th 1957

Argentina is accepted as a member of the Lira Block.

June 4th 1957

Production of synthetic oil in Italy decreases as cheap natural oil becomes more available. The synthetic plants are not shut down but are instead set to roughly 10% of their original capacity. The Grand Council has set up subsidies for these plants so that if Libya is ever cut off from the Empire production can be returned to full force in short order.

July 10th 1957

The trial of Pasquel Monte begins. Legal experts believe that the defense will try to say that it was a crime of passion.

July 20th 1957

Following some very successful initial tests of modified Italian V2's the Italian rocketry team believes that an nuclear missile will be available to Italy by 1958.

August 2nd 1957

Austria opens up diplomatic relations with the New Roman Empire.

August 10th 1957

Paraguay requests membership in the Lira Block.

August 15th 1957

Paraguay is officially accepted as a member of the Lira Block.

September 11th 1957

Prince Sahle Selassie, youngest son to the exiled Ethiopian Emperor is found strangled to death in his London apartment. It is unclear how the assassin managed to gain access to the apartment but it is believed that he posed as a deliveryman.

September 15th 1957

The Constantine replaces the Aquila in the wester Med. The Aquila is reassigned to the Red Sea Squadron.

October 4th 1957

Sputnik, the first artificial satellite is put into Earthís orbit by the USSR.

October 5th 1957

Knowing that a Russian nuclear missile is not far behind if not already developed, Mussolini takes a much larger interest in his own rocketry program.

October 12th 1957

Pasquel Monte is found guilty of the murder of Giorgio Bonino and attempted murder of Benito Mussolini. Monte is given an extremely lenient sentence because of an irregular mental state and the crimes committed by the Fascist regime against his family.

October 23rd 1957

Supplied by France, the Moroccan army invades Sidni Ifni with 1,500 soldiers.

Mussolini voices his complete support for his friend and ally General Franco.

November 2nd 1957

The Constantine becomes the first Italian aircraft carrier to enter the Atlantic Ocean.

November 3rd 1957

Sputnik 2 is put into space by Russia. The dog Laika is onboard becoming the first animal in space.

November 5th 1957

The Constantine begins operations against Moroccan positions along the front line.

November 21st 1957

The Moroccan Liberation Army conducts an assault against Spanish positions. Aircraft from the Constantine provide CAS for withdrawing Spanish forces.

November 22nd 1957

The Spanish government reports that it is now confirmed that the Moroccan army is using French designed weapons.

November 25th 1957

Spain launches a counter offensive trying to regain its lost land and to relieve forces that are surrounded.

December 3rd 1957

France becomes a nuclear power with the detonation of an atomic device in Algeria.

December 9th 1957

Spanish troops reach their prewar borders and establish a line of fortifications against further Moroccan incursions.

December 15th 1957

The price of oil continues to plummet in the New Roman Empire as more Libyan oil enters into the market.

December 20th 1957

With the violence in Greece at an all time low most of the Italian forces have been pulled from the area leaving only the Colonial forces and the remnants of the Greek army.

December 24th 1957

While driving home for Christmas, Dr. Josef Mengele is ambushed and kidnaped by Israeli Mossad agents near the Austro-Italian border.

Since hiding in Italy after the end of the war, Mengele has alternated his time between a small private practice in the German-town he resides in and working at an Italian military facility for Biological weapons research.

December 25th 1957

The German colonial militias and border guards are put on alert by ODESSA after a distraught Mrs. Mengele calls Heinrich Himmler about her missing husband.

*Note: Officially ODESSA has no political power in Italy but since many of its senior members are also officers in German militias and regiments ODESSA can call on these units. Of course, this action is highly illegal.*

December 26th 1957

Hundreds of Italo-Germans and ODESSA members continue the search for the missing Mengele and ODESSA founding member. Later in the day it becomes known that the Doctor has been kidnaped when a car stopped at a roadside checkpoint runs a roadside checkpoint after a guard identified one of the men in the back as Mengele.

*Note: The route out of the country chosen by the Israeliís is a long one that heads south to Greece and then out of the country by boat. It is a long route but it was deemed the safest as it did not have to pass through any international checkpoints which would of been the case if they tried to cross the Austrian border. The agents did not expect a search to begin so soon and were still too close to the German areas when the alarm went up.*

December 27th 1957

Mussolini, furious that is authority was circumvented by the exiled leaders of a failed regime orders the search by ODESSA called off and vows that dramatic repercussions will be felt if they disregard his orders. Not wishing to completely alienate his valuable German subordinates he offers them the carrot that the Blackshirts and the OVRA will take up the search with the same diligence and urgency as if it was a member of the Grand Council who was abducted.

January 2nd 1958

The OVRA catches up to the Mossad agents in Macedonia and manages to corner them in an abandoned farmhouse. Setting up a perimeter they prepare for a siege.

January 5th 1958

No one knows exactly who fired the first shot, but it is commonly believed that the first shot fired was by one of the four Mossad agents executing Mengele. Thinking they are being shot at, the Fascists return fire and storm the farmhouse killing the four Israelis.

January 10th 1958

Heinrich Himmler and the rest of the ODESSA leaders meet to discuss a retaliatory attack against Israel. They decide to conduct a massive public attack in Jerusalem itself possibly using Palestinians as the triggermen.

January 20th 1958

Preparation begins in Israel for a large scale bombing. ODESSA agents promise young Palestinians 20,000 USD each to be paid to them or to their families should they not survive to conduct the mission.

January 22nd 1958

The Imperator joins the Constantine in the Atlantic to assist the Spanish in their renewed offensives against Morocco.

February 1st 1958

Egypt and Syria united to form the United Arab Republic.

February 21st 1958

The Moroccan Liberation army is effectively destroyed by the Spanish offensive.

February 24th 1958

The Moroccan government requests that peace negotiations begin with Spain and Italy put an official end to the conflict

March 14th 1958

Italian Unification Day.

Greece explodes in violence as tens of thousands of partisans conduct a massive combined assault against Imperial and Greek fascist positions throughout Greece. Most units in the largely colonial army are caught completely off guard and can offer only token resistance at this early stage in the battle. Turkish soldiers who surrender or are captured are slaughtered outright. Once again, Athens is set ablaze. The Greeks managed to catch the best anti-partisan army in the world with their pants down.

The Unification Day Offensive has begun...

*Note: The rebels have managed to orchestrate a masterful offensive. Goading the Italians with months of inactivity the more experienced units have been removed from the field to be replaced by green colonial occupation forces. The day chosen was not random but because many soldiers had leave in honor of the holiday. Also it served as a symbolic revolt against Imperial holidays which are slowly being imposed on the Greek people.*

End of Part 30.


Please visit my forum for discussion and access to new parts as they become available.



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