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Italy 1936 - An alternate Italian history of World War II

Part 37


Vincent Longobardi



January 24th 1962

The Organization of the Secret Army(OAS) conducts a bombing against the French Foreign Ministry.

March 2nd 1962

A military coup occurs in Burma placing General Ne Win in power. The new government immediately begins severing all ties with the rest of the world setting on a path of extreme nationalism.

March 5th 1962

The Burmese government expresses interest in joining the Lira Block, as it is the only world body and organization that does not interfere with the internal workings of a country.

March 17th 1962

Burma is officially recognized as a junior member of the Lira Block becoming the first Lira Block nation in the Far East.

March 24th 1962

OAS leader Edmond Jouahud is arrested as he attempts to cross into Tunisia from Algeria.

April 13th 1962

OAS leader Edmond Jouahud is sentenced to death.

April 26th 1962

The Imperial Army reveals the Autoblinda 62, the latest Armored Personnel Carrier of the Empire’s military. The Autoblinda 62 is expected to enter into service within the next 6 months.

June 1962

Fighting continues in Algeria. The Algerian resistance is beginning to be seriously weakened by the constant warfare. OAS continues its attacks against both French and Algerian forces.

July 5th 1962


Martin Luther King marches on Albany, Georgia leading a desegregation movement. The Albany Police Department instructs its officers not to engage in violent confrontations with the protestors but instead conduct mass arrests.

July 10th 1962

Black protestors clash with fascist counter-protestors in Albany. Police move to intervene arresting the assaulting Black-youth. This will mark the first time Police aid the YFM.

July 11th 1962

King calls for a halt of all demonstrations and a day of penance in response to the violence.

Local YFM groups promise they will have counter demonstrations every day if needed and they will defend themselves if attacked.

July 21st 1962

The day of penance in Albany is followed by a tense standoff between the two groups. The Albany Movement begins to deteriorate under local pressure and King leaving the area to prevent continued violence.

July 23rd 1962

The Georgian Fascist Front releases a statement to local papers declaring a victory against desegregation and announcing in the past days they have received an influx of new members following their stand for American values.

July 31st 1962

Sir Oswald Mosley’s Union Movement is attacked by a large anti-fascist crowd while on a march in London.

August 5th 1962

Nelson Mandela is arrested in South Africa.

August 6th 1962

Jamaica becomes independent.

August 15th 1962

The second Asterix comic is released to the French public. "Asterix in Greece," sends Asterix and his sidekick Obelix to Greece to rescue their village’s druid Getafix who was kidnaped by the men of the self centered, greedy and egotistical Governor Medico(Medici.) The Governor of Greece employs thousands of slaves in horrible conditions mining gold and other precious metals from the earth as he spends all his time counting and stacking gold coins and admiring his artwork. Asterix, powered by the strength potion destroys the artwork of Medico and knocks over his carefully stacked gold. Medico suffers a nervous breakdown and is unable to issue orders to his Legion while the slaves launch a general rebellion with the aid of Getafix’s strength potions forcing Medico to flee to Rome in disgrace.

It is rumored that Salvatore Medici possesses a black market copy of this comic and is a fan, joking with friends that if the Greeks really went after his bank account he would have reacted much the same way as his comic book counterpart and would of resigned his post.

August 31st 1962

Trinidad and Tobago becomes independent.

September 10th 1962

"The Centurion, Defender of Rome," a patriotic comic book is revealed to the public in a teaser format. The Centurion, an Italian soldier and Fascist who was injured in the Yugoslav war and near death he stumbles into a cave he finds an ancient and rusted shield. Placing his hands upon the shield he feels his body being glowing with ancient power and sees visions of the ancient Romans and their awe-inspiring legion, blessed by Jupiter and the other gods, his wounds are healed and he becomes more than a man. The shield was held by an ancient protector of Rome, who fell only against the greatest odds. Without his protection the Roman Empire slowly gave way to the barbarian horde. Jupiter tasks the young soldier Silvio Gritti with taking up the shield once more and become the defender of the New Roman Empire in the making, standing up against any threats or enemies the Empire may face and lead it to victory.

Back in the modern day, Gritti walks with a cane from his own war injury and owns a bookstore with his wife and his four children. But when ever a grave danger comes to strike the Empire he speaks the ancient Latin credo "In the name of Eternal Rome,’ and becomes "The Centurion, Defender of Rome!"

Publication of the series will begin in January of 1963.

*Note: Special thanks to one of my biggest fans, if not biggest fan "Herr Montag" for coming up with this idea.*

October 10th 1962

A border dispute starts the Sino-Indian war

October 20th 1962

The book "The Darkest Day," is released in the United States. It details an alternate history in which Fascist Italy officially allies with Nazi Germany during World War II and turns the war in favor the Axis powers leading to a German-Italian victory and domination of Europe.

October 28th 1962

Forty years of Fascism. Millions flock from all over the Empire and the world to celebrate and take part in the activities. Over 500,000 soldiers, Blackshirts and other Fascist officials march in the grand parade. Mussolini watches silently with the rest of the Grand Council before giving a short closing speech on the Fascist legacy. It is obvious that the day’s ceremonies have left him drained.

November 6th 1962.

The United Nations General Assembly votes to condemn South Africa for their apartheid policies and the arrest of Mandela. The General Assembly requests that member nations cut economic and military ties with the nation. Britain opposed this motion saying it would only result in the growth of the Lira Block.

The United States votes in favor of this resolution.

November 21st 1962

The Sino-Indian war comes to an end with no real change from the prewar situation.

December 2nd 1962

Beirut, Lebanon.

Following a tipoff that Otto Skorzeny and Hans Ulrich Rudel were present in the city advising the Lebanese government and military, the Israeli government authorizes Mossad to assassinate them. Assaulting the hotel the advisors are staying at the Israelis easily overpower the Lebanese guards defending the perimeter but are met inside by Italian OVRA agents. The Israelis are unable to reach their objectives and are forced to retreat from the hotel as the Italians give chase resulting in a running battle through the streets of Beirut between the Mossad and OVRA agents.

Reports state that 5 Lebanese soldiers were killed but there are no reports of any deaths of any Italians or Israelis..

December 3rd 1962

The New Roman Empire condemns Israel’s illegal attack against a sovereign nation and their attempt to assassinate two commissioned officers of the Imperial military.

The Israeli government denies any involvement in the attack claiming it to be the work of freelance Nazi hunters trying to bring war criminals to justice.

December 5th 1962

In a unanimous vote the Lira Block demands that Israel pay reparations to Lebanon and NRE in excess of several hundred million dollars or face reprisal for initiating an unprovoked war against the a senior member of the Block enacting the Mutual Defense Clause of the group. Even San Marino pledges to contribute men should it come to war.

This marks the first time that the Lira Block has voted to perform a military action.

December 10th 1962

Israel announces that it will never pay tribute to Nazis. The Israeli military is mobilized and readies itself along the West Bank.

December 15th 1962

In a preemptive strike, the IDF crosses into the Jordan controlled West Bank. Facing little resistance they quickly make massive gains and seize vast portions of the West Bank.

*Note: I know some people will say this is just baiting for a larger war, but I believe that this would be a reasonable response by the Israeli government. With the West Bank still in Jordanian hands Israel has no buffer zone and would be even more at risk than it already is.*

December 17th 1962

Israeli forces reach the proper Jordanian border and halt their advance preferring to consolidate their gains and dig in.

Other units reel around and conduct strikes against Gaza forcing still unprepared Egyptian positions back into the Sinai.

December 18th 1962

The nations of the Lira Block begin calling up their armies and start planning for a coming war. The demands for reparations has risen to over 3 billion dollars and the immediate withdrawal of all Israeli forces in the West Bank.

Italian newspapers when referring to Umberto II have begun printing "Emperor of Rome and Constantinople, and King of Jerusalem."

December 22nd 1962

Italian soldiers joke of the "ten year rule," where every ten years they must go to war for the Empire to keep their fighting skills in shape. Spirits are high, early reports suggest that Lira Block forces will number close to a million and will be faced off against only 200,000 Israelis. "There by Christmas, home by New Years."

End of Part 37.


Please visit my forum for discussion and access to new parts as they become available.



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