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Italy 1936 - An alternate Italian history of World War II

Part 40


Vincent Longobardi




May 11th 1963

Mussolini placates the Arab nations concerns about the Israeli peace treaty telling them that a limited victory was the only way to prevent outside intervention. Over the years, the Lira Block will be able to pick away at Israel piecemeal through a series of wars and incidents and will effectively element the Israeli state without the rest of the world noticing.

May 15th 1963

Winston Churchill publishes an open letter to many British newspapers over the handling of the situations with the New Roman Empire. He writes that Mussolini is still playing by the old rules while Britain and the rest of the world plays by a new set of rules, as long as Mussolini is still alive and unless a British leader has the courage to return to the old ways, Britain will continue to constantly lose ground against the Italians.

May 23rd 1963

Fidel Castro visits The New Roman Empire on an official state tour.

June 3rd 1963

Pope John XXIII passes away.

June 21st 1963

Giovanni Cardinal Montini is elected Pope and takes the name Paul, making him Pope Paul VI. The Papal Conclave believed that he is a good choice to follow the Italian tradition of Popes on. Cardinal Montini is a man of the people and has excellent skills in dealing with states.

The new Pope announces he will continue the Vatican II Council.

July 26th 1963

An earthquake strikes the Macedonian city of Skopje leaving 1,800 people dead. Imperial military assets are rushed from the surrounding area to the affected area to begin relief efforts.

August 5th 1963

The United States, Soviet Union, and Great Britain agree to a partial nuclear test ban treaty. This treaty bans all nuclear tests except for underground detonations.


August 25th 1963

Research begins in the NRE on developing submarine launched ballistic missiles.

October 9th 1963

A landslide causes a Tsunami effect of water over the top of the Vajont Dam in northeast Italy. The resulting tide of water kills nearly 2,000 people and seriously disrupts travel throughout the region.

November 2nd 1963

A military coup in South Vietnam placing General Duong Van Minh as President of the nation.

November 22nd 1963

President Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas! The sniper, Lee Harvey Oswald a noted and public communist is arrested later in the day.

Mussolini seems to be elated by the news. He has outlived another enemy, this time a young man. It has a way of making the old dictator feel invincible.

November 24th 1963

Oswald is killed by Jack Ruby a Dallas club owner. The mysterious surrounding the Kennedy assassination die with Oswald.

President Johnson confirms that the United States will continue supporting South Vietnam in their struggle against the communists.

December 24th 1963

Under heavy security Mussolini visits Jerusalem for a quick tour and to celebrate Christmas Mass. He will leave on December 26th for Constantinople for a long vacation.

January 5th 1964

Mussolini returns to Rome.

January 12th 1964

After nearly constant prodding from Medici for over a year, Mussolini finally agrees to sign off on the creation of an Imperial Space Agency to facilitate peaceful orbital development and research. To secure the necessary funding from Mussolini, like usual the first project would have to have a military purpose, in this case the first development goal of the new agency will be the construction of a spy satellite.

February 3rd 1964

The revolt in Algeria is officially considered put down after nearly four months of no large scale violent action.

March 14th 1964

Jack Ruby is found guilty of killing Lee Harvey Oswald.

March 31st 1964

The military in Brazil with the support of the United States initiates a coup against the democratic Brazilian government establishing a military junta.

May 15th 1964

Benito Mussolini falls violently ill after eating supper, in secrecy he is rushed to the hospital.

May 16th 1964

The cause of Mussoliniís illness is attributed to an old ulcer that recently acted up again. The doctors predict he will survive but will not be able to exert himself for at least several days.

June 1st 1964

Though he lost a lot of weight Mussolini has made a full recovery form his illness.

June 21st 1964

Spain beats the Soviet Union 2-1 in the European National Cup. The media of the Lira Block promotes it as a triumph of Fascism over Communism.

July 6th 1964

Malawi declares its independence from Britain.

July 11th 1964

While in Egypt Malcolm X is trailed by Italian OVRA agents. Malcolm is viewed as an enemy of Fascism by Rome for his pro-independent African beliefs. Only his status as being welcomed by an official state visitor by the Egyptian government protects him from disappearing while in the country.

August 4th 1964

North Vietnamese boats attack two American destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin.

August 7th 1964

The Gulf of Tonkin resolution gives President Johnson sweeping powers to deal with the war in Vietnam.

August 16th 1964

Another coup in South Vietnam. General Nguyen Khanh replaces Duong Van Minh as leader of the nation.

September 21st 1964

The island of Malta obtains independence from the United Kingdom. There are however conditions placed on this independence. Malta is not allowed to join the Lira Block and it is required to allow the United Kingdom rights to operating the existing royal military bases on the island.

October 16th 1964

Harold Wilson of the Labour party becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Communist China detonates itís first atomic bomb.

October 24th 1964

Zambia is granted independence.

November 3rd 1964

President Johnson secures over 80% of the vote in the U.S. election.

A coup in Bolivia installs a military junta. The new government makes overtures towards the NRE but is not willing to commit itself to the Lira Block as of this time.

November 22nd 1964

Upon his return to the United States Malcolm X attacks the established leadership of the Nation of Islam as corrupt and appeasing while ignoring the real enemy "International Fascism," which has harassed him at every turn he made in Africa. His statements cause significant internal strife within the NoI.


November 28th 1964

President Johnson plans to escalate the Vietnam Conflict.

December 3rd 1964

Over 800 arrests are made at the University of California, Berkeley. Students took over the administrative building of the university in protest against their lack of academic freedom.

Young Fascist counter-protesters arrive late on the scene, though not arrested they are forced to stay quite a distance away from the administrative building to make sure they did not intervene violently.

January 4th 1965

President Johnson announces his plan for a "Great Society."

January 15th 1965

Winston Churchill suffers a devastating stroke.

January 16th 1965

During dinner Mussolini retires early for the night claiming to be tired and not feeling well. When a doctor arrives to check on him an hour later he is found dead. He died peacefully in his sleep.

Benito Mussolini is dead at 81 years of age, in the 42nd year of the Fascist Era.

End of Part 40.


Please visit my forum for discussion and access to new parts as they become available.


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