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Christopher in the Sea of Time

Short introduction.  This grew out of a discussion on Yahoo about taking back a limited amount of supplies to any point in history and then changing it to your hearts content.  Iíve chosen Cromwellian England in approximately 1646.

My Supplies: 200 trusty CTTers with a wide range of skills, 100 modern rifles and other interesting weapons, some machine tools, small electrical generator, radios, some computers with data I need and LOTS of gold. 

1)      Get back to 1646 just after the end of the first civil war.  Set up base in some noble estate, either by buying or taking. 

2)    Start construction and expansion of the small tech base I brought with me.

3)    Open communications with Cromwell and offer our support.

4)    Start construction of a railway to demostraight our skills.  (Perfectly possible in 1640s once the idea is introduced.)

5)    Scots will probably invade as OTL in 1647.  Send a small force of my people with modern weapons with Cromwell's army.  Smash Scots in big battle.

6)    Start construction of a shipyard.  Trade shipbuilding data (1850s level) for ownership of American colonies.  Move much of the operation there.

7)    This allows English shipbuilders to start their own steamships and expand the English fleet. 

8)    Start taking control of Parliament though bribes and support.

9)    Introduce massive farming advantages to Britain.  This means massive population explosion, so you have immigrants for the expanded American colonies. 

10) Having built a small fleet of ironclads in both America and Britain, blockade the Dutch, Spanish and French.  Declare the Americas and Australia your personal territory.  Smash as much of their navies as is necessary to make that point. 

11)  Start a campaign in the Caribbean.  Take the islands while cutting off the Spanish mainland colonies.  Offer the natives a choice between joining you and being shipped back home.  Adopt whatever children are there.

12) Start a massive adoption program for children from the continent.  These children will be taught by your people and have full access to your technology.  America will be all yours as the Indian and Spanish system collapses under your expansion. 

13) Colonise Australia as soon as possible.  Move some shipbuilding operations there.  Adopt local children and bring them up as your own.

14) Send a few people with guns and money to Japan.  The Japanese were having wars sometime around this time, so join one side and take over slowly.  Idea is to have the Japanese as part of your new empire (no racism here) and to prevent the forming of a native independent modern state. 

15) Expand your technology skills as far as you can.  Set up a Congress with a president in your new American/Australian/Japanese Empire.  Finish the task of taking over England when Cromwell dies and assimilate Scotland. 

16) Spread your style of politics into Europe.  Down with the nobles, up with the people, etc. 

So, in the 1750s, youíve an empire that covers all of the American continent, most of the East Indies, Australia and New Zealand that has 1900sytle tech.  You can now expand into India like the OTL British, although, without the racism, you might avoid a few of the problems.  None of the other empires can hope to competeÖ

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