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Dark Potter

by David bar Elias




An ASB, finding that the Harry Potter-verse is lacking of meaningful victories for the forces of darkness, decide to shake things up a bit.

For one, Harry Potter is given an even worse childhood from the hands of the Dursleys ( i.e. beatings, even more stark starvation, psychological abuse). This alters Harry's character in a substantial way. Not only does he have a darker personality overall, but he has a thirst for vengeance and power over his enemies. Here is the resulting TL:

1991-1992: First Year

On a trip with Uncle Dursley, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley (and Dudley's friend Piers Polkiss) to a zoo in Surrey, Harry sicks a boa constricter on Dudley. The snake almost kills him, and in the end, Dudley's legs are amputated at the thigh to save his life.

Shocked by all this, Harry runs away from the zoo. Not knowing what to do, he is shocked when a man appears out of nowhere. He introduces himself as Albus Dumbledore to Harry. Grabbing him to his side, Dumbledore apparates to Diagon Alley, and drops him off at the Leaky Couldron. The bartender, Tom, puts him up free of charge, honored to have the famous Harry Potter at his inn.

Dumbledore tells Harry the true tale of the his parent's death at the hands of Lord Voldemort. He also tells Harry of Hogwarts, and gives him a list of all of his needed supplies. He offers to take Harry to the needed shops.

Harry, however, has no trust of adults after his horrible life with the abusive Dursleys and the bullying of his peers and the indifference of his teachers at his suffering. He coldly tells Dumbledore that he'll do the shopping himself.

Dumbledore sighs, and tells Harry how to access his money at Gringotts. He then gives Harry his train ticket, and leaves. Harry begins to contemplate fully the possible scope of his magical abilities.

[Since Hagrid never picks him up, Harry never gets to know him, and, consequently, doesn't show any concern at Hagrid's eventual fate.]


The next day, Harry accesses his money from Gringotts. He dutifully shops for his school supplies, thrilled at having escaped from the Durselys. He also laps up the appreciation from the witches and wizards he meets, and uses the awe that other children have to intimidate him.

[With his earlier trip to Diagon Alley, Harry avoids meeting Draco Malfoy at Madam Malkin's robe shop, and never has a negative early impression of him; however, in this version of Harry Potter, one can wonder if Harry would have been turned off.]

The biggest thing that happens on this shopping trip is when Harry buys his wand from Olivander's shop. Olivander tries many wands on Harry, but in the end, Harry ends up fitting with a wand that drew its core (one phoenix feather) from the same bird that filled Lord Voldemort's wand). Harry darkens when Ollivander informs him of this little factoid, and, outside of Ollivander's shop, a bouquet of roses explodes into flame. Harry leaves the shop in a huff, and storms back to the Leaky Couldron, filled with raw hate and thirsting for revenge.

Over the next several weeks, Harry gains a rudimentary knowledge of his magical abilities, and even demonstrates skills with a few simple spells. However, Harry spends much of his time eyeing the Nimbus 2000 in a broom shop. In the end, Harry gives into temptation and buys it (ignoring a directive which bans First Years from owning brooms). He also buys an eagle owl, which he names James, after his father.


September 1 comes, and Harry comes to King's Cross (having walked there himself). He finds a compartment (well away from where he would have sat in another universe). Curious witches and wizards pass him eagerly, but are turned off by a cold (and arrogant glare).

Then, Harry meets Draco Malfoy (and Crabbe and Goyle).

Malfoy leaves a favorable impression on Harry. His arrogant attitude is directed at his "lessors" of which Harry is clearly not.

Harry shakes his hand.

[Unlike in another universe, where Harry declined Malfoy's hand. Therefore, Draco Malfoy becomes Harry's only true friend in his time at Hogwarts.]

The two strike up a conversation. Draco has nothing but awe in his voice when he mentions Slytherin House. Harry (not knowing what the main differences between the Houses are), has grandiose visions of power, until Malfoy's bodyguard/crony, Vincent Crabbe, enthusiastically blurts out that You-Know-Who was in Slytherin.

Harry angrilly stabs his table with a knife he bought from the trolley. Malfoy smacks Crabbe upside the head, and quickly adds that You-Know-Who wasn't the only alumni of Slytherin, and besides, if it's so important to Harry, Slytherin would be a great training ground for revenge.

Harry laps it all up. The rest of the trip to Hogwarts is mostly spent talking about Quidditch (and Harry impresses Malfoy that he bought his own broom). Draco also takes the opportunity to fill Harry's head with notions of pure-blood supremacy, and the inferiority of muggles and the muggle-born. Harry, remembering the abuse from the Dursleys, takes Draco's words as dogma.

The Sorting Ceremony places both Draco and Harry in Slytherin. There's more than a hint of disappointment from the other tables, and from Albus Dumbledore. Harry also catches a glimpse of Severus Snape, and feels his hatred. Harry coldly shoots back a look of loathing at the Potions Master.

The next couple of months see Harry advance extraordinarily. Driven by a desire for revenge, Harry throws himself into his studies. Assisted by Draco somewhat, Harry moves very far indeed. Snape is prevented from finding a sound excuse to punish Harry (much less expelling him).

Harry and Draco become fast friends. They delight in tormenting students who Draco points out as inferior. Hermione Granger, a muggle-born witch from Gryffindor, is the chief target of their teasing and abuse.

[Because of not knowing Harry, Ron Weasely never becomes Hermione's friend. Hermione advances through Hogwarts largely friendless, and becomes increasingly depressed and introverted as time passes on. Ron becomes a below-average student, and shows little interest in any particular subject.]

Harry also proves his adept skill at flying. However, Professor Snape refuses to arrange for Harry to try out for Seeker on the Slytherin Quidditch team.

In the end, Albus Dumbledore, hoping that playing the game will bring about the best of his father in him, gives special permission for Harry to try out. Harry makes the cut (not least because the Slytherin captain, Marcus Flint, is in awe of having the Boy Who Lived on his team).

During the course of the year, Harry proves his weight in gold at Quidditch, winning every match he plays in for Slytherin House.

Harry, during the course of the year, becomes obsessed with his parentage. He finds records of his parents, and is shocked to find that his father was in Gryffindor and his mother was a muggle-born wizard.

Ashamed to have any trace of "Muggle blood" in him, Harry begins contemplating a new which could serve the same purpose as Lord Voldemort's title.

Harry also renames his eagle owl Mars, after the Roman god of war.

[Because of his devotion to his studies, and his obsession with his parents, Harry never gazes upon the Mirror of Erisid, which could have possibly saved him from damnation; Dumbledore still arranges for his father's invisibility cloak to come into his possession, however.]

In the Slytherin common room, Harry intimidates the other Slytherins, one by one, even those older than him, into becoming his devoted servants. Draco Malfoy is adept in encouraging his dreams of power and universal domination. Harry's dreams have moved beyond that of simply avenging his parents (whose images have soured on him since he discovered his Muggle-tainted lineage). Now Harry wants the fear that Lord Voldemort has....his job is easier, since he already has the awe inspired by his story.

[This is the point where Draco starts to become more attached to Harry rather than his parents. Draco also wants power, and sees the potential in Harry that the Sorting Hat did.]

Over the rest of the year, Severus Snape continues to thwart Professor Quirrel's attempts to secure the Philosopher's Stone for his master, Lord Voldemort. In the end, Snape tips off Dumbledore, and Dumbledore kills Quirrel in a confrontation underneath the school.

And so, Harry Potter's First Year ends. He now has his own devoted followers, and a loyal friend in Draco Malfoy (who desires to become the highest-ranked servant of a future version of Lord Voldemort). Albus Dumbledore, taking Harry aside on the last day of school, tells him he must go back to the Durselys.

Harry angrilly rebukes him. By now, Harry has fattened up from his first day of school, and is physically stronger. In the end, Draco invites Harry to stay with him over the summer. Harry eagerly accepts, but Dumbledore steps between them, and orders Harry to go back to the Dursleys. In the end, Harry gingerly accepts on the condition that he can stay with Draco for all but the first five days of summer.

Thus, Harry James Potter takes his next step on the road to damnation and power.........

1992-1993: Second Year

The first five days of summer pass very quickly for Harry. The Dursleys are too terrified to even look at him....and Dudley is now confined to a wheelchair. Harry takes every opportunity to torment his cousin. On the day that Lucius and Draco Malfoy arrive to take Harry to their Whiltfordshire mansion, Harry amuses himself by causing his morbidly obese cousin to have a small heart attack, after fooling him into thinking that he was about to slain by a spell. Dudley barely survives.

Lucius Malfoy, at this point, doesn't know what to think about Harry. Plotting to put forward a long-term plan by Lord Voldemort by slipping the Dark Lord's diary to Hogwarts, he feels afraid of allowing the Boy Who Lived to stay with him. He's also becoming alarmed at Draco's devotion to Harry.

On the other hand, Harry clearly shows the "proper wizarding attitude."

When they arrive at the mansion (via floo powder), Draco eagerly takes the opportunity to show Harry his father's collection of dark artefacts (Harry also learns all about the Unforgivable Curses during this time-two years earlier than in the real Potterverse). They also spend their time abusing Dobby, the Malfoy house-elf (who's cruelly disillusioned at just who the "Great Harry Potter" actually is). The rest of their time together is spent plotting how to abuse Hermione Granger at Hogwarts, and playing Quidditch on the grounds.

When they go to buy their schoolbooks, Lucius Malfoy gets into a brawl with Arthur Weasely. Lucius takes the opportunity to slip Voldemort's diary into the cauldron of Ginny Weasely, who's about to start her First Year.

Gilderoy Lockhart, the narcissistic celebrity who's become the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts, begs Harry be in a picture with him. Harry coldly refuses.

Ron Weasely looks at Harry with a look of pure loathing and jealousy. Draco sees this, and pummels Ron senseless in the bookstore, before Percy Weasely, a Gryffindor prefect, drags him off. Harry then angrily warns Percy and Ron to leave before they can team up against Draco. Seeing the lithe and irate Boy Who Lived convinces them to bid a hasty retreat.

In reward for his loyal service, Harry bestows the title of "Shadow Enforcer" on Draco, who eagerly embraces it. Harry only asks that Draco call him "Friend until the sun ceases to rise in the heavens."

Draco's enslavement is now almost totally complete.


The journey to Hogwarts is uneventful. Harry and Draco spend their idle time harassing Hermione Granger, who's still friendless, with the exception of Ginny Weasely, who stands up for her after Draco pours an entire beaker of pond scum on her busy hair.

The first portion of the year is fairly uneventful. Harry once again indulges in his academic work. Severus Snape, the head of Harry's house, is enraged at not having the opportunity to expel him. As an insurance policy, Harry spends his time brainwashing the new Slytherin First Years as his servants.

Harry has to contend with the annoyance of Colin Creevy, a First Year Gryfindor. Creevy hero worships Harry, and attempts multiple times to get a picture of him. Annoyed, Harry sets Crabbe and Goyle on the muggle-born, who's a mere "mudblood" in Harry and Draco's eyes. Crabbe and Goyle beat Creevy to a bloody pulp, and are sentenced to twelve weeks of detention.

On Haloween Night, Mrs. Norris, the cat of the Squib caretaker, Argus Filch, is found "petrified" over a pool of water. The message: BEWARE THE HEIR is smeared on the walls in blood.

Harry is fascinated by the coming of the "Heir of Slytherin." He orders Draco to procure him all available material on the Heir. This leads to his discovery of the "Chamber of Secrets." Harry plans to find the Chamber, and exploit whatever the "Heir" has hidden there.

Meanwhile, Draco joins the Slytherin Quidditch Team as a Chaser. He proves adept as this. He convinces his father to buy the entire Syltherin team Nimbus 2001s. Harry sells his old Nimbus 2000 over the magazine Which Broomstick for a hefty profit.

During this time, Harry ends up becoming smitten with Cho Chang, an attractive Ravenclaw Third Year. Draco, in the meantime, is relegated Pansy Parkinson by Harry (although Pansy loves Harry far more than Draco).

[Harry's more assertive personality has led to an earlier interest in Cho Chang, and women in general; it's during his vain attempts with her that expose many more differences between him and Lord Voldemort.]

Hermione Granger, in the meantime, also begins her own independent research into the Chamber of Secrets.

In December, after Colin Creevy is petrified in an attack by Slytherin's monster, Gilderoy Lockhart, the utterly inept DADA professor, attempts to organize a Dueling Club. In the end, as part of a "demonstration", Harry duels Hermione.

Harry, with every bad memory from his childhood still knawing at his brain, loses control, and horrifically maims Hermione with a variety of curses and hexes that he learned over the last two years. This installs a sense of fear among the larger student body. The rest of the students begin to become convinced the Harry is the Heir of Slytherin.

Harry has Draco sic Crabbe and Goyle on several students propagating the rumors, including Hufflepuff's Ernie MacMillian and Justin-Finch Fletchley, and Ron Weasely of Gryfindor (who's another personal enemy of Harry and his minions).

Soon after the beatings (in which Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle are punished with yet more detention), Justin Finch-Fletchley is discovered petrified. Harry is suspected, but no one speaks up for fear of assault from a gang of Slytherins.

Albus Dumbledore, for his part, is greatly troubled. The Boy Who Lived is now turning into an Heir to Voldemort. He remains convinced, however, that Harry has plenty of love and good still in him.

To his own gross folly......

Harry spends the Winter Holidays plotting with Draco on a way to harness the power of the Heir for himself. They discover Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, only to discover that Hermione has long known of that place. Their plans are accelerated.

Meanwhile, Harry tries to woo Cho Chang. Unfortunately, she isn't that interested in Harry (but a visit from a large gang of Slytherins soon convinces her otherwise). In the end, the relationship is a catastrophic failure. It ends with Harry heaping verbal abuse onto Cho. Cho Chang suffers from a horrific nervous breakdown during Charms, and spends the next six months in St. Mungo's going through anti-depressant treatment.

In the end, Hermione become petrified in March

[Approximately May in the real Potterverse.]

This leads to a long-planned coup by Lucius Malfoy. The Board of Governors places a vote of no confidence in Dumbledore, and he's thrown out. Rubeus Hagrid, the ground keeper, is arrested in suspicion for the murder attempt.

Lucius Malfoy manipulates the Ministry into sentencing Hagrid to spend 80 years in Azkaban. Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic, sees to the matter himself.

[Lucius Malfoy has grown far more pathological, not least to the stress that Draco's cult-like devotion to Harry is causing.]

Ginny Weasely attempts to destroy the diary of Tom Riddle [Lord Voldemort], but the diary is found in the bathroom by Harry and Draco. Both of them discover its potency.

[Unlike the real Potterverse, Ginny is not able to recover the diary (since it's in the Slytherin Common Room).]

In early June, Draco is lured by the diary into the Chamber of Secrets. The memory of Lord Voldemort desires greatly to deal with the upstart Harry Potter.

Potter moves quickly to rescue his friend. He encounters the memory of Tom Riddle, and battle's Slytherin's Basilkisk monster. While he doesn't have a sword or a phoenix, Harry is far more cunning and smart than his original counterpart. He finishes off the Baskilisk by bringing a rooster down into the Chamber with him; it's call is fatal to the Basilisk.

Harry then rips a fang from the Basilisk and uses it on the diary. The memory is destroyed, and Draco is revived. He is now completely devoted to the service of Harry Potter, and becomes Harry's most loyal servant.

In the end, Albus Dumbledore is reinstated. However, he never comes into possession of the diary (which Harry burns in the Slytherin Common Room). Ginny Weasely never comes forward as the perpetrator, and remains maniacally depressed.

Dumbledore fails to get Hagrid released from Azkaban, since Lord Voldemort has not been identified as the true menace of the Chamber Secrets. However, at least the petrified folks are revived.

Gilderoy Lockhart, for all his troubles, finally draws Harry's complete ire on the last day of school. Harry wipes away Lockhart's mind, and then preforms a complex charm that makes it look like Lockhart accidentally did it himself (which everyone, except Dumbledore, believes).

Harry, for his single-handed rescue of Draco and the destruction of the Basilisk, is awarded two hundred points for Slytherin. Draco earns another two hundred, giving Slytherin a crushing victory in the race for the House Cup; Gryfindor finishes last.

An ironic finish to the Year of Slytherin's Monster. And Harry Potter sees only the skies as the limit........

1993-1994: Third Year

Harry, when choosing two classes to sign up, had decided to take Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Runes with Draco.

During the summer, Harry only stays three days with the Durlseys, who now furiously ignore him. After that, Narcissa Malfoy arrives to take Harry to their mansion (Lucius now no longer trusts Harry).

By sheer luck, the Malfoys win the Daily Pot Draw.

[In the real Potterverse, the Pot Draw of 700 galleons goes to the Weaselys. This is just one of the butterflies from the changed dynamics of this new Potterverse; as such, the Weaselys remain completely impoverished.]

Harry, in the meantime, is surprised to learn that Sirius Black has escaped from Azkaban Prison. Draco tells him the story of his legendary crime.

Several witches and wizards visit the Malfoy mansion during the summer months-to see Harry. Walden Macnair, Theodore Nott Sr., Avery, and the fathers of Crabbe and Goyle. They all see Harry as a new standard to rally around-a successor to the Dark Lord. His reputation from the exploits of Second Year have spread throughout the parents of the Syltherins that Harry has brainwashed into devotion.

In Diagon Alley to buy their supplies, Harry and Draco run into Hermione Granger. She's shopping with the Weaselys (as a guest of Ginny, not Ron). The two corner her, and just for fun, set her bushy hair on fire.

On the train to Hogwarts, the students are attacked by a Dementor (the unholy guards of Azkaban). Draco wets his pants when it comes into their compartment. Harry attempts a Patronus charm against the Dementor, but he's overwhelmed at first. He faints, after hearing the last words of his parents in his ears.

Harry's reputation is sapped when Ron Weasely cruelly spreads the story is his fainting. But remembering what happened when they repeated rumors about him the previous year, the students are largely silent. Harry confronts Ron, and bewitches him to make him vomit slugs.

[A year later than in the original Potterverse.]

Care of Magical Creatures is taught by Professor Grubbley-Plank (as Hagrid is incapacitated due to a life-sentence in Azkaban). Harry of course gets to attend Hogsmeade, as Harry intimidated his uncle into signing the form.

[He also left long before Aunt Marge showed up. He'll get revenge on her later.]

On Halloween, Sirius Black attacks the portrait of the Fat Lady that guards the GryfFindor Common Room. Harry's opinion of Black rises substantially.

Harry, angry over the incident on the train, practises pathologically on a Potronus (he secures a bogart from new DADA professor Remus Lupin, whose offer of assistance is coldly spurned). His Potrunus comes out as a raven.

[A stag in the real Potterverse.]

He also teaches Draco how to wield a Protunus. Draco's comes out as an adder.

The rest of the year is largely uneventful, save for the numerous "pranks" that Harry and Draco orchestrate against Hermione Granger, who is becoming more and more depressed (the fact that Ginny, her only friend, is still very depressed from her experience as a First Year doesn't help things much). She's also suffering from the stress of using a time-turner to attend her huge number of classes.

[Because he and Ron are enemies, Harry never gets the Marauder's Map from Fred and George.]

The year culminates in a very nasty incident in which Sirius Black lures Harry and Draco to the Shreiking Shack in Hogsmeade. There, Sirius tells Harry just who really committed to massacre (which causes his star to fall dramatically in Harry's eyes), and who tipped off Voldemort to Harry's parents' whereabouts - Peter Pettigrew, disguised as Ron Weasely's rat. Sirius reveals Peter to Harry, who makes no effort to stop Sirius from culminating his revenge by killing the rat-faced man. Harry coldly dismisses Sirius as his godfather (as Harry has a low opinion of all non-Slytherins as well as "mudbloods.") Sirius pleads with Harry, to no avail.

[As such, it will not be Peter who revives Voldemort. That honor will go to someone else.]

However, Severus Snape followed Harry and Draco, and confronts the trio. However, before he can do anything, Snape is stunned by Remus Lupin, who arrived too late to witness Peter's reappearance.

Remus then reveals he has stolen Snape's veratisirum, and will use it to prove Sirius's innocence.

However, as they leave the Shrieking Shack, Remus Lupin transforms into a werewolf. He ends up brutally mauling both Snape and Sirius, before fleeing into the Forbidden Forest. Both Snape and Sirius are attacked by over 100 Dementors. Harry and Draco stand idly as both are given the Dementor's Kiss.

[As such, Snape and Sirus are now soulless-they're now as good as brain-dead.]

In the end, the year ends with Remus Lupin placing himself into exile, in light of what he has done. He leaves for Germany's Black Forest to put himself back together.

At the end of the year, Draco tells Harry all about the coming of the Quidditch World Cup Final, which will take place in England. Harry of course accepts the offer of invitation. After spending two delightful days with the Durselys, or course.........


Somewhere in Albania-Summer, 1994:

The mysterious figure appeared out of nowhere with a loud pop. Startled, birds fled from their perches and small animals scurried back into their burrows. The figure was draped in a black cloak, despite the Adriatic summer heat. The figure cautiously looked around, and then took a step forward.

Lucius Malfoy had come to return to his Master's service.

Malfoy had searched long and hard for the slightest trace of Lord Voldemort's whereabouts. He had finally decided, at the end of Draco's Third Year, that Harry Potter had far too much of a stranglehold on his son. And in reality, who could blame him? Harry had saved Draco's life from the memory of Lord Voldemort. Malfoy had been very confused. How could a diary contain a mere memory? But then again, Lord Voldemort was the strongest and most creative wizard in the world.

At least, before he had lost his powers due to Harry Potter all those years ago. Now, Potter was rapidly taking the Dark Lord's place as a standard for the forces of Purity to rally around.

And Draco was under Harry's complete control. And Lucius didn't like that one bit. There was only one way to break that stranglehold that the "Boy Who Lived," had on his son.

He needed a counter-weight. He needed Lord Voldemort.

Lucius Malfoy had apparated in a large clearing. Now, he strode, somewhat nervously, deeper into the Albanian forest. As he walked, it became necessary for Lucius to say "Lumos."

As he walked, he began to step on increasingly large piles of small animal bones. The trees seemed to envelop him in some kind of dark embrace.

But Lucius didn't care about that. He knew he was risking the wrath of someone he had abandoned 13 years ago, but that was besides the point. He wanted his son back.

At long last, Lucius Malfoy stumbled upon another large clearing, hidden under a thick canopy of trees. Small shafts of light hit the forest floor, but that was it.

Then, all at once, Lucius heard a sound.

A slithering sound.

Multiple slithering sounds.

Before he could react, hundreds of snakes had begun making their way into the clearing. They were all shapes and sizes. And then, Lucius heard a language that he hadn't heard in 13 years. It was a hushed, angry tongue that was calling the serpents towards the stump of a thick tree that stood at the far edge of the clearing. It was parseltongue....the language of the snakes.

Then, all at once, the snakes parted ways, creating a footpath. Then, another snake, this one far larger than the others, came slithering down the pathway. It beckoned Lucius to follow.

Gingerly, Lucius did. The snakes had now gone utterly quiet, and were laying stock still.

Finally, the snake (in the dim light, Lucius couldn't tell that wether it was a cobra or a python)mounted the stump. It then bore itself straight up, until it was almost on the level of Lucius's neck. Then, Lucius heard a whisper from the snake:

"Bow to your master, Lucius. Bow low."

Trembling, Lucius Malfoy bowed as low as he could. The snake then settled down a tad. "You've finally returned Lucius, my sly friend."

Lucius was now shaking violently, as Lord Voldemort's dark presence tore at the very fabric of his soul. "Yes master. I'm here to set things right."

"Don't give me that," snarled Voldemort. The snake bore its fangs as its mouth moved in sick undulation, as though controlled by a puppet master. "You've returned out of fear, not out of loyalty. You can barely bring yourself to gaze upon me!"

"Master," sobbed Lucius Malfoy. "I'm so very sorry."

The snake ceased to bar its fangs. "And yet, you have returned to your master. Something that no one else has even attempted to do in 13 years. For this, you will be rewarded, Lucius, after I have regained my strength. That I will promise to you, my servant."

"Yes, Master. I promise complete loyalty, Master," sobbed Lucius.

"May it never waver again, Lucius," said Lord Voldemort. "Now, you will do exactly as I command. We are going to our new headquarters. Come. Oh, and I'm sorry if my dear Nagini frightened you. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found her. Rise."

Lucius rose. He had almost forgotten about the rest of the snakes. Lord Voldemort, under the guise of Nagini the serpent, led Lucius through the pathway. Once they were through, the other snakes scattered into the depths of the Albanian forest.

"Stand perfectly still," commanded Lord Voldemort through Nagini. Lucius Malfoy did as he was told. Then, Nagini wrapped herself around the body of Lucius, causing him to tremble in lucid fear. But he was doing this to save his son. He brought himself under control.

The snake's head then reached his ear. Voldemort whispered the message "The Riddle House of Little Haggelton." Nodding, Lucius Malfoy then preformed the most important side-along apparition of his life, and vanished from the wretched interior of Albania back to his homeland..........

1994-1995: Fourth Year

After two days of watching the Durleys cowering in fear, Harry returns with Narcissa Malfoy to spend the summer with Draco. Harry is most anxious to confer with his Shadow Enforcer again.

Just before it's time to depart for the Quidditch World Cup, Harry has a horrific nightmare in which he witnesses Lord Voldemort slaying an old Muggle man. He sees both Lucius Malfoy and an unknown wizard kneeling in front of Voldemort....waiting to do his bidding. Harry's scar also begins to hurt.

Harry quickly deduces that obvious: Lucius Malfoy views him as a threat, and wants Lord Voldemort to deal with him. Harry begins working on turning Draco against his father. It really isn't all that hard to do; Draco is his Shadow Enforcer, after all.

Narcissa Malfoy is the guest of Cornelius Fudge (after giving a generous donation to St. Mungo's on Lucius's instructions). Naturally, Draco and Harry get top seats. Hermione attends as a guest of Ginny Weasely (their father still has the good fortune at least to attend the World Cup in this Potterverse at least; Ron is now furiously depressed. Due to his lacking grades (without Hermione's help), he is being forced to repeat several Third Year classes.

Draco and Harry manage to hook up with more than a few Slytherins at the World Cup: Theodore Nott, Jr., Millicent Bulstrode, Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson, ect. At this stage, the denizens of Slytherin House have a cult-like devotion to Harry, who has developed an iron charisma. For the sheer thrill of it, Harry orders his followers to attack Cho Chang, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasely. Eager to do their Master's bidding, the Slytherins leave a path of destruction in their wake.

[A prelude of what is to come later.]

The rest of the World Cup passes uneventfully.

[As Lucius is helping Voldemort recuperate, the former Death Eaters at the World Cup don't start a riot.]

Harry and Draco spend the rest of the summer holidays plotting Harry's rise to power. Harry finalizes his plans to begin training his own diciplined army, which will rally to him after Hogwarts.

During the summer holidays, Harry begins to develop an interest in exotic spells, most of them Indian. Discovering an old book of Lucius's, Harry learns several powerful Indian spells. He also learns of the exploits of the demon lord Ravana fighting Vishnu. Harry takes a great liking to Ravana.

[This book of Lucius Malfoy is of my own invention; it's pure speculation what Lucius really has hidden in his mansion. It wouldn't be surprising for someone as rich and powerful as Lucius Malfoy to have such an exotic book hidden away.]

Draco and Harry also discuss the Triwizard Tournament, which they managed to wheedle from Fudge at the World Cup. Although Harry wouldn't mind competing, he has his mind on other matters.

Like building his army.

[With Snape as good as dead after his encounter with the Dementors, Dumbledore is forced to bring Horace Slughorn out of retirement two years earlier than in the original Potterverse.]

Slughorn takes a liking to Harry (and, at Harry's insistence, to Draco as well). He invites both Harry and Draco into his "Slug Club." Harry politely declines (as he has other plans at the moment).

Another new teacher is Professor Alister "Mad-Eye" Moodey. As in the original Potterverse, he's actually Barty Crouch Jr. masquerading as Moodey. He's shocked when Harry manages to throw off the Imperious Curse on his first try.

The students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons arrive on schedule. Viktor Krum, the hero from the Bulgarian Quidditch team, is among them. He finds himself attracted to Hermione earlier (mostly out of sympathy this time around).

Harry can't tolerate this. Unfortunately, he also admires Krum. For once, he's cought in a moral bind.

But then, on the night when all of the other champions are chosen to compete in the Triwizard Cup after their names are drawn from the Goblet of Fire, Harry's name also comes out (as in the original Potterverse).

Harry is shocked by this, but immediently suspects that someone wants him done in. He orders Draco to find out all he can on any suspicious activities.

Harry's name being drawn causes quite a bit of mutinous sentiment from the rest of the student body, but a couple of incidents in which gangs of Slytherins assault both Ernie MacMillan and Ron Weasely for shooting their mouths off causes any hint of rebellion to subside.

Dumbledore is horrified at what Harry is apparently turning the Slytherins into, but still maintains his belief that Harry is really hiding a personality of love and hope, and that as a sworn enemy of Lord Voldemort, he'll turn to the right side before the end.

[Which of course, is not going to happen in this world; Dumbledore's blindness to Harry's dark side stems from Harry's rescue of Draco from the Basilisk, which he mistook for an act of genuine compassion.]

Now busy prepping for the Triwizard Cup, Harry leaves the job of training his army to Draco, who enthusiastically does Harry's bidding. Meanwhile, "Professor Moody" accidentally lets slip to Pansy Parkinson that the first task involves dragons. Of course, she knows exactly who to tell.

Harry throws himself into learning all the spells possible that could possibly defeat a dragon. One spell he remembers from Lucius Malfoy's Indian book is the Avatar. Harry trains himself mentally for his meeting with destiny.

On the day of the First Task, Harry manages to finish a crushing first over Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delecour, and Viktor Krum by wielding the Avatar against the Welsh Green (the Hungarian Horntail in the original Potterverse).

The Avatar is a spell that Harry wields without his wand. Using his hands, he causes a landslide of rocks to pummel the Welsh Green, which horrifically maims it. Harry is then able to easily take the golden egg that the dragon was guarding.

The Hogwarts teaching staff is shocked at the raw power that Harry manages to weild against the dragon, and the fact that he didn't even apparently need a wand. Dumbledore vows to keep a close eye on Harry, but is confounded by the fact that Harry keeps to himself in the Slytherin Common Room for most of the time.

Harry, in his black and emerald dress robes, takes Pansy Parkinson to the Winter Ball. Of course, he's enraged to see Hermione having a good time with Viktor Krum, who's star is now rapidly falling in Harry's eye. However, he contends himself with dancing with Parkinson. He also has Draco spike Cho Chang's punch with a rather nasty laxative that he invented over the summer months. Cho spends the next six hours on the toilet, until Madam Pomfrey is brought down to set things right. Cedric Diggory's night is ruined.

The Second Task goes along just fine. "Moody" leaks the powers of Gillyweed and the way to listen to the egg to Theodore Nott, who rushes back to inform his Master.

By now, the entire Slytherin House has been dragooned into Potter's army. Having been taught by Draco Malfoy, and having been brainwashed by Harry into obeying his every command, it's a mighty force to contend with under any circumstances.

Harry finishes the Second Task easily, having to rescue Draco Malfoy from the depths of the lake. He once again arrives in first place, crushing all of his opponents easily.

[Matching his dark personality, Harry declines the chance to rescue Fleur Delacuer's younger sister Gabrielle when Fleur is sidetracked.]

During this time, Harry also has to contend with the annoyance caused by Daily Prophet reporter Rita Skeeter, who's desperate for some sort of story on Harry. Unfortunately for her, the students of Hogwarts are too scared to say anything about Harry, and of course, the Slytherins refuse to even consider meeting her.

In the end, sometime in early April, Harry grows tired of Skeeter's pathetic attempts. He orders Draco to set a trap.

Draco discovers that Rita is an Animagus, who takes the form of a spider. Harry gives Draco a specially charmed glass.....

Draco traps Skeeter in her spider form, and brings the glass to Harry. Harry then drills a hole in the top. He orders Crabbe to pour an entire beaker of snake venom into the glass, putting an end to the career of Rita Skeeter once and for all. The glass is melted down by Harry, and Skeeter's remains are tossed into the fire of the Slytherin Common Room.

[This won't be the last murder that Harry's minions will be responsible for, by a longshot.]

Harry sets aside a personal goal to become an Animagus.

Harry furiously trains himself for the Final Task. Harry has another dream involving Lord Voldemort and Lucius Malfoy. He redoubles his efforts into swaying Malfoy against his father, which of course succeeds beyond Harry's wildest dreams. However, he also instructs Draco into maintaining an air of normality around his parents.

The Final Task sees Harry get a massive lead when charging into the maze. "Moody" took care of most of the obstacles in Harry's way. "Moody" also brainwashes Krum (under the Imperious Curse) into eliminating both Fleur Delaceur and Cedric Diggory. Both are severely wounded by the hands of the Bulgarian.

Harry reaches the cup first, of course, and is whisked away via the portkey to the Riddle House's graveyard. There, Lucius Malfoy manages to stun Harry, and secure him to Tom Riddle Sr.'s gravestone. He then preforms the brutal dark magic necessary to revive Lord Voldemort, who arrives back in full form. He manages to summon his Death Eaters, even those (like Nott, Macnair, Crabbe, Goyle) who had pledged support to Harry. Harry is incensed.

Voldemort then orders Harry released, over Lucius Malfoy's objections, so that he can duel him. Harry and Voldemort battle each other to a standstill. Voldemort is shocked at Harry's skill, and the fact that Harry is familiar with many foreign spells (most of which hail from India). In the end, the battle ends with both Voldemort and Harry caught in Priori Incantum (as their wands join when both shout "Avada Kedavera!" at the same time). Harry is shocked to see images of his own parents, who gaze on him sadly. Not being able to bear their gaze any longer, he breaks the connection and draws the portkey back to him.

Many of Voldemort's returned Death Eaters wonder if they've chosen the right side. Voldemort is incensed that Harry Potter is not only still alive, but that he's practically as powerful as himself. Voldemort takes comfort, however, in the fact that at least he has an army, unlike Harry.

[Of course, Voldemort is in for a very nasty surprise.]

Harry returns back to Hogwarts. He announces that Lord Voldemort has returned. Dumbledore is shocked. He tries to take Harry aside, but is angrily rebuffed. "Moody" tries to take Harry back to his office, although Harry resists.

[Harry, of course, despises Moody for his work catching Dark witches and wizards.

Dumbledore, however, realizes just who "Moody" really is: Barty Crouch Jr., the son of the late Barty Crouch Sr., who was found dead earlier in the year. Dumbledore stuns Crouch, and takes him back to his office for interrogation. He goes with Slughorn to get some veratiserum.

Cornelius Fudge refuses to meet with Crouch, however, without a Dementor as his bodyguard. The Dementor preforms its Kiss on Crouch as soon as it enters the room where he's being held. Dumbledore's rage is great. They've lost their link to Voldemort's plans.

[This means that Dumbledore's case that Voldemort has returned is even weaker in this Potterverse. This means that the Order of the Phoenix will face far more harassment from the Ministry than in the original Potterverse, weakening it against both Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort.]

The Ministry of Magic refuses to believe Harry's claim. Harry, however, doesn't care. He knows what he has to do. He has a lot of work to do. Before the Slytherins leave for the summer, he gives them all clear instructions for the next step in the plan. He plans to stay with Malfoy after spending a couple of token days with the Dursleys.

Harry James Potter also takes a new title. Swearing off his previous name, he orders his Slytherin followers to address him as "Lord Ravana," after his favorite demon of Hindu mythology. Although he still appears as "Harry Potter" to the outside world, Harry now has revealed his future pathway to the servants of his future kingdom.

But before that can happen, Lord Ravana still has a lot of work to do........

1995-1996: Fifth Year

Lord Ravana spends a token day at in the house in Little Whinging tormenting the Dursleys. Dudley (having recently undergone liposuction), suffers the worst of it. This time, it's Draco who arrives at Little Whinging to take Ravana back to his mansion.

Ravana begins plotting to avenge the Death Eaters who betrayed him by rallying to Voldemort. Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy have both sided with Voldemort.

Meanwhile, Dumbledore reforms the Order of the Pheonix. Members include the Weaselys, Mad-Eye Moody, Nymphadora Tonks, Lupin (who has returned from his self-imposed exile to the Black Forest) and Cedric Diggory. Diggory brings Cho Chang's family into the Order for her protection. Viktor Krum (who's joined along with Fleur Delaceur and Madam Maxime) insists on Hermione receiving the same treatment. Both Diggory and Krum are very concerned about Harry's raw hatred for Hermione and Cho Chang.

[Diggory has taken the place of Ravana as Dumbledore's protegee.]

Lord Voldemort is busy laying low, trying his hardest to build an army. Lucius Malfoy makes it his job to manipulate Cornelius Fudge into inaction. Lucius also tells Fudge that there's a conspiracy by both Dumbledore and Harry Potter to destabilize his regime.

[Of course, only Lord Ravana has such a plan out of the two. But Lucius doesn't fully realize this; Draco, on Ravana's instructions, has dropped the more brazen signs of devotion around his parents.]

Lucius remains terrified of Ravana. He refuses to stay at the mansion, and removes anything of value from it, storing it at the Riddle House.

The journey back to Hogwarts is marked with scuffling between the junior members of the Order of the Pheonix and Ravana's Slayers (the Slytherins). This masks the true mission of the Slayers. The Slayers, on Ravana's instructions, seek out the "proper" First Years on the Hogwarts Express. Ravana wants as many First Years in Slytherin as possible to mould into his army. Of course, only "pure-bloods" are sought out, but Ravana is not closed off to recruiting half-bloods with the proper attitude.

Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson are the Slytherin Prefects (of course, they remain dedicated Slayers). Dumbledore no longer fully trusts Ravana, but remains blinded to the atrocities beginning to take place around Hogwarts.

[This is Dumbledore's essential weakness-he tends to believe in the good side of everyone far too much, even when it's obvious to everyone else just how evil they truly are; this weakness will cause quite a bit of suffering later on, to say the least.]

Because of the efforts of the Slayers on the Hogwarts Express, an unusually high-number of formerly-innocent First Years get sorted into Slytherin. Ravana begins to mould them to his wishes that very night.

Dolores Umbridge is appointed by Fudge to become the new DADA Professor.

[I'll speculate that Umbridge was a former Slytherin; she certainly exemplified all of the proper traits in the original Potterverse.]

Meanwhile, the students in the Order of the Phoenix, organized by Hermione Granger, Cho Chang, Fred Weasely, and George Weasely organize themselves into another secret society to protect themselves against the threat posed by the Slytherins at the school. They name themselves Dumbledore's Army (DA). They begin dragooning as many members of Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor as they can.

The effects of this are clear to see. Brawls between Slytherins and everyone else become more and more common. In order to impose order, Cornelius Fudge appoints Umbridge to the new office of "Hogwarts High Inquisitor." She immediently places a band on all clubs and groups that don't reform to her standards.

She of course allows the Slytherin Quidditch team to reform, while keeping the other House teams on hiatus, until pressured by Dumbledore to end it.

Of course, the Slayers have the perfect ability to meet in the Slytherin Common Room. The DA is forced to split into separate training grounds in their respective houses. Cho Chang heads the Ravenclaw branch, Ernie MacMillan leads the Hufflepuff cell, and Hermione Granger heads the Gryffindors.

[Ironically enough, the Sorting Hat's song at the start of the year revolved around unity and friendship.]

A stalemate ensues. Lord Ravana teaches deadlier and deadlier spells to the Slayers. Ravana is worried. He's having dreams which involve him trying to get through a door somewhere in the depths of the Ministry of Magic. Researching during the course of the year, Harry begins to practise occlumency and lilgillimens.

The tension between the Hogwarts houses erupts during the first Quidditch match of the season-between Griffyndor and Slytherin. The game sets a record for the most offences and penalties ever committed in a Hogwarts Quidditch match in centuries. Of course, with Ravana leading the charge, Slytherin crushes Gryffindor easily.

This causes a riot to break out between angry Griffyndors, sick of being pushed around by Ravana, and the Slayers (all of the Slytherins). It's sparked when George Weasely sends a bludger Ravana's way after the match is over with. In retaliation, Ravana blasts George off of his broomstick, which flies into the Whomping Willow, where it's torn to shreds. In the end, it takes Albus Dumbledore's raw skill to suppress the riot, which injures dozens (mostly Gryffindors).

Cornelius Fudge uses this incident as an excuse to grant Dolores Umbridge far more power. Now, she has the ability to expel students herself. The first to go are Fred and George Weasely, whom she blames for sparking the riot, over Dumbledore's objections. The Weaselys fly away on their Fred's broom, however, before Umbridge can stop confiscate it.

[Without Ravana's gift of 1,000 galleons (the Triwizard winnings) from the original Potterverse, Fred and George never manage to open their own joke shop; they're forced to flee back to the Burrow...Ravana has storred his gold in his Gringotts Vault.]

The tension between the Houses remains palpable for weeks afterwards. Both Ravana and the different leaders of the DA urge their followers to restrain themselves (Ravana so that he can complete their essential training).

Before the holiday break, Arthur Weasely is killed by Nagini-Voldemort's serpent, while standing guard at the Ministry for the Order. Harry witnesses this in a dream, but doesn't bother to tell anyone.

[Therefore, Arthur passes on.]

The fortunes of the Weaselys fall even further. Mrs. Weasely is forced to sell the Burrow to make ends meet. She moves the family to St. Andrews, Scotland (where the HQ of the Order of the Phoenix), with their meagre lives all but ruined.

[Without Sirius to offer 12 Grimauld Place to Dumbledore, a different location is chosen. Wether or not Dumbledore would have chosen St. Andrews as a HQ is pure speculation by me.]

For Ginny Weasely, this is too much to bear. She attempts to drown herself in the Hogwarts Lake before being stopped by Hermione. Ginny is sent to St. Mungo's for anti-depressant treatment.

Lord Ravana spends the winter holidays alone, ordering his minions to return to their homes (and to spy on their parents), despite Pansy Parkinson begging him to stay at his side.

Ravana spends his time alone meditating on his dreams. Knowing he has the ability to see into Voldemort's head (and realizing by extension that Voldemort can see into his), Ravana manages to fully master occlumency by the time of the new year.

Ravana also realizes that Voldemort wants something in the Department of Mysteries. He vows to discover just what that is.

The rest of the year goes smoothly....until Draco Malfoy picks a fight with Ron Weasely in March. The fight turns fairly nasty, and ends with another huge brawl between the Slytherins and the rest of the school.

Albus Dumbledore decides to punish Draco for starting the fight, but he's overruled by Cornelius Fudge, who has arrived via floo powder (called in by Umbridge). Fudge sacks Dumbledore for his "failure to ensure a safe learning environment," and replaces him with Delores Umbridge. Dumbledore leaves the school angrily. His first stop is Azkaban, where he frees Rubeus Hagrid, who's a shell of his former jovial self after all those years in the terrible prison. Dumbledore then disappears to parts unknown. Fudge orders Dumbledore found.

Umbridge contacts Ravana, and asks him to head up the new "Inquisitorial Squad." (Umbridge has gotten over her earlier distrust of Ravana, largely due to the fact that he's kept a low profile around her, and that he's a Slytherin). The IS has the power to deduct students of points, and is comprised entirely of Slytherins. They of course abuse their power, taking hundreds of points off of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw...faster then those House's respective heads can put them back on.

[The high-stress environment caused by the new IS causes a slump in work performance by the larger student body....except of course for the Slytherins.]

With Lord Ravana's encouragement, Draco orchestrates the expulsion of Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Cho Chang, Ernie MacMillan, and Ron Weasely (using made up "incidents"). Fights between the IS and the rest of the student body are common.

To cement her power, Dolores Umbridge (with Draco's encouragement) fires several teachers, including Professors McGonnegel, Sprout, Flitwick, Trelelawny, and Sinistra and replaces them with her cronies from the Ministry. This comes as a mass-break from Azkaban is several notorious dark witches and wizards break free from Azkaban, including the Lestranges, Antonin Dolohov, and Augustus Rookwood. The Dementors and the giants join with Voldemort, who promises them all power and great rewards.

When it comes time for the O.W.L. exams, the student body has suffered from both the stress caused by the IS and the poor academic environment caused by Umbridge's cronies. The tests are a disaster for Hogwarts, with most of the 5th Years suffering from very poor grades.

The Slytherins, by contrast, do just fine, and excel in the test (Lord Ravana's instructions have been a boon, after all).

However, during the exams, Lord Ravana, while deliberately exploring Lord Voldemort's mind, sees him come into the possession of something very important in the Department of Mysteries. Using a trumped-up exuse to get out of Hogwarts, Ravana gathers his greatest servants (excluding Malfoy, who remains behind to keep an eye on things), and leaves via broomstick for London.

In London, Ravana's Slayers guide him to the Ministry of Magic. Following the path set out by his dreams, he arrives in the Room of Prophecy, followed by Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini, and Millicent Bulstrode.

Unfortunately, it turns out to be a trap set up by Lord Voldemort. Voldemort's Death Eaters, led by Lucius Malfoy, Avery, the Lestranges, Augustus Rookwood, and Antonin Dolohov manage to arrive in the Room of Prophecy.

Despite numbering only three, Lord Ravana is more than a match for the Death Eaters by himself, along with his three Slayers. Using the Avatar, Ravana plows through the Death Eaters. He mortally wounds Antonin Dolohov when several shelves filled with prophecies smash straight into him. Pansy Parkinson kills Bellatrix Lestrange with the Avada Kedavera spell. After this, and with the prophecy they were after destroyed, Lucius Malfoy orders a hasty retreat. Lord Ravana and his Slayers flee on their brooms back to Hogwarts.

When Voldemort arrives at the Ministry, only to find that Lucius has failed in his mission, and that four teenagers wounded and even killed his Death Eaters (and smashed the prophecy), he tortures Lucius to the point of near-insanity, and destroys the Fountain of Magical Brotherhood in blind rage. He and his followers leave before Dumbledore shows up.

[Without whitnising Voldemort's appearence, Cornelius Fudge remains Minister of Magic; Dolores Umbridge remains Headmistriss of Hogwarts, and the Order of the Phoenix is forced deeper underground. Lord Voldemort gets an extra year to continue his planning, as does Lord Ravana.]

Vowing vengeance on Lucius Malfoy and Lord Voldemort, Ravana returns to Hogwarts with his Slayers. Before the year ends, Ravana lays out specific instructions to his followers. Draco is informed that his father tried to kill him, which causes Draco to fly into an intense rage at his father. But he is told by Ravana to calm himself. Anticipation will make the pleasure of revenge greater. Ravana, deducing by now that he enjoys some strange protection at the Durselys, invites Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson, and Millicint Bulstrode to stay with him (to protect them from a vengeful Voldemort). Draco is told to wait until he has accomplished his mission.

With his Fifth Year over, Lord Ravana continues his upward swing to power, control, and revenge on those who wronged him........


1996-1997: Sixth Year

Lord Ravana returns to Little Whinging with Blaise, Pansy, and Millicent in tow. He contends himself with abusing Dudley even further....spilling water on his new PlayStation and the like.

Ravana communicates with his Slayers across the country through a network of special galleons....each outfitted with the Protean Charm. It alerts the Slayers to Ravana's specific instructions.

In the meantime, the Order of the Phoenix is under siege. Under Fudge's instructions, anyone remotely connected to Dumbledore is sacked from the Ministry.

The Dementors begin breeding, and spread all over the British Isles. This coincides with a huge drop in popularity for Prime Minister John Major, who has no idea as to why everyone around appears to be depressed all of a sudden. Consumer confidence begins to fade, and the economy slumps.

Voldemort's Death Eaters kill Igor Karkaroff (a deserter and traitor), and orchestrate the murders of Emaline Vance and Amelia Bones (both high-profile members of the Wizengamot). Lucius Malfoy, trying desperately to please his Master, convinces Fudge that Albus Dumbledore orchestrated the murders. The Aurors are ordered to focus solely on finding Albus Dumbledore, at all costs.

Meanwhile, Dolores Umbridge does away with Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts, viewing it as a complete waste of time (and besides, they can't find a teacher for the job).

[Keeping with Fudge's new policies of ensuring compatibility at Hogwarts.]

Lord Ravana forces Vernon Dursley to take him and his followers to King's Cross. The journey to Hogwarts is marked by more intimidation from the Slayers to the rest of the student body. More "proper" First Years are dragooned into siding with Ravana's philosophies.

Ravana's servants have tonnes of intelligence to inform him of.....Ravana has established an excellent network of double agents among the Slytherins. Their parents, siding with Voldemort, are convinced that their children are also devoted to their Master.

Of course, every last member of Slytherin House is one of Ravana's Slayers.

The Sorting Hat places many more new students into Slytherin yet again.

As the year progresses, Ravana reveals yet another plan. Several non-Slytherins, including Hannah Abbot of Hufflepuff, Anthony Goldstein of Ravenclaw, and Seamus Finnigan of Gryffindor are forced to take Umbreakable Oaths to serve Lord Ravana.

[And if you break an Unbreakable Oath, you die.]

Meanwhile, Fenrir Greyback begins rallying the werewolves to Voldemort's service.

The Inquisitorial Squad continues to intimidate the rest of the student body, keeping the total point score of Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor at zero.

[It should be mentioned at this point that Argus Filch as gotten Peeves the Poltergeist expelled with Umbridge's blessings.]

Nagini kills Bill Weasely while the eldest Weasely son is on a mission at Gringotts for the Order. The Daily Prophet blames Dumbledore for the shocking murder. The family of Hannah Abbot is also slain (covertly) by the Death Eaters. Abbot is forced to leave Hogwarts, inadvertently violating her Unbreakable Vow, which kills her. The Ministry is growing flumoxed. The death of the Abbots is blamed on "followers of Dumbledore."

The Order, fustrated by the Ministry's hostility, and fearing for the students at the mercy of Lord Ravana, begins fomenting a plan to liberate the school from Dolores Umbridge. MacGonagal, convincing Dumbledore that Ravana is turning into a pawn of Voldemort, and that the Ministry has gone the same way, pushes him into authorizing the mission.

Lord Ravana, in the meantime, orchestrates the expulsion of the members of the Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor Quidditch teams. The replacement members are all but pathetic, so Slytherin gets some very easy victories under their belt.

The Slayers also begin plotting their coup for their Master.

The Ministry remains grossly complacent.

The stage is set, and the players are ready.

It all comes to a head in June of 1997.

Albus Dumbledore leads the Order on the mission to liberate Hogwarts from Dolores Umbridge and her ilk.

Although shocked by Dumbeldore's appearance with the best of the Order, Umbridge doesn't hesitate. She alerts Draco and Ravana to the threat.

The non-Slytherins who took the Unbreakable Vow to Ravana mostly refuse to give battle to the attackers, which leads to Seamus, Parvati and Padma Patil, and Anthony Goldstein passing on, among others.

A huge and confusing battle erupts in the Great Hall. The Slayers scream "RAVANA! RAVANA!" while fighting the Order. During the battle, Cho Chang is killed by Draco's killing curse. Sturgis Podmore dies under the killing curse of Blaise Zabini. Using the Avatar yet again, Lord Ravana demolishes most of the Great Hall, killing many members of the Order beneath falling debris, including Minerva MacGonagal and Professor Flitwick, along with Fred Weasely, George Weasely, Remus Lupin, and Rubeus Hagrid (who dies when an entire stone wall falls upon him). However, over 40 Slayers (mostly First and Second Years) fall in battle against the Oder. Gregory Goyle is killed by Cedric Diggory. Dolores Umbridge dies in a confrontation with Protessor Sinistra (who's killed by Vincent Crabbe shortly afterwards). Hermione Granger is wounded by Pansy Parkinson, and is forced to apparate back to St. Andrews.

During the heat of the battle, Albus Dumbledore tries desperately to reason with Ravana, telling him that there's good in him, and that it was his mother's love that saved him.

Enraged by Dumbledore's pleas, Lord Ravana orders his Slayers to focus all of their spells on the former Hogwarts Headmaster. Albus Dumbleodre is hit with over 20 killing curses, falling instantly. Cedric Diggory orders a retreat. The Order has been completely decimated, and Albus Dumbledore is dead.

Cornelius Fudge awards Lord Ravana the Order of Merlin First Class for "defeating a very dangerous murderer and subversive."

After the destructive battle, many parents refuse to send their children to Hogwarts, which is closed by the Board of Governors.

Ravana orders his Slayers into position, to strike at Voldemort, now that the Order is no longer of much concern. By now, Ravana has taught himself how to apparate properly.

With the devastation of his Sixth (and final) year at Hogwarts over, Lord Ravana returns to Surrey to plot his confrontation with Lord Voldemort.......

July 1997: 10 Downing Street

Anthony Blair popped yet another prozac. The new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom tried vainly to convince himself that he didn't know why he needed the anti-depressants.

Vainly, he tried to forget the last meeting he had had when he first became PM.

Blair, under his manifesto of "New Labour" had swept the May 1 general elections. The crushing defeat of the Tories was blamed on the "air of discontent" that had permeated the country. Blair had been exuberant in his victory.

Only to have it ruined by that "Minister of Magic," Cornelius Fudge, who had popped out of his fireplace, had congratulated him on his victory. He had also informed Blair on what was causing the cold mist that was creeping through the UK. A freak weather phenomenon had been Blair's guess, but his best scientists had informed him that as the Gulf Stream showed now sign of collapse, they couldn't explain the drop in average temperature that seemed to come with the mist.

Fudge had explained that the "Dementors"......or was it "Dementoids" were no longer under the Ministry's control, and they were spreading. They apparently couldn't be seen by "Muggles" such as himself, but they could certainly be felt.

"It shouldn't be a problem," Fudge had said. "We think that a subversive of ours may be behind it, but we'll catch him soon enough. No need to worry." Then, Fudge had vanished.

Tony Blair had spent the last couple of months trying to forget that meeting. But despite Fudge's assurances, things were apparently getting worse. The economy was slumping further, as surveys indicated that consumers were too depressed to do much shopping. However, prozac sales had cintupled throughout Britain in the last couple of months.

Now, the Prime Minister, like so many of his countrymen, was addicted to that drug, but it didn't seem to be helping. The fact that several gruesome murders had taken place in the recent weeks (where the victims had apparently died of shock) had been blamed on his government.

Then, all of a sudden, Tony Blair heard a sound....the same sound that Cornelius Fudge had made when he had popped out of his fireplace. Blair turned to face the fireplace expectantly.

Sure enough, someone popped out of the fire, which had turned green for the transition. But it wasn't Fudge.

"Relax, Prime Minister," said the man, who had a very handsome profile. "My name is Cedric Diggory, and I come as a friend in these dark times."

"Fudge's too cowardly to come himself then," sneered Blair. "Looks like things have only gotten worse under his watch."

"They have," said Cedric. "Fudge was lying to you when he said he could take care of things. The Dementors are beyond his control. They're under the control of a dark wizard named Lord Voldemort. But Voldemort isn't even the greatest of our problems anymore. It's the boy he failed to kill that's causing us our grief."

For the next several minutes, Tony Blair listened to the story of Lord Voldemort's fall, and the rise of this Harry Potter-no, Ravana character.

"...and so, we've taken heavy losses. We have someone watching over you to protect you from attack," finished Cedric Diggory. "Please don't tell Fudge that I have been here. Apparently, he rewarded Ravana for murdering Albus Dumbledore. We can't trust Fudge ever again." Diggory turned to apparate.

"Wait!" chimed in Blair. "You're a wizard! You can stop him with magic!"

"Prime Minister," said Cedric Diggory solemnly. "Unfortunately, the bad guys of my sad tale can use magic too. And, combined, they're far stronger than the Order at the moment. Anyhoo, cheerio." And with that, Diggory vanished the same way Fudge had.

Tony Blair didn't hesitate. He marched to his liquor cabinet. Suddenly, the idea of mixing vodka with prozac seemed very attractive indeed.......

1997-1998: The Rise of Ravana

After the destruction of the core of Albus Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix, its members have to go further underground. Cedric Diggory, still mourning for Cho Chang, becomes the defacto head. Viktor Krum invites Hermione's family to stay with him in Bulgaria; Krum is spending his time alerting the Bulgarian Ministry of Magic about the threat spreading in the British Isles. Diggory takes the time to meet with new British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who overdoses on prozac and vodka when he hears Diggory's tale.

Meanwhile, Lord Ravana orders his Slayers to manoeuvre into position; although the Slayers had taken a great many casualties, Ravana is salivating. Now that the Order is crippled, it's time to strike at his other enemy: Lord Voldemort.

When Ravana senses the time is right to strike, he orders his Slayers to attack; it begins in Whiltfordshire, where Draco Malfoy kills his parents. Many Death Eaters across the British Isles fall to their own children, who apparate to Bath, where Ravana had designates himself the Secret Keeper of his "Shadow Keep" on the River Avon.

Cornelius Fudge is baffled at the sudden death of Lucius Malfoy, who has turned into a close advisor. Voldemort is enraged that a solid chunk of his Death Eaters have fallen to Ravana. Realizing he has grossly underestimated Potter, Voldemort makes it his personal mission to hunt the upstart down.

The Ministry of Magic is now in panic. A huge massacre has torn through the wizarding community, and Fudge has no idea who to blame; with the destruction of the Order and Voldemort still hidden, Fudge remains indecisive...until Cedric Diggory meets with him in Diagon Alley, and tells him just who orchestrated the attacks, and why. Slowly but surely, Fudge comes to the conclusion that the body he granted the Order of Merlin, First Class, is even more dangerous than Voldemort.

Meanwhile, to get Voldemort's attention, Lord Ravana apparates to Little Hagelton with Draco, and torches the Riddle House (inadvertently destroying the objects that Lucius Malfoy had hidden there). Ravana also desecrates the ruin of the former Gaunt cottage (having discovered Voldemort's lineage his sixth year; he also inadvertently destroyes the ring of Marvolo Gaunt, destroying a second Horcrux). Enraged, Voldemort takes his remaining Death Eaters to meet Ravana in Little Hagleton. Ravana, in turn, calls his Slayers to him using the Protean Charm.

The so-called "Battle of Little Hagleton" between Lord Voldemort and Lord Ravana demolishes the town and turns most of the townsfolk into refugees. The Ministry of Magic's Aurors apparate to the battle as well, and the conflict becomes a three-way battle. Although plenty of Slayers fall, so does Voldemort's remaining Death Eaters (including Fenrir Greyback). Finally, just as Voldemort is about to corner Ravana, the trap is sprung; Draco Malfoy attacks Voldemort from behind. Fatally distracted, Voldemort is a clear shot for Ravana's killing curse.

[Of course, since he has never viewed Dumbledore's pensive, Ravana doesn't know about Voldemort's Horcruxes.]

The broken spirit of Lord Voldemort flees from the scene. During the battle, Malfoy managed to kill Nagini, accidentally destroying yet another Horcrux.

The Aurors, shocked at what they have just witnessed, apparate back to the Ministry and inform Fudge of what they have witnessed, after altering the memories of the townsfolk to make them think it was some sort of terrorist attack. Fudge declares an emergency, and contacts the Prime Minister. However, Fudge's bumblings have allowed a great evil to fester in Britain.

Ravana retreats back to Bath with his remaining Slayers. Having taken great casualties, Ravana is down to Draco and a select core.

To supplement his numbers, Ravana orders a kidnapping campaign initiated. Blaise Zabini, Draco Malfoy, and Pansy Parkinson kidnap several former Hogwarts students, including Mandy Brocklehurst, Terry Boot, Susan Bones, Rose Zeller, Zacarias Smith, Morag MacDougal, Luna Lovegood, and others. The former Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, and Hufflepuffs are put under the Imperious Curse, and ordered to do Ravana's bidding.

Thus, 1997 ends with Ravana consolidating his forces.

1998 sees the Ministry ordering a massive hunt for the whereabouts of both Ravana and the missing children. However, Ravana takes the time to begin establishing his "Shadow Kingdom," of which he hopes to include the British Isles over time. Ravana journeys to Borgin and Burke's shop in Knockturn Alley, where he kills Mr. Borgin and steals several powerful objects.

One of the objects is a beautiful opal necklace that kills at the slightest touch. He uses it several times in London on some random Muggles, and then decides to aim higher once he gets the chance.

During this time, Ravana begins to soften his views on the value of "pure-blood." He reasons to himself that since he needs fresh blood for his Slayers, it shouldn't matter who that Slayer's ancestors consisted of, just so long as they're willing to fight for him. He orders his Slayers to accept this viewpoint, which of course, they do, as they have a Manson Family-like devotion to him.

[Ravana, of course, still has a hatred of Muggles from his time at the Dursleys; this new attitude of his is one born out of necessity only, as Ravana realizes that there are not nearly enough Pure Bloods to make an army with.]

The kidnapping campaign begins again in earnest; Dean Thomas, Lisa Turpin, and the Creevys are kidnapped and put under the Imperius Curse. Fudge, beset by this latest calamity, is forced to resign. Rufus Scrimgeour, the former head of the Auror Office, becomes Minister of Magic. Ravana then contends himself with training his new "recruits" into the Slayers. On one personal mission of vengeance, Ravana journeys to his "Aunt" Marge's bulldog farm, where he kills her and lays waste to her farm. The Dursleys, having officially kicked Ravana from their house, are shocked, and the Ministry covertly beefs up security around Little Whinging. Rather than risk an open battle with the Ministry, which he would lose due to lack of numbers, Ravana decides to bide his time.

The rest of 1998 passes fairly quietly. The Ministry contents itself with reducing the Dementor population, which is grossly out of control. Ravana waits to awaken with a matter how long his ultimate revenge takes.......

1998-1999: The Phoney War

While at his Shadow Keep, Lord Ravana engages in an affair with Pansy Parkinson. She bears him a son on August 2, 1998. He's named Jeterix, and left to Pansy to raise.

The broken spirit of Lord Voldemort flees in agony, utterly bereft of followers. He winds up in Belarus, where he begins bind his time.

1998 is also spent by Ravana attempting to become an Animagus. Mars, his owl, steals all the ingredients he needs. Finally, on December 31, 1998, Ravana manages to transform into a raven. Malfoy, for all of his loyal services, also becomes an Animagus, and becomes a King Cobra.

[Ravana's transformation contrasts sharply with his father's ability to transform himself into a stag.]

Ravana uses his new powers in London, where he apparates to Trafalgar Square and Nelson's Column aflame. The Ministry desperately fixes the damage, and brainwashes the muggles into thinking that a bus backfired. A stampede ensues as 1999 rolls around.

While the Ministry is distracted in London, Lord Ravana comes to Surrey. He hunts down and kills all of Dudley's childhood friends-Piers Polkiss, Dennis, Malcolm, and Gordon (the gang that assisted Dudley in tormenting him as a child). Dawlish, an Auror guarding the Dursleys, confronts Ravana, who kills him in a brutal one-on-one duel.

1999 is spent summoning the Slytherin who left Hogwarts before the Slayers were founded. Ravana and Malfoy force them all to return. The few who refuse are slain. Those found untrustworthy are forced under the Imperious Curse.

Rufus Scrimgeour is confounded by this latest turn of events. The hunt for Ravana is not going well at all.

In the meantime, Hermione adjusts to life in Sofia with Viktor Krum.

Cedric Diggory officially becomes an Auror (appointed in an emergency measure).

The Weaselys are completely impoverished, and still live in St. Andrews.

In July of 1999, Ravana decides to up the ante. Hailing the Knight Bus, he promptly slays every last passenger (along with Stan Shunpike and Ernie Prang), apparates out before the bus crashes, and sets the purple triple decker busaflame.

[Of course, Ravana merely desires to cause terror among the wizarding community of Britain.]

Hogwarts is finally reopened after a two-year gap. A very reluctant Horace Slughorn becomes the newest Headmaster (by default, as many teachers were killed in the 1997 battle).

Over the next several months, Ravana's Slayers commit wontan acts of murder and horrific acts of terror all over Britain. Among those killed in the "Reign of Terror" are Florian Fortescue (the owner of a famous Diagon Alley ice cream shop), Tom the Barman, and Olivander. The Ministry finally captures one Slayer, Theodore Nott, Jr. while he attempts to set fire to London's Old Baily. Nott takes his own life before he can be interrogated.

All of this, of course, will pale in comparison to the violence to be unleased in the year 2000, of course........

A glimpse of the future.....

Little Whinging, Surrey, UK

The screaming just wouldn't stop. Petunia Dursley burst into her son Dudley's room to find him yelling his lungs out and trashing in bed violently. She woke him. Dudley's face, still with the stretched skin from his emergency liposuction done after his heart attack, was a mask of terror.

"Oh Diddy Diddlykums," soothed Petunia. "Have you had another nightmare?"

"Mum, he-he's back!"

"Your man in black?" Dudley had been having this nightmare every night for the last two weeks. He described the dreams as being "everything you'd see in a Yankee horror flick." They always ended with Dudley murmuring about ending up in "the Black Place." Then he would cry himself to sleep for another hour.

Things hadn't been that easy on the Dursleys even without Dudley's nightmares. Vernon's drill firm, Grunings, was suffering under the strains of the "Brittanic Rescession." Everyone she knew was feeling depressed. Several horrific murders had taken place over the last couple of years.

But now, she cared only for her pale, sweating, 20-year-old son.

"Yes," Dudley spat out. "And he's coming here! He's coming to our house! And there's nothing we can do!"

"Oh now Diddkums," said Petunia. "There's no way that he's coming here. You just go back to-wait, what's that?!"

Was that a chant?!

It certainly sounded like that. There it was, cascading through Dudley's windows: "Ravana. Ravana. Ravana. Ravana. Ravana......"

Suddenly, Vernon Dursley stammered into Dudley's room. "Where's the fire?"

That's when the explosion occurred.

Petunia heard their front door splinter. The chant was growing louder:".......Ravana....Ravana....Ravana....RAVANA! RAVANA! RAVANA!...."

"He's back," sobbed Dudley. "And there's nothing we can do."

That's when the lights came back on, almost blinding the Dursleys. All three Dursleys gasped.

Standing there was their horrid relation, Harry. The one who had brought on their son's heart attack. And standing around him were a bunch of figures in dark robes. Abruptly, the chanting stopped.

Harry spoke. "Hello, Durleys."

Vernon spoke up. "What the hell 'chu doin' here, boy? Didn't I tell ya to clear off two years ago?!" Then, before Vernon Dursely could comprehend it, a jet of green light shot from Harry's wand and struck the life out of him. Petunia screamed. Dudley began to cry harder.

Harry spoke again. "That's right, Dursleys. Cry. Cry like you made Harry Potter cry."

Petunia brought herself under control. "Please, Harry, we can-"

"Harry Potter is dead," snarled Harry. "Get down on your knees woman, and beg for mercy from Lord Ravana and his Slayers."

Petunia got down on her knees. "Please, Lord um, Ravana....we can negotiate! There's no need to resort to violence."

"Like the time you beat Harry Potter with a vacuum cleaner?" snarled Ravana. "Like the time you beat Harry Potter with a lamp, or the time with the poker, or the time with the cricket bat, or the time you tried to strangle him with the electrical wire?"

"Is it too late to say that I'm sorry?" sobbed Petunia.

"It is too late....for Harry....Avada Kedavera!" A jet of green light from Harry's wand blasted the life out of Petunia Dursley, sending her body crashing against the wall.

Lord Ravana turned to his cousin. "There there, my brave little Diddlykums, you're not going to die just yet." He turned to his Shadow Enforcer. "Draco!"

"Yes, my Lord?"

"Have yourself a little fun with this little Muggle. We're off to start Operation Edward. Remember what to do with the house when you're done."

"Yes, Lord Ravana," said Draco, bowing. "Your Will is my Own."

"Excellent," snarled Lord Ravana savagely. "Alright, my Slayers, tonight begets the destruction of Surrey! March on! Punish the Muggles through and through!"

A bloodthirsty cheer went up from the Slayers who began to file out of the room to their Lord's bidding. Lord Ravana was the last to leave. He said one last thing to his cousin.

"Good-bye, Dudley."

That left Draco Malfoy, Lord Ravana's Shadow Enforcer, alone with the trembling Dudley Dursley. Draco's eyes alighted with the sadistic delight of a cat who's cornered a very troublesome mouse.

He raised is wand at Dudley.

He said only one thing: "Crucio!"

A day in the life of Lord Ravana's Shadow Kingdom........



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