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Extinction Event

By Doctor What



Chapter 29

For all his protests, it is the sad fact of Man that he cannot choose his triumph. He can only choose how he will stand when the call of Destiny comes. Hopeful that he'll have the courage to answer. What do we do, when things we believe in vanish before our eyes? When all seems lost, the future uncertain, our very existence on this planet we call home in peril... All we feel we can do is run ... or stand and fight ... Was there any warning of their arrival? A sign, a single event that set this chain into motion? Was it a whisper in God's ear? Was it hubris? Or folly? If we could mark a single moment in time, that first hint of the approaching danger - would we have done anything differently? Could it have been stopped? Or was the die so long ago cast and the path etched in stone? The Present is gone ... shattered... There is but one Truth now ... They are here, and the very Earth shudders beneath them...

      Private Journal of Captain Matt Messiniano, 12th Infantry Regiment, Fort Hamilton, New York. Awarded the Soldier’s Medal posthumously as of a result of his actions during the Manhattan Incursions.


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