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Aptitude Test



By Chris Oakley

Chapter 1




Thank you for submitting your application to work for the National Reconstruction Bureau. This aptitude test is being given to help the Bureau determine which type of work you would be best suited for and where your skills are most urgently needed. When you’ve completed the test, please put all the test sheets in the envelope provided and mail to your nearest Bureau regional personnel screening office.

In the biographical information box provided, you indicated that you live in:

New Orleans, Louisiana

Your completed aptitude test should therefore be mailed to:

National Reconstruction Bureau

Southeast Regional Personnel Screening Center

Warner Robins, Georgia

If you pass the aptitude test and meet all the necessary standards for employment with the NRB, you will receive along with your test scores an instruction sheet outlining your assignment with the Bureau and providing information on where you should report for the appropriate training. If you meet the standards but are unable to pass the test, you will receive with your scores a letter providing information on where and how you can take a makeup exam. If you fail the aptitude test and do not meet NRB employment standards, your application will be rejected and returned to you by mail at the earliest possible date.

If you need further assistance with this aptitude test, please go to your local NRB branch office and a bureau officer will be happy to answer all your questions.

Not everyone is cut out to work in the effort to rebuild this great country after the horror it experienced ten years ago. But if you make the grade, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re part of an organization that represents all the best aspects of the American character; you can also look forward to earning a salary commensurate with your abilities as a human being and a citizen of the United States.

You should allow at least three or four weeks for your test results to come back; if by that time you have not received your test scores call or write your NRB state office at Baton Rogue, Louisiana and a duplicate of your test will be mailed out to you with the score marked on the front cover.


National Reconstruction Bureau

Division of East Coast Personnel Affairs

Bristol, Rhode Island


1235 Ponchatrain Drive

New Orleans, La.


National Reconstruction Bureau

Southeast Regional Personnel Screening Center

Warner Robins, Ga.


Dear Mr. Cranswell,

We are pleased to inform you that you have passed the NRB aptitude test and met all the necessary standards for employment with the NRB. After analyzing your test results and biographical information, we have determined you would be best suited to work in the field of electrical engineering; within no later than fifteen days from the day you receive this letter you should report to the NRB training center in Bradenton, Florida to begin preparation for your assignment.

Following the completion of your training, you will be sent to Charleston, South Carolina to participate in the restoration of electrical services in that city. The first four weeks of your training program will be mainly devoted to basic instruction in the installation and repair of electrical circuitry; the remainder of your training time will focus on the specific nature of your assignment in Charleston. Your training will be supplemented by two-hour seminars three times a week about the history, geography, and culture of Charleston and its suburbs.

To help defray the costs of your trip to the Bradenton training center and any living expenses you may incur during your tour of duty in Charleston, you will be receiving a weekly stipend beginning three days from the date you fill out and return the delivery confirmation slip enclosed with this letter. When you get your first stipend check in the mail you will also be given an information pamphlet with details on where and how you can access your funds as a member of the NRB.

In closing, we’d like to say that we are extremely grateful you have made the commitment to put your skills to use helping to rebuild America. When your time with the NRB is complete, you will be able to take pride in the fact that you’ve been part of an endeavor as important in our nation’s history as the war for our independence from Great Britain or the expansion of America’s frontiers to the Pacific.


Cordially yours,

Theo Granderson

Director for Personnel Affairs



National Reconstruction Bureau

Southeast Training Center

Electrical Engineering Division

Bradenton, Fla.


    Dear Mr. Cranswell:


It is with great pride that we welcome you to our training program. Ever since the National Reconstruction Bureau began its work ten years ago to repair the damage done to this country by the horrendous barbarity of its enemies, we have always sought out the best and brightest talents among the American people, and you have demonstrated yourself to be on that list. By the time you complete the program, your talents will have earned you the respect of your peers...


To Be Continued


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