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2009 Swine Flu Outbreak

By David Cryan



April 27 09

WHO raises alert level to 6 after US President Obama falls ill with fever and chills. This being very simular to the swine flu, all schools, and public events are cancelled.

The border with Mexico is closed and the government takes steps to deploy national guard troops to the border.

Homeland security is currently investing this event as the general feeling is the President may have been poisoned by a Mexican archologist that has recently passed away after giving Obama a tour of some sites.

VP Biden has ordered all personnel that were with the president to be quarantined until further notice.

April 29 09

One of President Obama's security detail personnel dies of swine flu. Name not released.

VP Biden orders all information concerning president and his staff to go thru him before being released to the president.

98 confirmed cases of swine flu in New York city

1 May

President Joe Biden Sworn in as President of the United States.

5th US death from Swine Flu.

3 May

Raul Castro is quoted on tv " Our Northern neighbor the United States lost a true leader today. I hope the President now will be willing to continue the work of Mr. Obama."

9 May

President Biden refuses to give over the Military Members involved in the death of 2 Iraq's from late April. Either the Iraqi's can back down from this demand or the US will gladly go home.

10 May

The Iraqi PM in a rage states" The cowardly United States is ready to continue its policy of the 90's and that is to help only when they have their own way. We will have the murders or all work with the US is for naught."

Iran requests that the UN make the United States turn over the murders.

11 May

President Biden in his first prime time speech tells the world that Mexico is a new haven for terror, and that all troops in Iraq will return to Home and prepare for assignment on the Southern border.


To Be Continued


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