Updated Sunday 15 May, 2011 12:18 PM

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2009 swine flu outbreak


By David Cryan


Part 2



13 may
Cuba provided information on who ordered the hit on the late President Obama. The Cuban President wanted the trade embargo against Cuba dropped in return for this information.

The US Department of Homeland Security promised to review the information, allowing the Biden Administration to handle all of Cuba's requests.

14 may
news agencies reported thirty-seven deaths of young students in New York City (the school year in NYC was cancelled for the year).

15 may
the Department of Homeland Security verified that the Cuban Government provided very accurate information about who ordered the hit on the late US President and it is cartel leader Osiel Cardenas of the Mexican drug Gulf Cartel.

16 May
the Gulf Cartel stated that it did indeed order the hit and demand the release of Osiel Cardenas whom has been held in a Houston prison since he was extradited to the US in 2007.

17 May
US president Biden ordered all returning marines to the southern border with orders to kill upon sight and verification any and all drug smugglers trying to come thru the borders. The Mexican president in a rage expelled all US diplomats. The same day, the death toll in Mexico City reached 798.

18 May
the first deaths in the European Union of Swine Flu were reported in Spain. The US navy was put on alert to prepare a bi-ocean blockade of Mexican ports. Russia condemned the US actions thus far.

20 May
Mexico attempts to close its northern border. Mexicans are pouring over the border at a astonishing rate thru all the underground caves.

22 May
Iran reveals to the world that it is 9 months from being able to launch a nuclear weapon that can hit anywhere in the Middle East. It states it must do this to protect it self from the west, and the hateful Jewish empire.

24 May
The Russian leader and Mr Putin declare to the world that due to current events it must update its current preemptive strike with or without nuclear weapons.

25 May
All New England states end the school year for all students. more then 700 school children have died in the past week.

26 May
The New England states demand that the state and us government provide help so that parents can go back to work.

The UN asks the Russian government to please evaluate everything it is doing in its military and to help with dealing with H1N1.

27 May
Governor of Delaware closes the stats borders with all states and has doctors from local hospitals set up FEMA trailers outside the schools to help with any ill children or teacher. He promises that school will remain open as the children of this state deserve an opportunity to learn. Public service messages for hand washing and the use of bleach as a cleaner will help reduce any chance of spreading infections.


To be continued...


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