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A Distinct Society by Steve Payne

Author says: what if Quebecers voted for secession in 1980? Please note that the opinions expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the views of the author(s).

July 11th 1990,

ten years after the self-declared "distinct society" seceded from the Canadian Confederation, the break-away Republic of Quebec stood accused of hypocrisy and its intrinsic right of recognition called into question by a violent confrontation with the Mohawk first nation in the town of Oka.
"Quebec has three choices, be canadian, be american or be a puppet state of america" - readers comment
The disputed burial land had been granted to a religious order by the Governor of New France in 1717. The order sold the territory in 1936 for development and vacated the area, under protest by the local Mohawk community. Then in 1961, the City built a private nine-hole golf course, the Club de golf d'Oka, on a portion of the land and in 1989 the mayor of Oka, Jean Ouellette announced that the remainder of the pines would be cleared to expand the private, members-only golf club course to eighteen holes. Without consulting the Mohawk, he also approved development of sixty luxury condominiums.
All the natives in Quebec should be shipped off to Labrador "if they wanted their own country so much"All the natives in Quebec should be shipped off to Labrador "if they wanted their own country so much".Mohawks reacted by blocking the Mercier Bridge and Routes 132, 138 and 207. Natives from across Canada and the United States then joined the Mohawks behind a barricade. And then a gunfight began with the Sûreté du Québec, and a young officer named Corporal Marcel Lemay was shot dead.

Predictably, Quebecois authorities reacted with a wave of nationalist anger, and the Member of Parliament for Chateauguay said that all the natives in Quebec should be shipped off to Labrador "if they wanted their own country so much".

Author says to view guest historian's comments on this post please visit the Today in Alternate History web site.

Steve Payne, Editor of Today in Alternate History, a Daily Updating Blog of Important Events In History That Never Occurred Today. Follow us on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.

Imagine what would be, if history had occurred a bit differently. Who says it didn't, somewhere? These fictional news items explore that possibility. Possibilities such as America becoming a Marxist superpower, aliens influencing human history in the 18th century and Teddy Roosevelt winning his 3rd term as president abound in this interesting fictional blog.


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