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Biography: Oscar Benjamin Liddell Part 6

by Chris Oakley

It was one of the clearest mornings anybody in New York City could remember in years. There was no sign that the Big Apple was about to experience the most horrendous domestic terrorist attack the United States had yet experienced in its history. Nor could any of New York's eight million residents be aware the same fanatics who were shortly about to strike at their city would also unleash fiery death on the nation's capital. But in Montana Oscar Benjamin Liddell was preparing to give the order that would unleash an unprecedented horror on the American people.

The jetliners that would be commandeered by the Brotherhood of White Unity for its attacks on New York and Washington took off from Boston just after 7:15 AM on the morning of September 11th, 2001. Two of those jets were bound for Los Angeles, with the other two scheduled to fly to San Francisco. At a prearranged signal, the two Los Angeles- bound planes would be commandeered and diverted to hit the World Trade Center while the first San Francisco-bound plane would be taken over to hit the Pentagon and the second San Francisco-bound plane would target either the Capitol or the White House, depending on which of them could be more easily reached once the BWU had seized the jet. Once it had been confirmed that at least two of the designated targets for the BWU attack had been struck, Liddell and his top deputies would go to ground as his official announcement of the beginning of the long-awaited "holy war" on ZOG.

With Liddell having been killed, most of his followers either dead themselves or in prison, and much of the documentary material left behind by the BWU still not yet examined by federal authorities, it's uncertain how much truth there is to the long-standing rumor that a fifth plane was to have been hijacked and crashed into the Supreme Court building. But it wouldn't be totally unreasonable to think Liddell at least considered the idea; he firmly believed SCOTUS had been co-opted by ZOG and was known to despise the court's more liberal justices as being agents of the mythical ZOG conspiracy to undermine "pure Aryan" society. Among the papers found by federal agents among Liddell's effects after his death were a stack of never-distributed BWU leaflets that openly advocated the assassination of SCOTUS members and could have been used to charge Liddell with treason if he'd ever gone to trial.


It was 8:48 AM on the morning of September 11th, 2001 when the first plane hijacked by the Brotherhood crashed into the Twin Towers. No sooner had onlookers noticed the explosion of the disintegrating first jet than a second plane hit the towers with the force of a giant sledgehammer. The crowds witnessing this horror barely had time to register what was going on before the North Tower of the World Trade Center began to collapse on itself. Within less than forty-five minutes after the first plane struck, the South Tower was also crumbling; by 10:15 AM, both towers were little more than burning rubble and all domestic flights in U.S. airspace had to be grounded on orders from the Federal Aviation Administration. Sadly the FAA directive came too late to stop the third hijacked plane from ramming into the Pentagon, killing dozens of Defense Department civilian workers and military personnel and sparking a fire that took the full strength of three D.C.-area fire companies to contain.

The lone bright spot on this tragic day involved a group of men who were passengers on the fourth hijacked plane, the one the Brotherhood had intended to use to hit the Capitol or the White House. They were members of a prominent Muslim charitable organization and were just on their way home to San Francisco after having finished a seven-city fundraising tour on the East Coast. When they realized what was happening with their plane they made a fateful decision which saved thousands of lives on the ground at the cost of their own-- they determined to rush the hijackers. Taking advantage of a brief pause by the leader of the hijacking party to harass the passengers with BWU propaganda, they charged up the cabin and started physically assaulting the hijackers; with the hijacking party's strategy and timing both seriously thrown off, the Muslim passengers quickly took over the plane's cockpit and diverted the plane away from Washington. The jet got as far as 75 nautical miles from the Maryland coastline before it finally ran out of fuel and crashed into the Atlantic.

President George W. Bush was touring an elementary school near Miami when he first learned about the Brotherhood's attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. Though not yet totally aware of the Brotherhood's role in these attacks, he was suspicious enough about that even as he was being evacuated to the safety of Air Force One he instructed his Attorney General John Ashcroft to issue arrest warrants for at least seventy known and suspected BWU guerrilla leaders. By the end of the day at least sixty of those leaders were in federal custody and another five had been killed in shootouts with the FBI or U.S. Marshal's Service.

Much to the Justice Department's frustration, Liddell himself eluded capture. His video officially declaring war on the U.S. government would turn out to be the closest they got to him for nearly a decade as he went from one safe house to the next directing the Brotherhood's "holy war" on its perceived enemies. By the spring of 2003 Liddell had changed his base of operations no less than two dozen times, and he would continue to move

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