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Fire And Rain:
The Eruption of Mount Rainier
Part 1


By Chris Oakley


PROLOGUE: 6 Months Before Eruption

SEATTLE(AP)--Scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey announced last night that they have noticed a slight increase in seismic activity in the area around Mount Rainier...

CHAPTER 1: 3 Months Before Eruption

ABC World News

“Residents of Seattle were jolted awake this morning by an earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale....”

SAN FRANCISCO(UPI)--Seismologists at UC-Berkley have calculated that if recent seismic activity in Washington State continues along its current pattern there is at least a ten percent probability of an earthquake or volcanic eruption occurring in the Seattle area before the end of the year...

BBC World News

“Civil defense officials in the American states of Washington, Oregon, and California met via teleconference this afternoon to discuss what measures could be taken to evacuate Seattle if Mount Rainier should erupt...”

CHAPTER 2: 1 Month Before Eruption

NBC Nightly News

“AAA is reporting a 50 drop in hotel bookings in the Seattle area over the past four months. Fears of an impending eruption of the Mount Rainier volcano near Seattle are thought to be the principal
cause of this decrease...”

Portland Oregonian

“Seismologists, geologists, and environmental scientists from the University of Oregon are leaving today for Mount Rainier in Washington to begin a survey of the region aimed at determining exactly how serious the danger is of an eruption in the near future...”

NEW YORK(Yahoo! News)--Disaster preparedness experts at Columbia University say that if an eruption does happen at Mount Rainier the key to keeping casualties low will lie in evacuating the residents of Seattle and Tacoma in as quickly and orderly a fashion as possible and in keeping the population calm...

CHAPTER 3: 2 Weeks Before Eruption

“The Major League Baseball commissioner’s office declined to comment today on rumors the Mariners’ scheduled home opener next week against the Baltimore Orioles may be postponed due to the threat of a volcanic eruption at Mount Rainier...”

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Washington State University biologists report a substantial die-off among wildlife communities in the woods surrounding Mount Rainier. The precise cause of this has not yet been determined, but a number of animal bodies examined by the biologists have tested positive for traces of the types of gases given off by a volcano prior to its eruption....”

CBS Evening News

“University of Oregon seismologists have confirmed that a series of tremors in the 4.5-4.9 range occurred early this morning in the vicinity of Mount Rainier...”

CHAPTER 4: 1 Week Before Eruption

Boston Globe

“Hotels in Seattle and Tacoma are experiencing an unusually high number of vacancies as guests check out in a frantic effort to get out of both cities before the expected eruption of Mt. Rainier....”

CBC News At Six

“The Canadian Department of External Affairs has issued an advisory to all Canadian citizens intending to visit to the United States to exercise extreme caution in regard to traveling to or near the Seattle-Tacoma area...”

Los Angeles Times

“Following a two-hour conference call with the MLS commissioner’s office last night, the L.A. Galaxy and the Seattle Sounders have agreed to temporarily postpone tomorrow’s scheduled game at Qwest Field....”

The Guardian

“American disaster preparedness and Homeland Security officials are keeping an anxious watch on Washington’s Mount Rainier volcano as it threatens to erupt any day….”

CHAPTER 5: 72 Hours Before Eruption

Washington Post

“The President has ordered a precautionary evacuation of Seattle…”

Wall Street Journal

“The Dow Jones Industrial Average is continuing to drop as fears of an impending eruption of Mount Rainier are having ripple effects on the national economy....”

Detroit Free Press

“The main refugee camp set up by FEMA for Seattle and Tacoma residents evacuated from those two cities in anticipation of a threatened eruption of Mount Rainier is already beginning to become
 seriously overcrowded....”

Boston Herald

“USGS seismologists have recorded tremors in the 5.7-6.0 range just north of Mount Rainier...”

Sacramento Bee

“Observation teams in Washington State have spotted a thin column of smoke emanating from Mount Rainier’s peak...”

CHAPTER 6: 48 Hours Before Eruption

WASHINGTON(UPI)-- The President is scheduled to address the nation this afternoon at 3:30 PM Eastern(12 noon Pacific) to report on evacuation efforts in the Seattle and Tacoma areas as Mount Rainier comes closer every day to erupting....


“Nearly every major highway from Vancouver to Sacramento is jammed with people trying to get away from Mount Rainier as the long-dormant volcano threatens to erupt for the first time in nearly
160 years....”

The Australian

“A prominent University of Melbourne lecturer on climate sciences has predicted that if Mount Rainier erupts, the amount of rock and ash spewed into the atmosphere could potentially lower the average temperature in the Western Hemisphere as much as twenty degrees....”

New York Times

“Hational Guard troops in five states are on full alert today as an expected eruption of Mount Rainier looms closer to occurring....”

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Classes at the University of Washington have been suspended until further notice....”

Washington Post

“The Pentagon has ordered all ships at the Bremerton naval base to put to sea by 3:00 PM Eastern term(12 noon Pacific) this afternoon....”










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