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Fire And Rain:
The Eruption of Mount Rainier
Part 2


By Chris Oakley


CHAPTER 7: 36 Hours Before Eruption

New York Post

“Seattle-Tacoma Airport is expected to close later today after all aircraft and personnel there have been evacuated from the expected blast zone of Mount Rainier’s impending eruption....”

NBC Nightly News

“Flights that were scheduled to take off this afternoon for the U.S. from Tokyo’s main international airport have been grounded as Japanese officials keep a nervous and watchful eye on the events going
on right now at Mount Rainer....”

BBC World News

“Russian seismologists in Siberia are suggesting the Mount Rainier volcano may erupt even sooner than predicted...”

CHAPTER 8: 24 Hours Before Eruption

Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“Water temperatures in the area around Mount Rainier have risen by more than eight degrees since 6:30 PM last night....”

CBS Morning News

“The EPA has issued air quality warnings for the Seattle and Tacoma areas...”

KING 5 News

“Volcanology experts at the University of Washington are saying tonight that the latest developments at Mount Rainier indicate the long-dormant volcano could erupt at any hour....”

BBC World News

“Flights from Seoul to the U.S. west coast have been grounded until further notice....”

BREAKING NEWS: British Columbia section of Canadian border may be closed to U.S. travelers

TACOMA(AP)--Hundreds of people have still not been evacuated from this city in the face of what is widely agreed to be an imminent eruption of Mount Rainier....

WASHINGTON(UPI)--A spokesman for the Canadian embassy here said there were no plans to close the British Columbia section of Canada’s border with the United States....

CHAPTER 9: 12 Hours Before Eruption

“Washington state disaster officials have declined to comment on rumors of a breakdown in the evacuation plan currently being implemented in response to a threatened eruption of Mount Rainier...”

ABC World News

“Federal and state disaster officials are urging motorists to stay away from the Seattle and Tacoma areas....”

KING 5 News

“Another tremor was recorded this afternoon at Mount Rainier....”

CHAPTER 10: 3 Hours Before Eruption

BREAKING NEWS--Space Needle in danger of collapse

BBC World News

“Seattle’s famous Space Needle has been ordered closed until further notice...”


“Seismology experts are warning it is only a matter of hours, perhaps minutes, before the Mount Rainier volcano erupts...”

CHAPTER 11: 1 Hour Before Eruption

NBC News Special Report

“Federal emergency teams are racing against time to evacuate the last holdouts from Seattle before the expected eruption of Mount Rainier. Already large columns of smoke can be seen emerging from the top of the previously dormant volcano....”

CBC News

“University of Calgary observation teams have evacuated Mount Rainier on the advice of U.S. emergency authorities....”


The following Emergency Action Notification has been issued at the request of the Seattle office of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. An eruption of Mount Rainier is expected to take place within the hour. All residents of the Seattle and Tacoma areas who have not already evacuated are urged to do so right away....










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