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Fire And Rain:
The Eruption of Mount Rainier
Part 3


By Chris Oakley


CHAPTER 13: The Moment Of The Eruption

Developing Story--USGS reports Mount Rainier has erupted

KING 5 News Special Report

“These live pictures are coming to you from our news chopper...As you can see, massive columns of ash
are just pouring out from the top of Rainier. University of Washington geology experts are saying that the
force of the blast from the initial eruption was at least twice that generated by the eruption of Mount Saint
Helens in 1980....Torrents of lava are flowing down the side of the mountain...”


The following Emergency Action Notification has been issued at the request of the Seattle Police Department. The Mount Rainier volcano has erupted. Motorists are advised to stay away from Seattle and Tacoma until further notice...

Breaking News--Force of initial Mt. Rainier eruption confirmed as greater than that of 1980 Mount St. Helens blast

BBC World News Special Report

“What is already being called the worst natural disaster to hit the United States since Hurricane Katrina is devastating Seattle at this hour....”


“The Mount Rainier volcano in America’s Washington state has erupted for the first time since 1894....”

CBS News Special Report

“Tsunami warnings have just been issued for the Puget Sound area…”

SAN FRANCISCO(AP)--Seattle and Tacoma are reeling under the worst volcanic eruption to happen in the continental United States in nearly a century….

NBC News Special Report

“We are just now getting reports of substantial mudflow from the Mount Rainier eruption engulfing the towns of Kent and Puyallup…”

ABC News Special Report

“Massive clouds of ash are falling on downtown Seattle....”

CHAPTER 14: 30 Minutes After The Eruption

LOS ANGELES(UPI)--FEMA’s West Coast regional headquarters has issued a statement saying an emergency command center has been activated in Portland to co-ordinate civil defense efforts for all areas being affected by the eruption of Mount Rainier...

The Huffington Post

“Twenty people have already been confirmed dead as a result of the eruption of Mount Rainier...”

KING 5 News Special Report

“This video now coming in to our newsroom shows the incredible amounts of lava and mudflow being generated by the Mount Rainier eruption...We’ve received confirmation in the last ten minutes that the town of Kent has been destroyed...”

CBC News Special Report

“Seismologists at the University of British Columbia say the tremors which preceded the eruption of Mount Rainier were strong enough to be felt in downtown Vancouver...”

Los Angeles Times

“Numerous fires are being reported in and around Seattle as a result of the lava bombs raining down on the city from Mount Rainier....”

ZDF-TV News Special Report

“Flights from Berlin to the U.S. west coast have been suspended indefinitely as a result of the eruption of Mount Rainier...”

Fox News

“The President will be addressing the nation in 90 minutes to outline the measures being taken by the federal government in response to the disaster unfolding at Mount Rainier...”

CHAPTER 15: 1 Hour After The Eruption

CBS News

“We want to remind our viewers that in thirty minutes we’ll be taking a pause in our Mount Rainier eruption coverage to bring you the President’s televised address on the disaster...”

BBC World News

“The death toll in the Mount Rainier eruption has now been revised upward to fifty-seven, and experts are predicting it will in all likelihood rise even higher before the crisis is over....”

NBC News

“We’ve just had confirmation that a tsunami has hit Puget Sound...”

DEVELOPING STORY--Space Needle collapses; Qwest Field heavily damaged; control tower at Sea-Tac airport destroyed

CHAPTER 16: 2 Hours After The Eruption

Fox News

“The President has declared a federal state of emergency for eastern Washington state and parts of northern Oregon...

BREAKING NEWS--400 confirmed dead, over 2000 injured or missing in Puget Sound tsunami

CBS News

“We’ve just received an e-mail from our Anchorage affiliate that both our Seattle and Tacoma affiliates have been knocked off the air as a result of the Mount Rainier eruption, and there are also reports that Microsoft’s headquarters in the Seattle area may have been heavily damaged or even destroyed....”

ABC  News

“Virtually all electrical power in Seattle is out at this hour, and authorities are now reporting multiple power outages in the Tacoma area as well...”

CBC News

“The U.S. embassy in Ottawa has confirmed the loss of at least three naval vessels and one Coast Guard cutter as a result of the Puget Sound tsunami...”

NHK News Special Report

“Scientists at Tokyo University have indicated that the ash clouds generated by the Mount Rainier eruption in the United States can be seen as far away as the Canadian province of Alberta...”











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