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Fire And Rain:
The Eruption of Mount Rainier
Part 4


By Chris Oakley


CHAPTER 17: 3 Hours After The Eruption

CBS News

“These pictures are coming to us from a helicopter directly above downtown Seattle...the camera crew transmitting the video is doing so at considerable risk to their lives, given that Mount Rainier is still erupting. As you can see, much of Seattle lies in ruins as a result of the volcanic blast....”

DEVELOPING STORY--Death toll in Puget Sound tsunami now up to 850

China Central TV

“While at present it cannot be predicted with any degree of certainty precisely what the effects of the Mount Rainier eruption will be on the North American climate, scientists theorize that the amount of daily sunlight that reaches the continent’s northwestern coast will be reduced by at least fifteen

BBC World News

“The American public is watching the events at Mount Rainier with a level of anxiety rivaling that which gripped the country on 9/11...In Canada a similar mood is evident as that country’s leading climatologists brace themselves for the upsurge in violent storms likely to result from the massive amounts of static electricity the ash clouds from the volcano are carrying into the atmosphere....”

BREAKING NEWS--Seattle mayor believed dead

NBC News

“Meterologists are now saying some of the ash generated from the eruption of Mount Rainier may drift towards Alaska...”

CHAPTER 18: 6 Hours After The Eruption

ABC News

“The volcanic eruption at Mount Rainier shows no signs of slowing down; in fact, scientists at the University of Oregon are warning that the worst may be yet to come...”

KGW-TV NewsChannel 8, Portland

“Energy companies are warning residents of northern Oregon to brace themselves for possible power outages as a result of the Mount Rainier eruption...”

CBC News

“The ash clouds from the Mount Rainier eruption now extend as far as the town of Lethbridge, Alberta and can be seen from upper floor windows in Calgary...”

DEVELOPING STORY--Death toll in Puget Sound tsunami may be as high as 1100, say Red Cross officials

BREAKING NEWS-- FAA orders all fights at Anchorage and Juneau grounded until further notice

NHK Special Report

“United States maritime authorities are mounting a search for a missing trawler that was en route to Puget Sound at the time of the Mount Rainier eruption...”

CHAPTER 19: 12 Hours After The Eruption

New York Daily News

Seattle devastated, three towns destroyed by Rainier eruption

SAN FRANCISCO(AP)--The number of confirmed dead in yesterday’s eruption of Mount Rainier and the accompanying tsunami which struck Puget Sound has now risen to 10,000, and FEMA officials are concerned it may climb still higher...

ABC News Special Report

“Nearly all of Washington’s western coastal cities are without electricity at this hour as FEMA braces for further volcanic activity from Mount Rainier...”

BBC World News

“Lava is continuing to flow from Mount Rainier as U.S. emergency agencies continue their efforts to locate and rescue survivors of yesterday’s volcanic eruption...”

CHAPTER 20: 18 Hours After The Eruption

SAN FRANCISCO(UPI)--The latest FEMA casualty estimates in the eruption of Mount Rainier now place the total number of dead at 25,000....

The Guardian

“Geologists at Oxford University are suggesting that the long-term consequences of the eruption of Mount Rainier may include the onset of a mini-Ice Age in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere...”

DEVELOPING STORY--Death toll in Rainier eruption revised upward; Tacoma’s mayor feared dead

CBS News

“Massive fires are still raging in Seattle as a result of the lava bombs that struck the city earlier today...”

KGW-TV NewsChannel 8 Special Report

“It has just been confirmed within the past half-hour that the mayors of Seattle and Tacoma are both dead....”

NBC News

“Eyewitnesses in Canada now say that ash from the eruption of Mount Rainier has reached Calgary, Alberta....”












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