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Fire And Rain:
The Eruption of Mount Rainier
Part 5


By Chris Oakley


CHAPTER 21: 24 Hours After The Eruption

Russia Today

“Prominent Moscow University climatologists are suggesting the substantial tonnage of volcanic ash generated by yesterday’s eruption of Mount Rainier may drastically alter weather patterns for the coming year in the Northern Hemisphere...”

Times Of London DEVASTATION Mt. Rainier volcanic event judged worst U.S. natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina

CBS News

“The National Guard has sent up tent cities for those refugees who were unable to make it to a FEMA emergency shelter before Mount Rainier erupted...”

DEVELOPING STORY--Scientists report Mount Rainier eruption may have begun to subside

CHAPTER 22: 36 Hours After The Eruption

CBS This Morning

“For the first time in nearly two days there’s good news from Seattle...USGS scientists are reporting that the Mount Rainier eruption has finally come to an end...”

DEVELOPING STORY--US Geological Survey confirms Mount Rainier eruption is over

ABC News

“Nearly two days after it began, the eruption of Mount Rainier has finally ended. Officials at the U.S. Geological Survey reported earlier today that volcanic activity in the Rainier area ceased about 10:30 Am Eastern time this morning....”

BBC World News

“With the Mount Rainier eruption at an end, U.S. authorities now to turn to the tasks for caring for the survivors of the disaster and getting the most accurate possible count on the number of dead...”

PENDLETON, OREGON(UPI)--U.S. Army graves registration teams are en route to the Seattle area to assist state and federal disaster workers in identifying the bodies of those killed in the Mt. Rainier volcanic eruption....

CHAPTER 23: 48 Hours After The Eruption

Boston Globe

“The death toll in the Mount Rainer volcanic eruption that happened two days ago continues to rise. The latest estimates by the American Red Cross put the number of dead at 30,000, with another 10,000 injured or missing...”

San Francisco Examiner

“Top Catholic officials from the Seattle Archdiocese are scheduled to speak with the Pope this afternoon via conference call to debrief him on the Mount Rainier eruption and its effects on the Seattle Catholic community....”

CBS Evening News

“Doctors in eastern Washington state are swamped despite the best efforts of volunteers from the rest of the state, from neighboring Oregon,  and from Canada as well from National Guard medical units to give them relief in treating the injured from the eruption of Mount Rainier two days ago and from the tsunami in Puget Sound which the eruption produced...”

“The amount of damage claims expected to be filed with insurance companies in the wake of the Mount Rainier eruption is expected to be the largest in U.S. history; some insurance industry analysts say that the total could easily approach $1 trillion...”

CHAPTER 24: 72 Hours After The Eruption

Good Morning America

“For the first time in nearly three days the sun is visible in Seattle’s skies as the ash clouds generated by Mount Rainier’s eruption are finally dissipating...”

WASHINGTON(AP)--The Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA) has updated its estimates of the death from the Mount Rainier eruption. The latest figures now put the number of people killed in the disaster at close to 50,000...

San Francisco Chronicle

“Federal Aviation Administration officials say any decision on a timetable for reopening Sea-Tac Airport is contingent on a damage assessment report by NTSB inspectors who are scheduled to examine the airport’s facilities later this week. The inspection team, who arrived in Washington state late last night, will also examine the wreckage of several aircraft caught on the ground when Mount Rainier erupted...”

European Journal

“Stock markets in Berlin, Paris, Zurich, and London are caught in a sharp downtown at this hour as the economic repercussions from the Mount Rainier eruption continue to be felt in Europe and elsewhere around the world...”

“The National Football League issued a statement today saying the league owners’ committee will hold a special session tomorrow in Los Angeles to discuss possible alternative venues for the Seattle Seahawks’ home games this season while Qwest Field undergoes repairs to fix the damage inflicted by the Mount Rainier eruption three days ago. In related news Major League Baseball announced a deal has been reached with the Colorado Rockies to let the Mariners play their season home opener at Coors Field...”













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