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Fire And Rain:
The Eruption of Mount Rainier
Part 7


By Chris Oakley


CHAPTER 29: 6 Months After The Eruption

SEATTLE(Yahoo! News)--The earliest recorded snowfall in metropolitan Seattle’s history happened late this morning, dumping at least ten inches on a city still trying to pull itself back together after the Mount Rainier volcanic eruption six months ago. Weather experts are saying the snowstorm may be a harbinger of the climate changes it was predicted the eruption would bring about...

DEVELOPING STORY--Mariners G.M. says local investors’ group has made 11th-hour offer to acquire team and keep it in Seattle

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“The Seattle City Council is set to vote tomorrow on which of four proposals it will endorse to resolve the question of what to do with the land that was formerly home to the Space Needle until the Mount Rainier eruption last year. While the second proposal, a three-story museum dedicated to the eruption, is the current favorite to be passed by the council, the fourth proposal-- which calls for the construction of a Space Needle II --is gaining tremendous public support thanks in part to a relentless social media campaign by the group Friends of the Space Needle...”

BBC World News

“Oxford University climatologists are reporting a steady and dangerous decline in average daily temperatures in certain parts of the western half of North America. This decline is thought to be at least indirectly linked to the amounts of volcanic ash which were thrown into the atmosphere by last year’s eruption at Mount Rainier...”

CBS Evening News

“Even a full year after the fact, the Mount Rainier eruption is continuing to claim casualties. Today America’s second-largest insurance company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a New York City federal courtroom, citing the massive drain placed on its assets by thousands of damage claims from victims of the disaster...”

Fox Sports

“Sources close to both Major League Baseball and the Seattle Mariners say a deal to keep the team in Seattle is in danger of collapse...”

SEATTLE(AP)--The worst blizzard that this city has seen in nearly sixty-five years struck early this morning, dropping six feet of snow on metropolitan Seattle and its closest suburbs....

CHAPTER 31: 2 Years After The Eruption

CBC News At Six

“The so-called ‘mini-Ice Age’ which has been going on since the Mount Rainier eruption two years ago may not be so mini after all. Today in Mexico, the city of Tijuana recorded its lowest noontime temperature in more than thirty years...”

60 Minutes

“The mayor of Tacoma is angry, accusing the federal government of treating her city like an unwanted stepchild when it comes to dispensing post-Mount Rainier disaster aid....”

New York Post

“Three Seattle Police officials have resigned in the face of corruption charges stemming from a year-long investigation of allegations that relatives of city council members were supposedly given preferential treatment during arrests for curfew violations following the eruption of Mount Rainer two years ago...”

Fox Sports

“The National Hockey League has scrapped plans to hold its annual Winter Classic game At Qwest Field next season, citing delays in the completion of the stadium’s repairs...”

BREAKING NEWS--Congress deadlocked on Bremerton rebuilding fund extension bill

DEVELOPING STORY--Superstorm Belinda bearing down on Los Angeles; NOAA experts say climate changes tied to Mount Rainier eruption may be critical factor in storm’s progress

NBC News Special Report

“The Dow Jones average has dropped more than 1020 points on the news that the aerospace industry giant Boeing is about to file for bankruptcy...”

Fox News

“Seattle’s chief of police is facing indictment in the growing scandal surrounding his department’s alleged preferential treatment of relatives of city council members in the matter of arrests for curfew violations following the Mount Rainier eruption two years ago....”

DEVELOPING STORY--Blizzard dumping unprecedented amounts of snow on Denver area






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