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Fire And Rain:
The Eruption of Mount Rainier
Part 8


By Chris Oakley


CHAPTER 32: 5 Years After The Eruption

Times Of London

“The U.S. unemployment rate last month surpassed 11 percent. The hardest-hit area of the country: the
Pacific Northwest, which is still feeling the economic effects from the Mount Rainier eruption five years

DEVELOPING STORY--Flood warning in effect for Minneapolis/St. Paul area


“Some scientists are worried that the recent string of mega-storms which has been battering the western United States, including the floods which crippled Minneapolis and St. Paul earlier this week, may just be a harbinger of a new Ice Age....”

Seattle Post-Intelligencer


Deal To Keep Sounders In Seattle Falls Apart; MLS Expected To Approve Franchise Transfer To Charlotte Next Week

“The Seattle Sounders’ decision to relocate to Charlotte may be triggering a kind of domino effect in the rest of the Emerald City’s sports scene. National Hockey League sources are confirming that the investors’ group which was trying to bring an NHL expansion franchise to the Seattle area will announce later today that they are withdrawing their bid...”

ABC World News

“Record cold continues to grip the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountain states Washington state Tacoma has experienced its heaviest one-day snowfall in nearly a century....”

BREAKING NEWS--Ex-Seattle police chief, two senior officers found guilty in post-Mount Rainier corruption trial

Washington Post

“The financial costs from the Mount Rainier eruption may be even greater than previously thought. A just-released General Accounting Office report on expenses incurred by the federal government in the post-eruption recovery effort estimates the disaster has cost U.S. taxpayers nearly four trillion dollars...”

CHAPTER 33: 10 Years After The Eruption

New York Times

“Political infighting and financial troubles are delaying the second phase of construction on Space Needle II....”

CBS Morning News

“Residents of Santa Fe are digging out from a blizzard that dumped nearly eight feet of snow on the city this weekend...”

Sports Illustrated

“As mediocre as their performance has been this season, the Mariners are now the last bastion of professional sports in a city which has seen all its other pro teams flee for more hospitable climates since the Mount Rainier eruption ten years ago. The former Seattle Sounders of MLS are now plying their trade as the Charlotte Wave; the Seahawks have decamped to Minneapolis to fill the void left in the Twin Cities when the Vikings relocated to Los Angeles; the Kings’ departure to Montreal put an end to the Emerald City’s all-too-brief NBA renaissance; and any hope of bringing an NHL team to the Seattle area now seems like a fading pipe dream....”

New England Journal Of Medicine

“In the decade since the Mount Rainier volcanic disaster physicians in the Seattle-Tacoma area have seen a massive surge in the incidence of lung diseases among residents in those cities and their adjacent suburbs...”

Washington Post

“Congress is set to vote tomorrow on an economic relief bill meant to alleviate the severe unemployment problems in the Pacific Northwest stemming from the economic disruptions caused by the Mount Rainier eruption ten years ago...”

National Geographic

“Everywhere you look in western Washington state you can still see the scars left by the Mount Rainier eruption even after the passage of a full decade. Not only were a number of towns in the immediate vicinity of the blast wiped out by volcanic lava and ash, but many others were in effect rendered ghost towns as their former residents fled in terror from the volcano’s fury. In a tableau eerily reminiscent of what happened in certain Ukrainian towns after Chernobyl, the landscape in this part of the state is dotted with empty buildings seemingly frozen in time...”

CHAPTER 34: 20 Years After The Eruption

BREAKING NEWS--Salt Lake City enduring worst blizzard in a century

NBC Nightly News

“There is an increasing consensus in the scientific community that the meteorological effects of the Mount Rainier volcanic eruption twenty years ago may have been even more severe than previously imagined...”

“A source close to the NFL commissioner’s office says that no final decision has yet been made regarding Seattle’s bid for an expansion team to replace the departed Seahawks,  now known as the Minnesota Breakers. However, most people close to the investors’ group that’s bidding to get the expansion franchise have told us off the record they are pessimistic about their chances of succeeding in that bid....”

ABC World News

“A federal report on homelessness scheduled to be released tomorrow starkly illustrates just how hard the Seattle area was devastated by the Mount Rainier volcanic eruption two decades ago. In that report, it’s estimated that as much as 18 percent of metropolitan Seattle’s population is living on the streets due to economic hardship; the report also says the city’s homeless relief agencies are being stretched to the breaking point....”

Washington Post

“The already much-delayed start of the final phase of construction for Space Needle II in Seattle has been postponed yet again due to bond guarantee issues surrounding the company which owns the land on which the structure is being built...”

Fox News

“The Seattle Times newspaper is the latest casualty of the Mount Rainier volcanic disaster which happened twenty years ago; the once-great publication is expected to file for bankruptcy in federal court tomorrow, citing a steady drop in circulation and revenues since the eruption....”

CBS Evening News

“The Dow Jones industrial average took a massive plunge this afternoon on the news that tech giant Microsoft is filing for bankruptcy. The once-dominant computer firm has been in steady decline since its former offices and research and development facilities were destroyed in the Mount Rainier eruption twenty years ago...”


“Climate changes stemming from the Mount Rainier volcanic disaster two decades ago may be the cause of the current population exodus from the Yukon region...”







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