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The year the world went intent of self destruction Part II



by Pascal Lemaire





March 2007

The European union decides to leave Afghanistan. Making an agreement with neighbouring countries and Russia they regroup all of their forces in Kabul from where they begin a massive air evacuation of all civilian and military personnel in the country. Using civilian Airbus planes and most of their military transport equipment they are able to evacuate almost all of their equipment in less than a month, leaving the munitions and fuel behind for the US and afghan forces.

At the same time in the European nations decides to leave NATO out of fear from involvement in the current conflicts and asks the USA to evacuate all of it's forces from Europe by the year's end and all of it's equipment in a five year time frame. This move infuriates the US but even their allies Tony Blair and Angela Merkel are unable to prevent the move, Tony Blair being forced to resign by the Parliament. This has considerable consequences as this allows enemies of the American JSF fighter program to pass a law not recognising the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Blair government with the US weapon industry. Instead of buying the not yet ready and already costly plane the British deputies decides to order 100 French Rafale fighter planes to supplement their Eurofighter Typhoon planes. They also firmly commit to the building of the two new aircraft carriers on a common design with the French, reducing the cost of the program, and to order a batch of new light frigates of the FREMM class designed for the French and Italian navies. This reverse years of pro-American policy and shatters the British industrial base of BAE Systems, making the hawks in Washington fearful they have lost their main puppet in Europe. On the Old Continent their is much joy as these decisions means that the goal of a common European army are now easier to reach. High level discussions begins between the main European countries about large common programs to rationalise weapons programs.

The British Parliament also decides to take it's last troops out of Iraq, a move soon imitated by the other European nations which still had forces there, but which is very difficult to implement due to the massive airlift in Afghanistan and the situation in the Gulf. It is decided the forces will be evacuated through Turkey and negotiations with this country are launched.

As these discussions takes place war still rages in many parts of the world with Israel still beating the Muslim Alliance, Tsahal committing many war crimes in the process, still angry due to the chemical strike. But as a significant part of the IDF is tasked with the destruction of the Syrian missile force the armoured forces lose their air supremacy over the battlefield, leading to massive tank battles in the desert where the Merkava IV shows it's definite superiority over the Russian built designs but also it's limitations in fire control against the French built Leclerc tanks of the United Arabs Emirates. Yet despite this Israel wins easily ground on all fronts and it's main losses are in urban areas. In the Gaza area the mass elimination of all Palestinian is going well with only small bands of fighters hidden in the rubble fighting, allowing Tsahal commanders to relocate most of the forces sent to this front to other ones.

At a meeting in Riyad the Muslim leaders are appalled at their losses and decides to try a last all or nothing assault. They will provide weapons to all their male population able to carry them and throw them against the hated Jews in order to clog their well tuned war machine with the blood of the faithfuls. The last reserves of the Arabian Peninsula that had been kept to deter any Iranian assault are also to be committed to the assault.

Further East Iran suffers a large scale bombardment by the US planes in the area which destroys the nation's industry. All factories, be they civilians or military, are targeted as are all infrastructures : bridges, roads, electric plants, fuel farms, refineries, ... Everything comes under bombardments, with huge civilian losses in the process as the mullahs uses fanatics as human shields on the most important facilities, to no avail. The US ground forces are progressing slowly while the US navy finally clears a naval channel in the Hormuz Straight for it's supply ships.

In the Far East the Chinese leaders understand they will not be able to take Taiwan and thus they decide to destroy it using massive missile barrages. Civilian losses on the island are horrendous despite the huge bunkers built deep under ground. The Taiwanese air defence network is submerged by the attacks and it's stockpiles are soon depleted. The loss of a US aircraft carrier in the area and the losses suffered by the other's air group also meant that the Chinese were able to establish air dominance over the area, destroying the last Taiwanese planes in the process.

In Korea the US Marines reinforcements tilt the balance of power in favour of the allies which are finally able to launch a new offensive. The demoralised and disorganised North Korean units begins to dissolve under the pressure while the Chinese units resists only to get pocketed or destroyed by air power. The allied casualty rate is surprisingly light as the Communist forces lacks munitions due to the constant bombardments on it's logistic system led by the E-3C and E-8 JSTAR reconnaissance planes.

In Washington president Bush is mad with anger toward the Chinese and their mass bombing of Taiwan. He thus orders the Pentagon to firebomb Shanghai and "send it back to the stone age !". Toward the end of the month a massive strike led by 36 B-1B Lancer supersonic heavy strategic bomber is launched from the Dyess AFB in the US. Each carries dozens of thermobaric bombs, the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in existence, to destroy the city. Around one thousand BLU-118/B bombs were dropped on the city, leveling it and killing all of it's habitants, starting huge fires : civilians deaths were estimated around 15 millions habitants in what was the largest single killing in mankind's history. A nuclear warhead would not have done such damages to a city and the pictures the Chinese media showed to the world shocked every leaders in every countries, even G.W. Bush who had not planned such devastation...

April 2007

The consequences of the Shanghai bombing soon became apparent as many nations stopped their trade with the US in reprisal for the strike. In the country many peoples, mostly from the Chinese population, protested in the streets only to be attacked by racist groups which had know a massive revival in the lasts months.

In Beijing the Communist leadership decided to retaliate with a nuclear strike on the USA. Indeed they could not believe that the Shanghai bombing had been made without using nuclear weapons and for them it allowed a nuclear strike. Thus they ordered a launch from their 18 silos and the use of tactical weapons carried by JH-7 Flying Leopard fighter bombers. As the missiles began to rise from their silos they were detected by the US missile defence system which was on high alert since the beginning of the war. Immediately the NMCC ordered the radio and television alert for nuclear strike and put the country in DEFCON 1 status, sending all of it's available planes in the air. The president and his family were evacuated while the missile defence was activated. First to answer was a Ticonderoga class cruiser, USS Princeton, which had been deployed with some of the few and precious SM-3 missiles which it fired at the Chinese ballistic weapons, intercepting two of the 18 missiles. Next in line was the famed national missile defence system with it's interceptor missiles fired from Alaska. It answered as planned, firing all of it's 12 missiles at the Chinese ones. Nine hit their targets, destroying them in space before the warheads could separate from the missile's body, but seven still kept coming toward the USA. Two were destroyed when they collided with heavy space junk, parts of older satellites and space rockets flying around the Earth, 3 others suffering damages in their thermic shield that led to their destruction during their re-entry inside Earth atmosphere. The last two warheads were now heading toward their targets Los Angeles and New York. The Los Angeles suffered from a freak incident when it collided with a civilian airliner, destroying it but disintegrating in the process, while the last warhead still kept falling toward Big Apple. There stood a last ditch defence made up by one Patriot PAC-3 missile system deployed in Central Park and an Arleigh Burke destroyer, USS Winston S. Churchill, an AEGIS capable ship equipped with the same missiles as the Princeton cruiser. Together the missile battery and the ship began to shoot all of their missiles, their crew knowing quite well their fate and the city's fate should they fail in their mission.

It was finally a Patriot missile which hit the last warhead and destroyed it only seconds before it exploded. Radioactive material was spread all over a wide area but it was a less damaging than what would have happened had it exploded.

The shock in the US was massive as news of what had happened came to the people. The attacks against the Chinese redoubled and this time the police and the army did nothing to prevent them while many asked president Bush for a nuclear strike on China. The US Navy, which had submarines ready to sink the Chinese nuclear missiles carrying submarines received order to sink them while the Airforce was given order to destroy the Chinese intercontinental nuclear missile force and capacity using "all equipment needed to proceed". At the Strategic Air Command plans for a B-2 strike with conventional weapons are implemented while more Shanghai like strikes are planned on three other major Chinese industrial cities, using both B-1B and B-52 strategic bombers.

In Korea the allied offensive keeps going well and the lead Japanese units are only 25 km from the Chinese border on the eastern coast of the country. Kim Jong Il is killed by his chief of staff who's been staging a coup with some other high ranking officers. Immediately he announces the unconditional surrender of his country to the South Korean government and orders his forces to stand down on all fronts. He is mostly heard by his men but some die hard units keeps fighting alongside the Chinese divisions which leads a fighting retreat toward the Yalu river where fresh divisions are digging in and preparing a strong defensive line.

In Tehran a US missile strike on a previously undetected bunker kills the president and the main religious leaders of the country, leading to a fight for the power between the leaders of the army, revolutionary guard and Basji militia. This prompted the Kurds from the north of the country to declare their independence, a move that could not be tolerated by Turkey which immediately declared war on the new state and launched an invasion of the area, using the same methods as in it's territories. Claiming that Kurdish terrorists also crossed the Syrian and Iraqi borders the Turks also declared war on those two countries which had nothing with which to oppose the invasion by the vastly superior Turkish armies, especially since the Syrian and relocated most of their border force to the south and the fighting against Israel. Still Damascus answered the declaration of war with a missile strike, those missiles carrying the same VX poison as those which had it Israel. But the Turks did not have the same defenses as the Israeli and it's Patriot PAC-2 could only shoot half a dozen of the some 50 missiles shoot at it. Adana, Ankara, Gaziantep, Diyarbakir, Erzurum and Trabzon. The loss of lives was very high for no alert system and no bunker existed to protect the civilians : it is estimated that some 7 millions peoples died from this attack. Chemical weapons were also used against the advancing Turkish and Israeli forces but with much less efficiency due to the fact those forces had expected such strike following the first Scud raid against Israel.
Further south Amman and fallen and the whole Sinai peninsula was into Israeli hands which had dug on the side of the canal, not wishing to go any further west in order to redeploy forces to the Syrian front.

Europe was shocked by the recent developments in the world and decided to accelerate it's ballistic missile protection system yet it was still years from being ready. The Turkish populations, most numerous in Germany, Holland and Belgium, also demanded that the European Union declares war on the Muslim Alliance, to the anger of many Arabs. Turks and Arabs began to fight each others, turning some areas of Belgium or Germany into battleground, causing a deadly intervention by those nations' armies. These events, only one month before the French presidential election and two months before the Belgian parliamentary elections caused a surge in nationalism and racism which would translate itself into laws against all Muslims and even all immigrates from outside of Europe and a surge in extreme right votes.

In Brussels a secret reunion by the Europeans leaders led to the creation of the plan Festung Europa, which called for an increased border control and the take-over of Turkish Thracia which would be given mostly to Greece and whose population would be sent into eastern Turkey. Istambul would also be taken back. The two European naval strike forces were deployed east toward the Egean while planes and ground units were deployed in Bulgaria and Greece...


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