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A Different Dutch War


Part 1


by Roel Hendrikx



September 1 1939 Germany invades Poland.

November 6 A high ranking Dutch officer informs the Dutch government that Germany has plans to
invaded Holland in the end of 1939 ( this was true in otl but it chance towards 1940 ), the Dutch government begins top secret negations with the French and the United Kingdom to join the anti-axis-nations.

December 4 The Dutch government announce the fact that it joins the allies of France and the UK, tree days latter the first of several thousand British forces arrive in the Netherlands and are sent to the main Dutch defence line.

December 6 Hitler in front of the Reichstag in a speech declares war onto the Netherlands.

December 7 The Netherland East and West Indies and Dutch Guiana formally declare the existence of a state of war with Germany. The Governor places the islands under martial law. State of Siege’ is extended to the whole of Netherlands.

December 8 The first Dutch soldier dies during a border scuffle that began on the day Germany declared war but like the front of Germany and French its a situation of a phoney war.

December 12 Britain the French and the Netherlands deicide to make a joint command centre to based in London who job its is to organize the armed forces of the tree country’s , Belgium who is surrounded by two nation at war makes it clear that its is absolute will remain neutral
The French promos the Dutch to sent the 7th Army toward Holland with the intention of using it as a mobile buffer and to increase the Dutch army.

December 19 The first French transport arrive in Rotterdam and will be station next to the Dutch/Belgium border, the French 7th army is excepting to be fully deployed in the country end of march.

December 20 The first British RAF squadron arrive to strengthen the Dutch army air force and to counter increasing German recon planes.

March 6 1940 The German Hamburg-America Line ship Troja is sunk by a Dutch ship off the coast of the Dutch West Indies.

March 10 Germans bomb the Dutch naval base of Den Helder to stop British naval forces from using it as a place to strike Hamburg.
Dutch and British fighter planes attack the German bomber force with the only victory for the British spitfires, Dutch G-1 and D-21 fighter planes mange to shoot down only one M-109 but all airborne G-1 get destroyed the Dutch army imaitaly make a order fore spitfires to be purches in respond the RAF send four more spitfire squadron to the Netherlands for use as a buffer against the home island itself in total 8 RAf fighter squadrons operate on Dutch soil.

March 19 In retaliation for the German air raid on Den Helder on March 10 and the German air raid on Scapa Flow on March 16, British planes and Dutch bombers attack the German seaplane base at Hornum on Sylt island no major damage but it is a great thing for the Dutch people.

March 28 The BFD (British,French.Dutch) War Council meets for 6th time in London. They decide to mine the inshore passages of the Norwegian coast. After the meeting they tree governments would negotiate peace only by mutual agreement.

March 29 Dutch military attaché Colonel Gijsbertus Sas informs Danish naval attaché Captain Frits Kjolsen that Germany is planning on invading Denmark and Norway.Beliving that like the Netherlands Denmark would declare war against the Germans after receiving this information the British army gives orders fore a army battalion two fighter squadrons and several naval ships to be moved to Denmark when ordered.

April 4 The Danish envoy in Berlin passes on to the Danish government information about a German plan for a surprise attack on Denmark and Norway. The government considers this a real treat du the information and orders a mobilisation of its small armed forces and to begin secret negations with the BFD fore military assistances.

April 6 The kingdom of Denmark receive a British battalion and two fighters squadron of spitfires who will be station in Copenhagen a second British battalion is on its way, Germany declares war against Denmark the same day. German armed Merchant raider Orion leaves Germany.

April 8 The British government informs Norway that they are mining the leads along the coastal waters off Norway , British and Dutch naval ships begin laying mines off the Norwegian coast, British soldiers land in Iceland to strengthen the Danish forces station there. Norway that was informed by its Danish counterpart of the German invasion plan and the fact that Denmark is in war begins a partially mobilization of its army but dose not believe it will be invaded by Germany.

April 12 Germany begins Operation Weserübung ( in otl it started in April 9 but do the station of two british army bataljoins ,fighter squadrons and British war ships on Danish ground the plan had to be moved for extra planning to take place ). Germany invades Denmark The Luftwaffe battling the RAf and the small Danish air force manage to gain air superiority with the end of the day. Motorized troops cross the border into Denmark, as amphibious landings are made on the Danish islands and on the waterfront of Copenhagen but fail du the British navy having ship protecting Copenhagen keeping the city and surrounding ground firmly in Danish control. Norwegian coastal forts open fire on German warships, as the German invasion of Norway begins.

April 13 After a day fighting the German army has surrounded the Danish army in Copenhagen, Hitler wanting Denmark to surrender orders bombing of Copenhagen to end the Danish resistance, He 111 and their escort drop bombs on the city the Danish government capitulated not shortly after but orders al available navy ships and army units who can to move to safety those not sunk by the fighting or sunk by their one crew begin there journey to the Netherlands ore the UK. (the country is the annex by Germany du its résistance.) German forces land on Norway with six different forces at widely separated points on the coast and are met by the Norwegian military who was partially mobilize and who manage to delay the landings for a day but at the end are forced to surrender Narvik, Trondheim, Bergen, and Stavanger to the Germans. Bitter fighting as Germans advance north from Oslo.

April 14 A British destroyer flotilla is launched against German forces in Narvik, Norway at dawn the flotilla made of 5 British and 1 Dutch destroyer makes contact with five strong German destroyers At Narvik harbour approach the British/Dutch destroyers are atackd from two directions, of the six allied ships the Dutch destroyer Van Galen and British destroyer Hunter are sunk other four are damage but manege to return to the UK the five German destroyers are damaged, delaying their departure from Narvik.

April 15 An Allied Expeditionary Force leaves Clyde and heads to Narvik Norway with them is a small Dutch naval force made of one destroyer and two Gunboats who are escorting a regiment of the Dutch army who will be placed under British command in Norway (unlike otl the British have their heavy equipment with them du the expectation the would be sent to Denmark but instead du the surrendering of Denmark are to sent to Norway instead).

April 16 In the office of the Belgian Prime Minister two ambassador of both French and the United Kingdom meet, with both Franc and the Netherlands in war with Germany the neutrality of Belgium is not going to work du to increasing German air patrols over his country. The ambassadors assure the Prime Minister that their armed forces would aid Belgium in case of joining and it would help allot if Belgium would join aside the there allied nations especially for the French who then have the magio line link with the Dutch main defence.

April 17 After meeting both the two major nation and the Dutch ambassador the Prime Minister of Belgium informs the German ambassador to Belgium that it will join the allied nations du it having no garute the Germans will respect the neutrality of his country and a state war exist between them. Several hours letter Hitler receive news of the Belgian government discussion of joining the allies in war against Germany, Hitler now more angry of this news is giving assuring that when the invasion of Norway is complete both the Low country s and franc will be next as the battle of Norway is not over yet Hitler orders the Luftwaffe to begin a terror campaign against both Belgium and the Netherlands.

April 19 British and Dutch troops land in Norway near Trondheim and Narvik the Dutch army regiment is equipped with British gear and weapons and is fresh from having tainrt in the UK. German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop informs the foreign press that Germany is not impress with Belgium joining the allied nations and the would act and take steps to ensure the Dutch and Belgium people would be free of British and French control. the Belgian government calls on English and French troops to enter the country to aid in its defence the French 7 army who was station in Netherland moves into Belgium to close the gap left when Belgium was natural. British steamship City of Simla unloads war material in Antwerp, Belgium, for use by British troops who will arrive latter also British fighters from both French and Dutch airfields begin operating over Belgium. After two moths of training the first Dutch spitfire squadron become operation with tree other becoming active as soon as the British can supply them.

April 26 Germans advance further north of Oslo. More British troops are landed at Aandalesnes in Norway with the plan of co-operating with the British\Dutch and French troops already at Namsos to surround and then retake Trondheim. However, the Norwegian commander, General Ruge persuaded the Aandalesnes force, to move south in order to give support to his troops still holding out at Lillehammer. the Danish Army and navy are demobilised which did not got away is put under German control in total 3 Danish subs 4 mine sweepers and 3 torpedo boats managed to get to safely on board the ships where also 270 army soldiers aboard mostly al of them will be sent to increase the newly created Iceland defence force mad op of British and the already present Danish forces.

April 30 German lufwaffe planes strike the Dutch city of Amsterdam with fifty aerial bombs mostly of the german bombers are destroyed by the RAF and Dutch army air force but the dead toll is high with over 400 people dead making it the worst boming as yet the Dutch government request more British and French forces to be send to protect the country. First British troops arrive in Belgium and elements of the BEF station in Franc move into Belgium to strengthen the already present French 7th army and Belgian armed forces making a defence line running from Den Helder Netherlands to the Swiss border.

May 1 BFD troops are forced to withdraw north of Trondheim after sharp fighting.
Norwegian troops attack the Germans south of Narvik, but are beaten back the Dutch army sends another army regiment to the British forces in Namos.
British troops are landed in the Faeroe Islands.

May 3 The British stun the French, Norwegians and Dutch by deciding to evacuate southern Norway and to make a defensive line at Namos. Adolf Hitler sets May 20 as the date for Operation Sichelschnitt the invasion of western Europe.

May 6 British ships begin transporting soldiers off Trondheim ,Norway and begin moving al British forces to the newly create Namos line. BFD and Norwegians forces are order to clear al German forces above Namos and to capture Narvik from the Germans. Norwegians surrender in Lillehammer.In England, Labour Party leaders Arthur Greenwood and Clement Attlee refuse to form a unified government with the Conservatives so long as Neville Chamberlain is Prime Minister

May 10 French mountain troops capture the port of Narvik, forcing the German defenders into the surrendering and putting all of Norway above Namos under allied control, Czech agent and German military intelligence service member Paul Thümmel reports to French intelligence via The Hague that a German offensive against the West would begin May 20.

May 11 The Romanian Government of Premier George Tatarescu replaces several pro-German Ministers with pro-France officials. Tatarescu declares the nation will continue its policy of neutrality, with friendship for Britain and France.
Hermann Goring demands that the Swedes allow passage of trains to Norway, filled with German artillery and other war supplies. Swedish negotiators refuse to allow it du the fact northern Norway is still under Norrish control.

May 15 German units arrive at the outskirt of the newly created Namos line and are faced with more then 20.000 defenders who have dug them self in the Luftwaffe is order to destroy the city and force the defenders in to surrendered while the rest of the German army waits fore reinforcements Greece rushes troop reinforcements to the frontier with Italian-occupied Albania. At Buckingham Palace, London, England, King George VI asks Winston Churchill to form a new government after 9 days of failed negation to form a unified government, Churchill orders to increase the BFD forces in Norway who still are holding on in Namos.

May 16 The British Admiralty reports it has created a vast new minefield in Norwegian waters, extending from Bergen to Namsos making it harder for the Germans to land forces behind allied forces in Norway. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gives Bomber Command authority to attack Germany. All Dutch Army leave is suspended du the information about a planed German attack on the 20 of may.

May 19 British Royal Air Force planes bomb Essen and two other German towns, Dutch t.v. bombers escorted by British attack Emden of the bomber force 12 planes 5 are shot down but the Dutch have their revenge of the Amsterdam bombing (no further Dutch bomber will go into Germany du the fact Holland had only 16 of them) Germany planed invasion is halted du the increasing résistance of allied nations, Hitler orders the invasion to begin as soon as Germany has full control of Norway and the Dutch/British/French air forces station in the Netherlands and Belgium are destroyed Hermann Goring tells the fuhrer he get the job done in leas then a month in which Germany can launch their planed invasion of the west and no Allied force will be intact to recicid them.

May 20 Waiting along the border a lone soldier of Dutch natiolaty wait in his dugout with only mortars and the occasion machine gun fire coming his way as it has bin for the last 7 months but now that al leaf has bin suspended means something big but he hers no tanks coming his way and no German soldier charging his dugout the only thing he hear is the humming of German planes heading into his country.

May 21 No German invasion has taken place the day before but German bombers did struck several Dutch and Belgian airfields that had RAF units on it and has begun striking other military and non military target the 6th Division of the Norwegian army takes control over Narvik and the Norwegian High Command and government make Narvik the new seat of the government, in total more then 50.000 British French and Norway units now hold a line at Namos with 2400 Dutch troops station there also while the city is a ruin du the bombing of the Luftwaffe the line gets stronger each day with more forces arriving in Narvik.

May 29 The Luftwaffe tries to gain control of the low country’s airspace but do the fact the UK can deploy fighters from its home island is making it harder for them to achieve their objection of having full control over the airspace before the end of the month June.

OVERVIEW Both the British and French war machine are beginning to run at full level shipping weapons to the Belgian and Dutch army both of which now have link their defence line together and are more capable of defending their country then before joining the war, the Dutch have received al four squadron who are now being use to battle German planes over their country and Belgian also will receive their one planes . The British have install a radar station in Amsterdam to aid the RAF and Dutch fighters but which are operate by RAF personnel a second radar station is set up in Brussels giving the allies a early warning against incoming Luftwaffe units several more are to be build with the intention of creating a radar screen covering al of the allied nations also the Dutch have purchase four radar sets to be placed in the dutch-indie. Bomber Command has begun increasing it bombing campaign against German city’s. Germany is beginning to deploy more forces to the norish front and putting its bombing campaign against the low country’s in to a higher gear in hoping to defeat the allied air forces before the planed invasion in June 20. on the high seas more German subs begin to operated in a effort to stop British supplies from reaching Norway and the Low country’s.

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