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Nuclear Disaster

What if Einstein waited a year before going back to USA?

What Really Happened: Einstein went to USA in December 1932 for a post at Princeton. This lead to the major boost for the US Nuclear project.

What might have happened:  Albert decides to wait 1 year before going back to USA for a small operation (he was 53 at the time so itís possible for him to slip and break a bone). The Nazis get power in Germany led by one Adolph Hitler. One German reads his work and decides to steal it. He takes it, changes a few words though not the theories itself and gives it to Hitler in September. Hitler believes him even though Albert says itís his, but Hitler, seeing Albert as a Jew, decides to kill him for blaming a German for lying.

The German gives his work to the leading nuclear project leader Werner Heisenberg, and Hitler began funding (very little as more was needed for rearmament) the program. Over the years, it would be financed more and more as the project gets farther along to completion. Heisenberg starts work on producing a design for the weapon. It takes until 1936 for him to get an idea of a self sustaining nuclear chain. He tells Hitler what he needs to test and Hitler gives him the resources very reluctantly. By 1942, Heisenberg has made a nuclear fission and where the reactor produced went critical, after three failed attempts at both.

Hitler has kept his way throughout 1940ís and has invaded Poland and France. He lets the nuclear program double in size as Hitler feels he had won the war. He had great success in the USSR that made him continue to think this. In 1943, the Battle of Stalingrad ends in failure like OTL, and the Battle of Kursk, still goes on and is a victory for the Soviets. Hitler puts the economy to war footing and puts cuts on the nuclear project.

In 1944, the Soviets have pushed Germany out of Poland and D-day has begun. By a pure stroke of coincidence, the first nuclear bomb for Germany is ready for testing on the same day. They take two months to try and get time to drop it for tests, but decide to drop it on a city. Ten fighters and five bombers (only one with the nuke) do a night fly over the Baltic Sea. After many hours, they turn east, and fly were the enemy least suspects it. As no radio communications is allowed, the Soviets get no wind of it. As they fly in Finland air space, the Finnish get nervous. They see itís a German air bomber, and realize not to say a word as it heads to the USSR.

The Air squad flyís for more hours on this suicide flight (not enough fuel for both ways), and turn south. The Soviets get confused that Germany is sending bombers at Moscow, as they finally realize it on radar. The planes are 5 miles north of the city and closing. Stalin is totally surprised that the Germans would do such a thing that he waits to see if itís true or not. After five minutes, ten of the dots disappear which makes Stalin think itís nothing but a glitch. In reality, the fighters had just ran out of fuel and crashed to the ground, 4 dieing in impact, 3 dieing by wounds, 1 wounded, and the other two becoming POWís.

At 6:15 am, four bombers drop their loads and do minimal damage. Stalin hears by his staff that they are really there, and finally decides to personally see his fighters shoot them down. The planes fly overhead him and he realizes the fifth dropped one bomb. He is confused once again, until boom.

Britain and the US are totally shocked that the Soviets have left the war when so close to winning, and giving up Poland, Ukraine, the Balticís, the caucus, and Byelorussia, and are told to leave the Balkans. Then the rumors start to flow in that Moscow was totally devastated. The US figure out that Moscow was destroyed and learn that the German nuclear project had worked. They, and the British, go on the immediate offense, but are stopped as reinforcements from the east flow in. The Americans start to lose ground, and Hitler decides to use a nuke on London. The problem is no nuke is ready until March 1945 at the earliest. British and American soldier morale drop to an all time low as they get wind of Germanyís success at building a nuke. Amazingly, Canadian, Australian, Polish, French, and Indian determination increases as they want to rid Germany of those nukes.

Germany now has 85% of its army on the west and has pushed the allies out of Germany and Netherlands. Belgium falls a month later. The allies continue to lose ground, and Britain pulls half of the RAF to cover the skies of Britain. This gives Germany a chance to rebuild its air force without as many planes. The US air force starts to fight harder but lose many planes to anti-air fire, but have many planes to control all the sky over Europe. Germany launches a new attack into France, with 300,000 soldiers and 800 tanks, including 200 tigers, from Mons, Belgium, towards the tip of the Somme River. They are to then turn south-east towards Reims, with 200,000 soldiers and 600 tanks to meet them their after their attack from Bastogne, Belgium. After two weeks of grinding, then a week of quick gains, they capture a pocket of 200,000 Americans, and the Second Canadian division.

The pocket holds for a week before the Americans surrender. The Canadians last three days longer, until they run out of most of their ammunition. They fight hard and are quickly wiped out as they donít have much supply. The Americans then pull out of France and decide to increase their nuclear project. US leave the war after their second attempt to land at Normandy. The Germans end the war with 3.8 million dead and even more injured. The Allies suffer 39.4 million dead and more wounded. Both include civilian deaths. Germany gets a second nuclear bomb and attaches it to a missile. Britain, the only country at war with Germany prepare for treaty, which Germany refuses until the treaty states Britain acknowledges German control of Europe, and both made limits on everything, which will be equal. Britain refuses outright and Hitler tells them to sign or else. Britain refuses again and Hitler sends the ballistic nuke at London. In five days, Britain signs all treaties that Hitler stated. The war ends officially with 2.1 million more deaths for the allies.

Germany is the world superpower. After learning US was producing nukes, Germany fires two nukes at them destroying Washington and New York. US stop production and Germany controls the world. Hitler was right, his empire will last for at least a thousand years.

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