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Draka Appendixes

Note: These were published at the rear of the Draka books (Marching Through Georgia, Under the Yoke, The Stone Dogs) and included here by kind permission of S. M. Stirling.  All rights belong to him - I am not worthy.  Please do not reproduce these without separate permission.

Appendix 1- Timeline of the Domination

Appendix 2- Domination Military

Appendix 3- Currency and Prices

Appendix 4- Science & Technology

Appendix 5- Points of Difference

Appendix 6- Population

Appendix 7- Race Purity Laws

Appendix 8- Serfdom

Appendix 9- Economics and the Standard of Living

Appendix 10- Constitution and Government

Appendix 11- Economic Geography

Appendix 12- Postwar Domination Military

Appendix 13- Land Tenure and Plantation Life

Appendix 14- Power Systems and Transportation

Appendix 15- Small Arms Development

Appendix 16- Computers and Technology

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