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Scott Palter

Location: America,- currently  madison wisconsin

scott2.jpg (165124 bytes)


Favorite Period: World War 2, USCW, Imperial Rome


About Me: A.B. History Dartmouth 1969

J.D.Stanford 1972

Member NY Bar 1973

Extensive experience in import/export; fashion design, wholesaleing, retailing; extensive paper games creative and publishing experience including including West End Games which I helped  start; current company is Final Sword Productions LLC, www.finalswordproductions.com.  Also work with Ad Astra Games, http://www.adastragames.com/ 

Blog address is  http://senilecow2345.blogspot.com.

 Frequently post on the Lidless Eye Group at Yahoo.


Favorite History Books: Weigley's "Eisenhower's Lieutenants", anything by Glantz, Chandler's "Campaigns of Napoleon", old SPI S+T magazines, FYEO newsletter/strategypage.com, anything by Al Nofi


Favorite Alternate History Novels: Stirling's Draka series (Marching Through Georgia, Under the Yoke, The Stone Dogs, Drakon, Drakas)


Favorite AHs: 


Own AHs: Yet Another Mediterranean Twist, Mad Max, Unlikely But Possible, Another Small Twist on The Road to Quebec, On to Berlin, A Year Sooner, Victorious Japanese Arms (version two), Brooklyn Redone, A Winter of Less Discontent, Victorious Japanese Arms, A Small Change, A Very Different Eastern Front, DARK AMERICA, France 1940, From Tiny Acorns Grow an Oak, The Missing Year, No Finest Hour, The Ostend Manifesto Realized, Panay War, Scrambled Eggs Are Different From Fried Eggs, The Second Munich Conference, To the Lair of The Fascist Beast, The UNLOST Cause, Cold War Rosy, Super Rhodesia, Scott in the Sea of Time, Professionals Study Logistics, A Dystopia to fold Laundry by, A Stronger Federalist Party, Avenge the Alamo, The Sun of Waterloo, The Eisenhower Dream Fantasy Scenario of the 1944 Campaign, Space 1945, Playing The Back Nine of the Jimmy Carter Desert Classic, The 2nd AEF, THE GUNS OF NOVEMBER, Saint George and The Eagle, Sadaam the great revenge, The Mullah War of 2003 - 2004, Miracle at Midway, Viva Il Duce, The First Term of Richard Nixon, Singapore as Tobruk, No Sun of Austerlitz, One change and an entire different warWW2: The Belgian question,  Alternate Bautzen May 3,1813, Crisis of the Union in 1833, Secessionist Crisis of 1859, For Want of a Nail, Seven Days in Moscow, Franz Ferdinand, Burning Bush, Changing the War of Bavarian Succession and Italian Unification, Sometimes the best wars are the ones you do not fight, Flip the Dice, Norwegian Muddle

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