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Christopher Nuttall



Location: Scotland, UK


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Favorite Period: British Empire, World War Two, Russo-Japanese War


About Me: Currently a Library Assistant in the University of Edinburgh, and part-time writer.  See my writing page for details.


Favorite History Books: Nomonhan, Mud, Blood and Poppycock, The Rise and Fall of the British Empire


Favorite Alternate History Novels: Third Reich Victorious, Ruled Britannica, The Mastership Game, The Gatekeepers


Favorite AHs: Japan in Flames, What If the Second Temple Had Survived AD 70, On to Berlin, Leveling England, Petain's Panic 


Own AHs: Cat and Mouse, Carving up the roast, Eurofighter Typhoon, What if America entered the war in early 1941, What if Charles I had won the English Civil War, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (Part 1), Standing Alone, The Guardians of Scotland, The Pacific Empire, What if Japan Surrendered Earlier, Christopher in the Sea of Time, The Fall of Canada, Germany Without Hitler- 1933, The Great Burning, How Britain can really win World War One, US civil war ends early, A Nation United, A Very Different Desert War, The American Nightmare, Eastwards Ho!, Munich Redone, The Second Albany Congress, Washington Rewritten, World War Two in 1930,Breaking China, British Commonwealth, Cold War Grim, “I’ve got a cunning plan…”, Intervention, No Turkey for Christmas, Turkish Delight, Verdun on the Tigris, WorldWar-, Representing the People, Nightmare, Cancer Cure, What if the USSR had won the cold war, What if Edinburgh Had Become the British Capital?, Ethiopia Contested, If Sealion had failed, Vietnam Averted, A Finnish of it, For want of a crash, Peace Without Honour, Without a Citadel, Quadratic Pact, Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys, Victorious German Arms, Victorious Italian Arms, What if Wolfe failed at Quebec, Submission, Desert Victory, A Princely State, Invasion: Earth Review, A Successful Sealion, A Successful Sealion Part 2, From One Dictator To Another, No American CaesarThe Fall of the House of Saud, Foresight is not Hindsight, The Kaiser Tank – A Short History,  TimeLine E - Apocalypse World, Desert Fury, Pete’s WorldTo Sealion and Beyond Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon,  The Second Battle of Dorking, Crossing the Rio Grande: A US-Mexican War in 20?


"If Baseball Integrated Early:" Part one is a series of short stories designed to introduce John Benton and others. Benton is a great player who would have died in his late teens/early 20s, had the Union not won at Chancellorsville, ending the Civil War 18 months early/ Benton is greatly involved in ensuring that the major leagues stay integrated in the 1870s and 1880s. It's a sure thing by the 1890s, and by 1901, the new A.L. allows integration.

Part 2 goes season by season, from 1901 to the present, with mentions of who played in and won the World Series, together with blurbs about famous moments, players, pennant races, and some off the field stuff. Some of the off the field stuff is in blurbs during the season - such as one discussing Sol White's great journalistic career, or Satchel Paige and Dizzy Dean on Vaudeville together. Some is in interludes, such as one where a brief history of race relations in the 20th century is given, with a focus on the changes wrought by Oscar Underwood as President. There's an interlude of half a dozen pages or so of effects on the NFL, too - yes, Cleveland gets a Super Bowl! It's all because a law passed in the early '60s bars Al Davis and others from moving willy-nilly, and he sells his clubs and invest heavily in the USFL in 1983. The NFL eventually expands faster than in our timeline.

Overall, this was a very fun project of over 190 pages, that I think anyone will love.



Other: Jim Baen – In Memorandum October 22, 1943 - June 28, 2006


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