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David Atwell

Location: Cessnock, New South Wales, Australia.

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Favorite Period: Australian History, Ancient Greek History, USCW, English CW & Cromwellian Britian, WW1 & WW2.


About Me: Homo Sapiens Sapiens of the planet Earth. BA - Charles Sturt University. MA - University of Sydney. Life member of the Cromwell Society. Also writes Future History & Sci-Fi. Can cook. 


Favorite History Books: Cromwell Our Chief of Men, Antonia Fraser. 1975 Crisis, H. O. Browning. The Works of Thucydides. The Works of Herodotus.


Favorite Alternate History Novels: Changing The Times


Favorite AHs: Everything at Changing The Times


Own AHs: Makarrata, Dubya Dubya Dubya Dot Com, Saving Private Human, A Continent Divided, Brothers Incorporated, Pax Australiana, The Apocalypse, Of Angels, The Beginnings of World War 1, France 1940, The Northern Australian Regiment, Singapore 1942, The Crisis of 1914, A Dark Down Under, High Tide of the Kriegsmarine, Day Of The Dubya, A New Britannia (Part 1), Dubya Tv, Falklands War 1982, Gettysburg- The Forth Day, Gallipoli 1915, Hell On Earth, The Allies Strike Back 1916, The TV Advertising War 1992, Dubya & The CTT Axis Of Evil, DUBYA & THE CTT AXIS of EVIL Part IIThe Dismissal: Why Gough Whitlam Couldn’t Simply Say No, The Pinnacle of a War 1916, Remember, Remember, The Eleventh of November, As a Time of Blood and DeathDubya Trek Part I, Dubya Trek Part II,


AH Beasts of War Series:  The Royal Canadian Mounted Grizzlies, The Union’s Screaming EaglesThose Magnificent Roo’s, Last Charge of the Zulu Rhinos,

Se7en Years Series: Year Zero, Year One, Year Two, Year Three, Year Four, Year Five, Year Six, Final Year

Four Horsemen Series: Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter TwoChapter Three, Chapter Four, Final Chapter


Human Timeline Series

Book One: Second Age

The Dawn of the Second Age of Mankind, The End of History: The Future Begins, The Golden Age, The Shinning Aberration, Armageddon, The Light Upon the Hill, The Twilight Years, The History of CESA 1945-1983, Human Time Line Glossary (1945-2300)

Book Two: Fourth Age

Birth Pains, Lords of Time & Space, Ancients & Children, Trials & Tribulations, End of Certainty, Epilogue, The Governmental Structure of the UFP The United Defence Forces, Glossary - Fourth Age

Book Three: Cathartic Age

The Rapture, The Darkness Approaches, The War to End All Wars, War & Peace, A New Heaven & A New Earth, Epilogue

Book Four: The Renascent Epoch of Mankind

Godhood & other Miscellaneous Things, Operation Archangel, And Then There Was Light, Angels & Devils, Here Be Dragons, The Ascent of Man, Judgement


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