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Alien Space Bats Post Cold War
Cold War era World War Two Dark Valley (1919-1939)
World War One Early Twentieth Century Nineteenth Century
American Civil War Eighteenth Century American Revolution
Seventeenth Century and below Essays and other AH related material Fiction
Misc/Future History

Alien Space Bats



Western Sunset Anton Paier
Christopher in the Sea of Time Christopher Nuttall
Scott in the Sea of Time Scott Palter
Extermination Day Independence Day (ID4) Invasion Christopher Nuttall
The Apocalypse Human Timeline David Atwell
Of Angels and Men Human Timeline David Atwell
Saving Private Human Alien Intervention Averts WW3 David Atwell
The Peacekeepers Alien invasion in 2004 Christopher Nuttall
Eurofighter Typhoon A time-slip alters the course of World War Two Christopher Nuttall

Post Cold War

A Dystopia to fold Laundry by The world collapses, it could happen tomorrow Scott Palter
Verdun on the Tigris A different war for Iraq, 2003 Christopher Nuttall
The Mullah War of 2003 - 2004 Scott Palter
Sadaam – the great revenge Scott Palter
Nightmare Christopher Nuttall
David Irving Irving Trial Christopher Nuttall
Hell's Door Opened India-Pakistan war David Atwell
Braveheart – The Scottish War of Independence Christopher Nuttall
Conservative Scotland 1997 UK general election Christopher Nuttall

Cold War era

Hell On Earth David Atwell
What if the USSR had won the cold war Christopher Nuttall
Desert Sunrise Gulf War David Clark
Saddam Dies In 1982 Henrik Krog
Falklands War 1982 David Atwell
A British Civil War 1983ish
Love's Last Hurrah Thomas Hamilton
The Northern Australian Regiment 1980 David Atwell
"It looks like a dirty beach" The soviets win the Moon Race Kyle Schuant
Land of Miracles
Coup D'etat Christopher Nuttall
A Dark Down Under 1975-76 David Atwell
The Australian War of Independence 1975 1975-76 David Atwell
So You think you've got Troubles?
Playing The Back Nine of the Jimmy Carter Desert Classic Scott Palter
Happy Birthday Orion space program succeeds
Brothers Incorporated Comedy AH about the Bros. Dubya David Atwell
Dubya Dubya Dubya Dot Com Comedy AH about the Bros. Dubya David Atwell
Day Of The Dubya Comedy AH about the Bros. Dubya David Atwell
Dubya Tv Comedy AH about the Bros. Dubya David Atwell
Anglo-Irish conflict Anglo-Irish Conflict Sean Swaby
World War III in 1957 John Rilly
The Cradle of Civilisation United Berlin Blockade Morgan Harvey
Pax Australiana An Australian Superpower David Atwell
Cold War Grim Cold War goes worse Christopher Nuttall
Cold War Rosy Scott Palter
Stalin's Sparrows 1945: Stalin extends a compromise to the East. Christopher Nuttall
Vietnam Averted Christopher Nuttall
A Nation United United Independent India Christopher Nuttall

World War Two

Victorious German Arms Christopher Nuttall
Victorious Italian Arms Christopher Nuttall
A Finnish of it Christopher Nuttall
Breakfast with Sean
The Eisenhower Dream Fantasy Scenario of the 1944 Campaign Scott Palter
For want of a crash Christopher Nuttall
Peace Without Honour Christopher Nuttall
Without a Citadel Christopher Nuttall
Ten Little Hitlers Christopher Nuttall
Uncle Monty An alternate Monty James Roberts
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (Part 1) (Part 2) Christopher Nuttall
The Armored Samurai Better Japanese Tanks Christopher Nuttall
Gallant Fools 1939: Poland Stops the German Invasion Christopher Nuttall
Saint George and The Eagle Scott Palter
Standing Alone 1939: France does not declare war alongside Britain Christopher Nuttall
The 2nd AEF Scott Palter
The France 1940 Competition WW2: 1940
The Dunkirk Disaster 1940: A different disaster at Dunkirk Christopher Nuttall
Quadratic Pact Christopher Nuttall
If Sealion had failed Christopher Nuttall
Prime Minister Machiavelli Different British decisions in 1940 Christopher Nuttall
A Very Different Desert War Hitler goes south Christopher Nuttall
Eastwards Ho! Hitler goes east in 1940 Christopher Nuttall
Dividing the World A more cynical US President makes a pact with Stalin Christopher Nuttall
Mad Max How bad could the wars have been? Scott Palter
What if the Germans made better use of their navy Christopher Nuttall
High Tide of the Kriegsmarine David Atwell
How to win World War Two WW2 Christopher Nuttall
What if America entered the war in early 1941 Christopher Nuttall
What if the USA concentrated on Japan?
A Very Different Pacific War Christopher Nuttall
What if Japan Surrendered Earlier Christopher Nuttall
Communism looks Good Kris Raine
Strike North Christopher Nuttall
Man of Steel Stalin attacks the Japanese in 1941 Christopher Nuttall
The Italian Campaign WW2: 1939 Christopher Nuttall
The Second Munich Conference WW2: 1939 Scott Palter
Total War: 1940 Finnish Campaign 1939-1940 Christopher Nuttall
The Missing Year WW2: 1940 Scott Palter
No Finest Hour WW2: 1940 Scott Palter
A Very Different Eastern Front WW2: 1940 Scott Palter
From Tiny Acorns Grow an Oak World War II: Italy does not enter the war. Scott Palter
Voices from the Peninsular War WW2: 1940.  Spain enters the war. James Roberts
Bazooka Benito WW2: Italy does better in 1940. Christopher Nuttall
DARK AMERICA WW2:  Evil USA Scott Palter
Victorious Japanese Arms WW2: Japan on Allied Side Scott Palter
Point of departure (Point of Departure Part 2) (Part 3) Greek campaign Marc Jones
Singapore 1942 WW2: Singapore does not surrender David Atwell
Operation: Norway The allies attack Norway instead of North Africa in 1943 Christopher Nuttall
Victorious Japanese Arms (version 2) Japan forces a stalemate in the Pacific War Scott Palter
Japan in Flames Japan fights better, but faces David Clark
A Year Sooner Operation Overlord happens in 1943 Scott Palter
Yet Another Mediterranean Twist 1942 Scott Palter
Professionals Study Logistics Scott Palter
If the July 20 Plot Had Succeeded John Rilly
To the Lair of The Fascist Beast WW2: 1945 Scott Palter
A Winter of Less Discontent WW2: 1943 Scott Palter
The Third World War: 1945 Stalin attacks the west in 1945 Christopher Nuttall
How many divisions have the French (v.2) WW2: 1945 Christopher Nuttall
How Many Divisions have the French? WW2: 1945 Christopher Nuttall
“I’ve got a cunning plan…” Japan stays out of the war Christopher Nuttall
Turkish Delight Turkey enters the war Christopher Nuttall
Disaster At Midway (Part One) Christopher Nuttall
Operation Barbarossa - Cut Short Richard Paul Smyers
Stalin Dies in 1945
Germany's Full War Glory Kris
An Nu Eoraip! (A New Europe!) Ruarii

Dark Valley (1919-1939)

The Lion and the Rising Sun Christopher Nuttall
Síocháin - Peace in Ireland Ruarii
No Washington Treaty
The Cherry Trees Spared
Ogegg-lahh-nahhh -erinnnn! Ruarii
Munich Redone A different Munich Christopher Nuttall
Peace in our time Christopher Nuttall
Spanish Civil War- Some POD's with Possible Outcomes
King of Traitors Christopher Nuttall
What if the Spanish Civil War Lasted Longer Christopher Nuttall
Unlikely But Possible FDR makes a series of different political decisions. Scott Palter
The Soviet Bear Christopher Nuttall
Spain Without Franco Steve Condrey
If the Loyalists Had Won the Spanish Civil War John
On to Berlin Poland intervenes when Czechslovekia is attacked Scott Palter
Fernando Harmon Spanish Civil War Christopher Nuttall
Ethiopia Contested Christopher Nuttall
The Death of Michael Collins Collins survives and unites Ireland
The Graveyard of Nanking Nanking Holocaust, 1937 Christopher Nuttall
Sunset Inter-war period:  British empire collapses in the 1930s. Christopher Nuttall
The Paney War Pre World War II, 'Gunpowder plot succeeds, and leads to an evil US. Scott Palter
Mussoliniless Pre World War II
Italian Surge Henrik Krog
HOW MUSSOLINI WON THE WAR Pre World War II Giovanni Spinella
Alternate Obituary: Vladimir Anitov Stalin gets overthrown by one of his Christopher Nuttall
Puttin’ on the Ritz Pre World War Two Shawn Endresen
Ad Astra The New York Times encourages Goddard Thomas Hamilton
Red Europe Battle of Warsaw, 1921 Christopher Nuttall
Pledge The USA goes Thomas Hamilton
World War Two in 1930 Hitler comes to power in 1926 Christopher Nuttall
Super Rhodesia Scott Palter
Cancer Cure Christopher Nuttall
Germany Without Hitler- 1933 Christopher Nuttall
A New Dynasty in 1916 Chinese troubles John
The Nuclear Bomb Race Christopher Nuttall
The Muslim Nation Christopher Nuttall
Ten Little Hitlers Christopher Nuttall
THE NEW WORLD ORDER World War One ends differently Matt Paige
Two Empires Stillborn Russian Revolution 1919 Christopher Nuttall
Washington Rewritten No Treaty of Washington Christopher Nuttall

World War One

How Britain can really win World War One Christopher Nuttall
Could Rasputin Have Prevented the First World War David Clark
Triumph of the Diplomats- Averting the First World War Christopher Nuttall
Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys Christopher Nuttall
If Germany Had Won World War I John
The Flashman Option 1914: Britain takes the maritime option when fighting the war. David Finn
A Peace to end all War Versailles Conference 1919 Christopher Nuttall
A War to End All Peace Sequel to A peace to End All war Matt Paige
The Crisis of 1914 1914 David Atwell
The Beginnings of World War 1 The beginnings of a very different WW1 David Atwell
The Truce of 1915 Christopher Nuttall
Invasion 1915 Germany invades Britain in 1915 David Atwell
Gallipoli 1915 David Atwell
Petain's Panic 1918 Kyle Schuant
The Only Sensible Course Britain introduces convoys in 1916 David Clark
No Turkey for Christmas No Turkey in WW1 Christopher Nuttall
The Final Campaign 1918: Germany fights on... Christopher Nuttall
Straight left to the Jaw German victory: 1914 Christopher Nuttall
The War to Postpone All War John W. Braue, III

Early Twentieth Century

Mahdi Henrik Krog
Russian Revolution: 1914 The Russians revolt early Christopher Nuttall
The Short Victorious War Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905 Christopher Nuttall
The Russo-Japanese War – Alternatives Christopher Nuttall
Carving up the roast Boxer Rebellion Christopher Nuttall
A Small Change Spanish American War Scott Palter
Alternate Obituary Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905 Christopher Nuttall

Ninetieth century

Ripper- A Glimpse into the Life of General Jack Sterling
An Obituary for President Edward “Ned” Kelly David Atwell
Makarrata David Atwell
A New Britannia (Part 1) David Atwell
Australasian Superpower Gold is found in Australia Sean Swaby
British Commonwealth Federal British Empire Christopher Nuttall
Japanese Surge Henrik Krog
The Lives of Kings Timeline


American Civil War

Amerika Henrik Krog
Intervention UK becomes involved with the USCW Christopher Nuttall
US civil war ends early Christopher Nuttall
The UNLOST Cause American Civil War Scott Palter
The Trent Affair War Trent Affair 1861 Christopher Nuttall
Stars and Stripes Forlorn Trent Affair 1861 James Roberts
The Ostend Manifesto Realized Pre-ACW: American Civil War averted Scott Palter
North and South ACW averted when US president decides to let the south go peacefully. Christopher Nuttall
THE DRED SCOTT DECISION Pre-ACW: American Civil War averted Thomas Hamilton
Winning the Peace Different Reconstruction Christopher Nuttall
The Great Slave Uprising of 1862 American Civil War Christopher Nuttall


Eighteenth Century

Breaking China Britain takes over China Christopher Nuttall
The Sun of Waterloo Napoleon wins waterloo Scott Palter
Bonaparte Thoughts on Napoleon based AHes
Napoleon's Empire Christopher Nuttall
Japanese Asia John W. Braue, III
A History of the American Revolution American lost the war of independence.  Now its round two. Emperor Blair
A Continent Divided David Atwell
England Is Ours Emperor Blair
The Death of the Emperor Emperor Blair
Texas über Alles John W. Braue, III
A different kingdom of Italy 1820 Emperor Blair
Portuguese Japan
The House of Hapsburg 1711 Emperor Blair
THE SUN DID NOT SET IN 1815 War of 1812
 Un Posto Al Sole Corsica becomes an Italian territory, therefore Napoleon goes to Italy instead. Emperor Blair
Bonapartist Holland Louis survives as king of Holland Emperor Blair
Masters of the World Napoleon does much better Emperor Blair
Martial Race The Sikh war goes worse for the British Christopher Nuttall
Then To the Invasion Be Defiance Given Napoleon Invades Britain Emperor Blair
Demologos Richard Paul Smyers
The American Nightmare British win the war of 1812 Christopher Nuttall
Abymassia triumphant Kyle Schuant
A Stronger Federalist Party Scott Palter
Avenge the Alamo Earlier Mexican War Scott Palter


American Revolution

The Fall of Canada Christopher Nuttall
Daniel Shays A different founding of America
Brooklyn Redone Washington's Army trapped at New York Scott Palter
Scrambled Eggs Are Different From Fried Eggs American Revolution Scott Palter
Another Small Twist on The Road to Quebec Scott Palter
Divided We Stand Albany Emperor Blair
A Splendid Little War Canada joins the American revolution
The Domination of South Africa US refugees go to South Africa Christopher Nuttall
The Second Albany Congress The British solve the American problem. Christopher Nuttall
Amherst and the Indians Seven Years War Christopher Nuttall


Seventeenth Century and below

History of the Grand Alliance Britain loses the Seven Years War Matt Paige
Pitt's Empire William Pitt remains prime minister throughout the seven years war. Christopher Nuttall
The democratic society The Glorious revolution births a democratic system Christopher Nuttall
The Royal House of Cromwell 1657: Oliver Cromwell founds a David Atwell
The Royal House of Cromwell Part II David Atwell
Darien: The Flower of Scotland 1700.  The Scottish Colony of Darien Christopher Nuttall
THE BANKER's World (part 1) 1599 Giovanni Spinella
What if Charles I had won the English Civil War Christopher Nuttall
Leveling England The Glorious revolution births a democratic system Emperor Blair
What if Edinburgh Had Become the British Capital? Christopher Nuttall
Mary had a little child Queen Mary gives birth to the heir of the Spanish Empire Christopher Nuttall
Not Worth A Mass PoD: 1593 AD. Henri de Bourbon of Navarre, styled Henri IV of France, does not convert to Catholicism from the Calvinism he has practiced up to this point. He still pursues his claims to the Throne of France Shawn Endresen
The Pacific Empire An Asian based empire lasts till the present day.. Christopher Nuttall
The Flower War Pre-Aztec Conquest Christopher Nuttall
Without Requirement No Requiremento document, pre-Aztec Conquest Christopher Nuttall
Alternate Obituary: Manual Vega A 'George Washington' style figure appears in Spain, 1520 Christopher Nuttall
A Great Christian Nation Aztec Conquest Christopher Nuttall
"Esto Perpetua: A history of the Most Serene Republic" Venice, 1421 Emperor Blair
The Battle of Culloden
Cooking With Bacon 13th Century: Scientific revolution starts earlier Emperor Blair
Victor Henrik Krog
The Guardians of Scotland Scotland stays independent Christopher Nuttall
Act of Union Scottish succession crises Christopher Nuttall
The Roman Caliphate Muslim invasion of Europe Emperor Blair
There's Something About Marriage Byzantine Empire Survives longer Emperor Blair
A Different Fate for the Templars Eric Pharand
Republic and Empire John W. Braue, III
The Rise of the Teutonic Empire Morgan Harvey
Kingdom in the Sun Emperor Blair
What if the Sunni-Shia Split had never happened? Islamic Split Christopher Nuttall
The Catastrophe at Clontaf A very different Ireland
Belgicae Rex Emperor Blair
1066 - Thomas Hamilton
Caesar Bewares
No Romans in Britain Rome Does not invade Britain Emperor Blair
If Jesus had never been born John
Philip the Great 200BC John W. Braue, III
The Glory of Rome
Empire of the Aiacids
The Glory that was Macedon John W. Braue, III
Roma Finis Emperor Blair
Offshore Islands
The Sun at Noon John W. Braue, III
What If the Second Temple Had Survived AD 70 John
Koori Britain ? David Atwell

Misc/Future History

Western Sunset
Space 1945 Scott Palter


Truth, History & Popular Mythology Gray Wolf
Iran in World War Two Christopher Nuttall
Intents and Outcomes Christopher Nuttall
Was Hitler Evil Christopher Nuttall
Problematic Aspects of Alternate History Gray Wolf
The Great Debate Gray Wolf
Temporal Interference Christopher Nuttall
What if the Atomic Bomb had not been dropped 1945 Christopher Nuttall
What’s the Alternative? John W. Braue, III
Musings on Slavery Christopher Nuttall
A Few Non-GOF PODs for you Christopher Nuttall



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